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Should this site's censorship policies be updated?

First, I'm not proposing allow illegal material. Let's get that out of the way to avoid any potential extremist conservative attacks.

Likewise, I use a very liberal definition of pornography. As many, I see pornography as the depiction of actual sex acts including masturbation. Nudity, especially of any depiction of the solo human form, is art. It may be referred to as "erotic art" if the viewer is aroused (in many of several ways, as in disgusted!) by such art.

Second, for the 'love it or leave it' mentality of many members of this site, I have for the most part 'left'. Knowing this is no forum my own art I stopped trying long ago. I have found a new social media site (which incidentally I cannot share the link to due to censorship on this site) which not only allows porn but is far less dogmatic than this one.

This unmentionable site (just ask me in PM) has a unique filter system which allows you to filter posts from anywhere on the site: pages, groups and friends. I, for one, am not fond of male model shots (and there are admittedly plenty on the site, most only interested in posting dikpix). Such members and the groups in which I find them I simply remove from my feed.

Perhaps changes in censorship policies of this site will change. Perhaps a new non-believers site will arise without such restrictions. In any case, I'll still drop by from time to time to meet new non-believers and post my occasional thoughts on agnosticism in general.

I've forgone the urge to post historical artistic nudes because I don't want this post summarily deleted.

For once I'm posting a serious poll as well. I'm very interested in the opinions of this site's members on the subject!

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DangerDave 8 Jan 25

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I think that anything flagged and removed should have a appeal process where you can state your case as to why it's not offensive to a majority of the people... but to a few prudes.

Agreed. There still needs to be a clearer set of guidelines as well though, in my opinion. While I'm sure we'll not have a "majority rule" in the matter, where only clearly illegal material is banned, we do need to move beyond the "lowest common denominator" censorship which now rules this site.

They used to notify you via email and allowed you to make edits or corrections, but that stopped. It was usually nudity in memes for me that got deleted. But they would at least send an email as to why, and it did seem to go along with the TOU at the time. But the whole thing has stopped me from posting memes and I was censored so hard that I try to just stick to my own groups now. In that case, I think I had made some enemies with the "morality police".

@CaroleKay I still get notifications when they pull one. It's getting out of hand.

@Captnron59 Oh I don't and haven't in a long time. My posts were also being revied for a while, but that has stopped and now they go live... it seemed like someone (maybe the morality cops) was flagging everything I posted, it was highly suspicious seeing that I am level 8.5. ...


@Admin I think we have a poorly represented poll here with the vast majority of visitors not concerned enough to vote. Still, the consensus here is clear: this is too restrictive a site for representing the majority of unbelievers.

I again had a random photo (cartoon) removed from the group Memes R Us within 30 seconds of posting. Neither of the mods had time to see it. Racy, yes. Poorly drawn nudes, yes. Controversial, yes. Pornographic, no way.

I would LOVE it if this site established an actual set of censorship rules for public and private forums. To constantly be the victim of the lowest denominator with the highest "biblical" standards is quite a nuisance for too many of us.

If this were just about me I'd leave the whole issue again. My primary reason is to move this site beyond the Victorian principles some members want this site to abide by.

Me, I've moved on. I visit but this site is just too rigid in enforcing policies that don't exist. I visit from time to time but I prefer more open minded forums.

Because I'm sure younger potential members agree is at least in part why this site remains something akin to a religious fundamentalist senior day care center.

Agreed My posts are also censored and removed for the words Fuck and photos containing the middle finger. I find this ludicrous. And I have reason to believe it's the sites "review team" deleting the posts.


I love porn. I love agnosticism. I frequent a site for the former and a different site for the other. I see no reason to mix the two because what is porn and legal to me may be offensive and illegal to other's.

I'm free to visit my porn on my own but I should not be free to visit that porn upon others.

Likewise nudity can be porn or can be art... Can be legal or can be illegal. The distinction is so subjective that i'm fine with the site erring on the side of safety and censoring all such content.

In other words, I say yes to this particular censorship.

And, if this is the consensus of the site, I'll abide by I await the creation of an agnostic social site that actually allows members to be themselves.

@mzbehavin You have a very limited view, but it's what I've come to expect from this site.

I'm not telling you not to be yourself or to stop viewing porn or nudity.

I just saying that any rewards of sharing that aspect of ourselves on this site are not worth the risks.

@TheMiddleWay To some this may be the case. I myself find it oppressive that I can't.

Still, I'll at times share my political views (and wit, satire,...) in the Trump Pinata group which I won't on most SM (social media) sites in that it's just bad for business!

If you were a guest at my house and liked to do tasteful nude photography in the living room, would you find it oppresive when I forbid it?

There are Tons of other rooms you can indulge you passion in...Why must it be in our living room as well?

Similarly, no one is preventing you from indulging in your art... Just not in this site... This living room.

I'd you find that oppressive, then that is a good reminder that we are not entitled to do whatever we want wherever we want especially when we are guests. ?

@TheMiddleWay Were this your house, or site, I'd conform to your wishes and visit other forums which accept my art, opinions, etc. I do that all the time.

Though were hearing from mostly one side, see the poll results. They overwhelmingly reflect my opinion the current censorship protocols of this site need reform.


3 of the 4 options reflect you view that some porn or nudity should be allowed in some manner so hardly an objective poll on the issue.

Even then, it's currently 4 status quo (the most against your view) and 7 no censorship (the most for)... Hardly overwhelming in favor of one or the other.

. ?

@TheMiddleWay This is not just YOUR living room. Many of us happen to live here.

In every room mate situation I've been in, if anyone wanted to be nude or look at pornography, they did so in private, in own room or bathroom but not in the living room or other public areas.

I'm sure you can find situations where this is not the case, where room mates are fine with everyone walking around nude and watching porn in the living room. But I would also bet good money that they are not representative of the majority of non-relationship co-habitation situations.

@TheMiddleWay So, because we are on the same Site, but not in any (or many) of the same Groups, I should bow to your rules? This is why I have avoided you for the year I've been on this Site.

Why are you making this personal?
I've never told you or anyone else to bow to my rules; I've only given my opinion on the matter.
If you don't like people giving opinions contrary to yours, then it's not only I whom you should be avoiding. 😉


Wow, 30 comments and no one's mentioned this??:

Thought experiment time:

You're a business owner. Your goal is to get as many people through your door to engage in business with you, maybe have nice things to say about their experience, and hopefully come back for more. For the sake of this thought experiment, you have no mission, no agenda for this business beyond the business itself. There's no crusade apart from happy customers, expanding business, and repeat business.

Do you let people swear in your establishment? Fight? Use substances on the premises, or be intoxicated? Engage in explicit sexual behavior? Expose themselves? Carry weapons?

Or do you institute some common sense rules as a reasonable measure to promote the kind of environment you feel will be most conducive to the maximum, most successful accomplishment of your business goals? "No shirt, no shoes, no service." "No cussing allowed." "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."

If you were Admin, and you wanted this site to be a welcoming, enjoyable place for people to meet and exchange ideas as relates to Agnosticism, secularism, Freethinking, freedom-from-religion, etc.--and that was your primary objective--would you want to run the risk of scaring away potential users who do not appreciate porn, nudity, obscenity, or other likely "objectionable" material, by allowing such things to proliferate, unchecked? Or would you put some checks in place to corral such things, in the interest of curating an environment that is more comfortable and enjoyable for more people?

It's a practicality issue.

@stinkeye_a Thank you for your wise and well-versed comment. I took it in.

@CaroleKay wow, i did not expect that from you! 😛 Addendum: i am totally in favor of back rooms where grown-ups can go to drink and smoke amd swear.... 😉


Why, as the adults that the majority of us ARE, can't we simply be permitted to censor ourselves?

Ourselves, YES! Everyone else, NO!


I'm tempted to go with "only clearly illegal material", but I think that Full Frontal tends to be a bit much unless you are in a particular Group that states the content up front. I've always felt that this Site has been far too restrictive on too many fronts. & the way in which Posts are warning, no explanation or reason, & arbitrarily with no Guideline stated, tends to leave many in some of the Groups, & here I refer specifically to "Memes R Us", confused, angry & suspicious of some of the other Members, not knowing who the "snitch" may be.
The Status Quo sux big ones, it's Mickey Mouse & counter-productive. I jokingly refer to the many retired nuns that Admin must have hired to police the Site.
Don't get me wrong. I love this Site, appreciate it's existence & the fact that it is free & has to adhere to some Guidelines to stay in existence without the threat of possible lawsuits or other problems. I've made some incredible friends here, for which I'll be forever grateful, have learned a lot & I hope I have done my bit to give back to the Site with my Posts, Comments & involvement. All that being said, this has been an issue for a Site that is supposedly an "adult" Site, with a majority of Skeptical Freethinkers aboard (one reason I never joined Humanists).
There are far too many that have the idea that their particular opinion/outlook is what should rule here, & if others don't "toe the line", instead of making a reasoned argument, will go running to "Mommy" saying their feelers have been hurt!
This also ties in with the prevalence of Blocking, but that's another subject (tho it surely dovetails with this one).

All good points. Thanks for chiming in!

I'm on a mini vacation and I decided to log on and again more drama! WOW! I , ah nevermind! I'm going for a beer!

Move along @MichelleGar1 ...there's nothing to see here.

Actually there is but, if it's not a topic that interests you, merrily pass it by. That's kinda what we're discussing, anyway.

You may remember me from days gone by...SJW, far left liberal, closet anarchist, antiquated apatheist. Still, I feel its an important subject...and I can't resist creating a little chaos every once in awhile!

@DangerDave & this has just become even worse! I PM'd you, as it would take away from your Post & point.

@phxbillcee I commented and actually it illustrates my point. Thanks for the heads up!

@DangerDave It does, which is why I PM'd you, but it would take away from this particular conversation, which is an important one.

@phxbillcee Feel free to comment the details here if you get it out!

@DangerDave I did so in the "Trolls..." Group, & pinned a statement in "Memes R Us".

@phxbillcee I saw, I came and I commented 😉


Illegal should be censored...

Of course! Have you voted?

@DangerDave yup


Generally speaking, I detest censorship. However, this is a community of individuals with different needs, likes, want and, yes, triggers. They should have a say in determining what happens. Your pole provides that opportunity, in part.

Given that there are communities allowed for pre-defined subject areas, perhaps it’s appropriate to identify adult-only areas where acceptable content can be identified and moderated/curated by the community owner or a group of moderators.

I'd be satisfied with that. Still, the issue of random and 'unexplained' removal of material that should in no way be considered offensive NEEDS to be addressed.

@DangerDave I find it disturbing that (at this point) 7 individuals think that anyone should be able to remove content for any reason at any time. That kind of “authority” would create havoc. It’s absolute anarchy. Image the damage a group of Evangelical Trump supporters could do in short order. They could destroy the site.

People need to think.


Although some of the more graphic porn is something I would not be interested in, I would hate to see the less graphic being omitted from the site. I and other adults have every opportunity to pass by and ignore anything that offends us. I can only hope that such allowances don’t attract the wrong kind of “adults”.

I agree but as we need to define wrong kinds of "porn" we need to do the same for "adults". People do get banned from the website for stalking, trolling, hate speech,...but where and why are the lines (to be?) drawn?


@Admin I think we’re all adults, and we can comport ourselves as such. That said, I don’t want to look at porn. So, as adults, whoever is interested in porn can create a group for porn and post it there. If someone wants to post porn in a group, the group moderator should be able to delete it. I don’t object to other people indulging in porn if they want, I don’t want to, but they can do it amongst themselves.

I've been wondering about that myself. There are absolutely no ways (I know of) for creating, maintaining or restricting strictly adult groups though it has been brought to my attention they exist.

>I think we’re all adults,

As much as I want to think that, I think not.

If a group called itself We'un's posting only hot twisted porno there'd be people who joined and then complained about the porno. The real reason to ban porno is to save the administrators the headaches.


Perhaps if someone posted something offensive, whatever that means, and multiple people also flag the post, perhaps it's removal would be warranted after thorough consideration.

IF a new "rule" was created or updated for that particular forum. (I don't ask for much, do I?)

I feel the highly random censorship on this site to date is not merely a few...I'll loosely use the term "prudes"...but those who stalk certain users to make them as miserable as possible.

I know I've done so for many atheists and could have quite easily for others of...unique sensibilities.

It's not necessarily posts getting flagged, the site has a review team that censors material. It's, for the most part, this team, site support, and admin removing posts. I know because I asked.


Ohferpetessake, this is a Discussion group for people with Brains (mostly).
There exists at least one sub-group for sexual interests.....why not join them?

I've been made aware of their existence and I'll check some out.

This is not merely a question of posting and viewing nudes however. It is how and why content is deleted. I have had many non-nudes summarily deleted for no apparent reason other than someone was somehow offended.

There needs to be set guidelines in place so those so offended by...virtually anything can clearly be told "ok, just don't look at it, block the poster", etc, etc.

The puritanical, politically correct nature of this site does not reflect the majority of non-believers and will not attract younger, more liberal members. That's a shame in a world where otherwise our numbers are growing dramatically.

@DangerDave just because I do not care to see people's junk ( of whatever sex) does not make me "puritanical", just as your desire to incessantly view them makes you a "pervert".......
Labels are BS, and you need to lighten up! Also, junk is BORING!

@AnneWimsey I think you missed a 'does not' (Freudian slip?) but you've missed the entire point.

No, I do not want to "incessantly view" "junk". Depending on your definition of junk, I have written and been involved in many academic and esoteric discourses on this site. I'd hoped this would be one and, to a degree, it has.

Still, there are a large number of members who insist my solitary goal is to post "junk", however you may define it. And who is to define it? You?

You would do yourself and others a great service to actually read responses as well. If it does not appeal to your interests then move along.

In the case of this post you are more than welcome to cast your vote first.

You referred to “people with Brains….” Then you refer to sub groups that others may/should be interested in viewing because of their content of a prurient nature.

Sincerely, I hope you really did not mean to imply an interest in visual or written sexual and similar content is something that only people without Brains would find of interest.

@Rob1948 ummm, ya seen one penis, or breast, you've seen them all, unlessyou are a teenage boy.....

@AnneWimsey really? How quaint. We get you aren’t interested. Does that mean you should control what others want?

@Rob1948 can't help but notice I am not the one posting about censorship....

@AnneWimsey I have and made my position quite clear. You posted on the thread making comments implying you don’t like sexual material but have, so far, refused to answer two direct question. I’m not the one ducking, despite your implication.

@Rob1948 as a single older woman, i find myself searching for good porn every now and then....not much out there for women of any age, sadly. Your ASSumption that I dislike porn is beyond foolish.
What I dislike intensely is someone, anyone, telling me what ican & cannot see/ hear/watch. You are still the one suggesting censorship, we are all asking Why. You are Not doing a very good job of deflecting, either.....

@AnneWimsey I assumed nothing about you. I never said you disliked porn. I said you implied you don’t like sexually related material. (“Seen one... seen them all,...&rdquo😉. I asked if that was true. I also asked if you think you should control what others do. Up until your last response, your stance is unclear. Thank you for asking.

Now, this is the second time you have said I support censorship. I told you last time that I did not, yet you doubled down on that saying I have deflected. How is that?

So, allow me to quote from my first post, where I suggested the site allow curated communities or groups.

“Generally speaking, I DETEST CENSORSHIP. However, this is a community of individuals with different needs, likes, want and, yes, triggers. They should have a say in determining what happens....” (capitalization is for emphasis). Is that clear?

How is that or suggesting a curated group where people can decide what they look at “suggesting censorship?” I haven’t said or written anything any where at any time ever suggesting censorship of legal material (other than classified information and child porn).

@Rob1948 so why have You not created such a group on here? Somebody else should do the heavy lifting? There are Plenty of groups here, including overtly sexual, fornerds, etc etc......then you could actually gauge people's interest.....

@AnneWimsey I’m rolling my eyes. I don’t care what other’s interests are, per se. I didn’t create this thread. Apparently, even with a group, some on this site delete posts they consider too much. So, until the site fixes that, what’s the point. As to me and my creating a group, I don’t have time to do that. I have other interests and focus on other things that consume my time. Unfortunately, I also do not have time to focus on some activities I want to focus on, as well. Given those couple of reasons, I find starting a group at this time, would not be a productive use of my time or fair to others if I can’t devote time to running a group they might want to join.

But, hey, maybe someone will.

@Rob1948 ummm, no one but Admin or the OP can delete posts, the best you can do is block the poster.

The sexy classy pics group has been experiencing a lot of censorship/missing posts of late. It suggests that there's been some combination of people frivolously reporting pics that the sub was created for, site staff have been pulling content (due to vaguely defined site rules?), or code glitches making them disappear.

If content like that is limited to subs that are designated for it, and they don't violate absolute site-wide rules, we shouldn't be removing the content.

@chilehead9 "...........or code glitches...."
So, you see conspiracy around every corner?

@AnneWimsey No, I don't see a conspiracy. But with more than a decade of working in the software QA field, I've seen my share of times when software inexplicably does something it shouldn't do and the behavior can't be reproduced, databases losing an entry for no discernable reason, or save buttons saving only most of the changes made to a document. It's rare, but our personal computers can have an operation fouled up by actual cosmic rays hitting the memory or processor at an inopportune moment.

Random chance and human error are equally plausible causes for what I was referring to, as well as deliberate acts. "code glitches" was not a euphemism for CIA or Kremlin-like behavior, I was just using a term less specific than "bug".


Here is a photo of a nude woman from the sexy classy pics group. What are you interested in posting that goes beyond this?


Funny, till the first flag comes along.

If it stays I might be pissed (though I won't be) in the vast number of implied nudes (or not even close!) I've had removed.

@DangerDave There are other nudes in the groups' picture catalog. Maybe your problem is solved by joining the group? I hope this helped!

@kensmile4u I'll look into them and perhaps create some of my own. However my interest is in model photography and promotions, not random porn or nudes.

My issue is that much of my work I've published here were NOT nudes and were deleted without warning or explanation.

There needs to be a clear cut set of guidelines about what is acceptable in public forums as well and clear limits on what will be removed just because a few individuals are offended, or jealous or whatever.


Have you visited the Deviant Sex Group? Or the Kinky Lifestyle Group? See what they think.

As a deviant, I think anything legal is fine.

I have but they too are experiencing the same problems with censorship.


I think anything should be allowed but I'm pro free speech no matter what is said or shared. Since one has to be an adult to sign up here it should be treated as an adult site in so much as what is allowed to be shared. Adults can scroll on and ignore what they don't want to see is my opinion. It seems like everyone wants to push their morality and standards on to everyone now days. The same way I don't want religious people dictating what is and not acceptable, I also don't want anyone else dictating it either. There are clear cut laws on the books and that is exactly where censorship should end. If people aren't stable enough to scroll on when it's something they don't like then I would suggest that they don't get on the internet to start. Many things shared here are crossing the line for my particular standards but I never once have reported or blocked any post or person. The censorship that is being allowed by these tech companies always comes back to bite people in the ass but as long as it's being done to an "enemy" they are all for it but when it turns on them all of a sudden it has went to far. Truth is, we should all be fighting to protect the"enemies" rights because it is the same exact rights that we have and if they can do it to one, they can do it to all.

jorj Level 8 Jan 25, 2019

Couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks!!!

So child porn? Animal cruelty? Battlefield injuries with sound? Stormy Daniels videos. Comrade Chump's speeches? The dilema continues as to where the line is drawn. Today's art work was yesterdays obscenity.

@Countrywoman child porn is illegal. Animal cruelty is illegal. The rest is fair game tho. Esp the president's speeches. Would u like it if your pic of politicians were silenced because the right wing hates them?
The line is what is legal versus illegal and I made that clear in my first sentence only to see u bring up child porn. I mean honestly, who is out here supporting child porn? To go to that extreme is ridiculous. Even the ones who are that screwed up keep it as private as possible.

@Countrywoman Then you should check the second option or below. Please READ the first paragraph...of course I'm not suggesting this or ANY forum allow illegal materials.

I saw this comment coming even though I made it very clear in my first statement I was not. Sorry, I have no door prize.

@Countrywoman well it wasn't the first sentence but it states clear cut laws. I thought I had put in the first sentence as well.

@DangerDave i stated clear cut laws too but got hit with child porn....I'm like really??? WTF???

@jorj Ok. Sorry I misunderstood. Shall I remove my comments? I in no way support censorship & pictures of cute little bare butt babies running around on a hot summer day by the kiddie pool has gone to court for such nonsense....but the Calvinists are around.

@Countrywoman no reason to remove the comment. I didn't mean it in a negative way. I'm just saying people aren't gonna post illegal stuff to a public board, not child porn esp.

Under 18 porn is legal in Netherlands... There is a famous porn mag/site called "seventeen". If allowed under a " we are all adults here"" mentality I Iwould be well within my rights to post content from there.

It is the subjective nature of these concepts, plus the international nature of the Internet and this site... That makes the topic of porn and nudity just not worth the risk on this site imo.

@jorj Yes but what is considered child porn? We have gotten so wacky that television censors the butt cracks of babies lest a lawsuit ensue. Tits are ok as long as the arriola is pixelated. Erect is porn, flacid isn't. Where is the line. It keeps moving.


Last I heard this is a site for non-believers to discuss issues that interest the majority of those joining. I have nothing against nudity and it doesn't bother me but I don't think it is the purpose or intention the creators had in mind when setting this site up. It's probably best if you use this site to discuss non-religion and everything that stems from it and the other site to look at "art" when your so inclined. No problem.

gearl Level 7 Jan 25, 2019

Seeing my run-ins with dogmatic atheists in the past and there have been few (if any) new discussions of agnosticism lately...I'll just continue to visit for new members and enjoy a few groups.

As usual, I fall outside majority view...I'm seriously not interested in pets, recipes, etc so as such my interest in this site isn't what it could be.

I almost miss the arguments with the dogmatic atheists!

@DangerDave This Site has long ago turned into more than just a place to discuss atheistic/agnostic issues, tho that is still done (& I still do it.) The many facets of the Members have & are being explored, hell we have a "Deviants" Group. & nudity, even partial, is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to some of the arbitrary "removal" of Posts!


is the status quo in fact that any member can remove any post at any time for any or no reason? i am not aware of this. is this written somewhere?


No but that is the case. Flags are not moderated. Flagged posts are immediately removed, supposedly for reviews that never happen.


I think the 1st two comments cover it. It's not what we come here for. If we want the other, we go to a 2nd place.

Or a first place in my case.

LIMITEDLight, is right! (& that is a satiric play on your name, NOT an agreement with you! I figured I would have to spell that out for you!)


And there's this to consider: 18 USC 2257.

Absolutely. Reread the first sentence of this post.


I agree/concur with both restricting/blocking "illegal" and Pornographic images. MrLink, below, says it well;

"There are plenty of porn sites people can go to if that is what they want. does not need to fill that niche."

True. This site just needs to define "porn" and "inappropriate".


Sticks and stones can break my bones but a meme will never hurt me


This has always been difficult choice. I'm not interested in seeing some things that others enjoy, but that doesn't mean it should be withheld from them. Some things that I do like might make some other people uncomfortable, but it isn't illegal so they shouldn't want to stop me from seeing it. So where is the happy medium? Tolerance? Turn it off if you don't like it, go find something else to look at.


Holey Cheesus Crust,ARE you for real, you want censorship here do you?
Don't you think that WE have the nous, etc, to THINK before we post?
How about you get down off your cross and give some needy person the firewood, there are places over there right now where it's bloody freezing cold and somebody could make better use of it.
Hey, have you thought about joining the Mormons, they welcome Wowsers in case you didn't know.

Thanks! The issue is not do we want censorship...we have it in abundance! My question is simply where you think it should end.

@DangerDave Have you EVER heard of a thing called 'Freedom of Speech?'

@DangerDave BTW Mate, this IS NOT FACEBOOK.

@Triphid ummm, I've been agreeing with you!

@DangerDave Funny, your 'poll' seems not to say that in my opinion.

@Triphid Read the post and look at my stance in the comments on this site's censorship if you'd like.

While we're "winning" in the (admittedly flawed) poll, you and I are among the few who have voiced the opinion this site is overly overtly censured.

@MST3K Sounded to me like he was.

@Triphid It would really be helpful if you can actually read the Post before you go off! (& now I'll be Blocked!!! LOL!)

@phxbillcee Sorry I don't 'block' anyone since I find it to be uncivilized at the least.
Maybe I'm wrong BUT I was taught not only to READ what is written BUT to look between the lines for any hidden intent or meaning as well.

@Triphid Quite often what is between the lines!

@phxbillcee ...the place between your ears...these are the continuing adventures...ok, I'll be serious again...reluctantly...


@TheMiddleWay and everyone, at this time there are 4 votes for "Status Quo", 8 for "Only Illegal" and 5 others who feel some changes should be made. There is where the overwhelming majority is.

Yet the "SQ" folks are most verbal. Understandably, in that most who'd seek change won't want to enter this debate.

And not a single "like" yet. That's ok. I'm not here to be liked. I'm here to be me.

I would suggest you pay more attention to what people willing to discuss this with you are saying over the results of a flawed poll.

@TheMiddleWay Flawed up to the point it didn't fit your view. Typical

Flawed in that the only option that goes against you view, the last option, is false.

@TheMiddleWay Noted and understood. I appreciate you clearing up at least that much for me.

@mzbehavin Be that as it may it still reflects the general bias of this site.

I don't see a need to "vote" in the poll. I expressed my opinion in what I typed. Hence, another flaw in the "poll:.

@LimitedLight "If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice" ~ Neil Peart

Rush is great, But, using that quote in this instance doesn't fit the situation. By writing, expressing my opinion, I have voted in my own way. As this isn't a political election, it should carry just as much or just as little weight.


Just wondering — exactly what problem are you trying to solve with this? For the most part, this site seems to operate with minimal oversight which seems like a good thing to me.

Many disagree, usually those who have had posts removed for no apparent reason. Or those removed which are remotely suggestive even when there is no nudity.

'Minimal oversight' is actually the exact opposite of what is happening here.

There is minimal oversight in the fact that there are only a couple of people with the power to remove stuff but thanks to the self appointed police of the site, there is a ton of oversight. There is always a group that surf around just looking for stuff they don't like to report it when they could just leave people alone. Mostthose people need a hobby or something so they don't have to get their kicks out of trying to control speech.

@jorj My sentiments exactly!

@jorj Well I was suspended for being deviant in the Deviant Group....or being my usual bad girl self. So I have amended my humorous behavior.

@Countrywoman that sucks. Really got to love when a group is for something but at the same time hey are only for their particular definition of it. That's why I don't join any of those groups. What I would share would be more than they could handle.

@jorj Ooooooo, Sounds interesting. I joined those groups to comment , ask & see into a world I am too afraid to enter in reality. The Kinky group is much older & more tolerant then the Deviant group. I am out of both as I found the answers to my curiosity.

I guess I don't see the problem unless you think an agnostic/atheist community should include a section for porn. It's not like it's hard to find on the internet. If I joined a science or philosophy website I'd be a bit surprised to see it had a porn section. I'm not at all offended by it, though I understand someone, perhaps at work, not wanting to see inappropriate images suddenly appear.

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