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###We just released iPhone and Android apps for!

As a high-level member, we want to let you know about them first so you can give us feedback.

We also would like to humbly request that you give the apps a 5-star rating and a positive review (even if we have some bugs to fix). This is really important as we want to have a good reputation with the app when new members see it.

The apps are very similar to the browser view that you see already with your phone. The key difference is that you will get instant alerts to the app without having to find it on a web page. We currently have it setup to only give you an alert no more than once every 3 hours but will adjust this over the next few days.

Note: Android users must be running OS 5.0 or higher (2-3 years ago).

For Android, click here: []

Admin 8 Feb 28

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Not sue if it's a bug or a feature but when you filter comments on a post using the buttons, the button you use is highlighted. Except when you use the "Mine" button, then the Mine and Newset are both highlighted.

Never mind, it must be a feature as it's the same on the web page. As you were...


Whoo-hoo! It downloaded perfectly and quickly to my android phone - and I've already reviewed it! More great work, @Admin!


It is not available in India.

Try again. Should be there now.

@Admin not yet



I’d like to have a back button. I seem to have to go to browse and start at the beginning of the list over and over. Unless I’m doing something wrong?

Ah... On iPhone, "go back" is done by "swipe right". I should post that


I’ve five-starred it . . . on faith.

Ah! Faith in something we can trust - nice! LOL


yes yes! of course, of course.

so far, so good...yeah!


humble luddite here


Awesome, where can I find it?


Does this mean I have to remember my user name and password?

I think this is great, but I think it is likely to gt me fired. This site is way too addictive, if I can take it to work too....

Tough decision.

I know, right?

It really is! (^.^)


It said app not


I will give it an unbias revue which does happen to be high even with natural teething problems.


Sorry I don' have an iphone and probebly won't ever get one. So I'll give it 5 stars here. ***** 😛

Thanks 🙂 If you have an Android phone, we have an app for that too.

@Admin Samsung smart phone.

@Whathappensnow yes... most like it's an Android phone. If you're on your phone, click this link: []

@Whathappensnow Yup, that's an android phone so it should work.

@Admin It does.


What! No Windows App? I really made a dumb choice of phones.

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