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Do you find it annoying when you criticize Islam the exact same way you do Christianity and then you get called an "Islamophobe" for it?

They act as if Islam is a race.

By Expozane4
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It's just as annoying as being called anti-semitic.
Judaism is not a race. Just like islam is not a race.
I don't care about their cultures either. They mean nothing to me.
I loathe ALL religions equally.
I don't give a shit what anyone calls me because of it.
People are stupid. Most of the time, they don't even understand
the words they're using.

KKGator Level 9 Apr 12, 2019

Right on!!!! I hate when people (especially atheists) try to make justifications for it saying "Not all of Islam is like that." Who honestly gives a fuck if "Not all Islam is like that"? Its still a barbaric religion that is bathed in blood and deserves to be offended at every turn.

@Expozane Just like all the rest of them. I make no distinctions. ALL religion is EVIL.

Criticise the fascist regime in Israel and you are called antisemetic these days !

@Expozane I give a fuck.

I give a fuck when you conflate all of Islam because it has very real results. This is exactly what the shooter did who opened fire in the Mosque in NZ recently. This was precisely his manifesto: Alla islam is the same. Despite the very obvious fact that it really isn’t and the lives experience of it is nothing like Wahhabism for tens millions

So yeah I give a fuck. Bits of it are a barbaric religion bathed in blood. Other bits are not. Wahhabism are just like that. Zillions ofmother Muslim’s aren’t. The right wing swamp that wants to ignore that, routinely produces murderers who are no better than the Wahhabis.

@OwlInASack Islam (like Christianity) is a religion and all religions are based off bad unprovable ideas that do nothing but regress societies and instill fear into people. Just because "Not all Islam is like that" doesnt mean I am obligated to suck up to their barbaric, 9th century fairytale just because it makes them "feel good."

Islam (like Christianity) can fuck right off. It's a religion based on, like I've previously said, unprovable claims and as long as they continue to provide non evidence for their claims, I will continue to criticize the fuck out of it until the day's end.

@Expozane another big old straw man. Do they put up a good fight for you?


Hitchens provides clarity:

Jacar Level 7 Apr 12, 2019

I love that one!


Islam is a death cult. It is rational to be fearful of its practice. There is no phobia involved.

Jacar Level 7 Apr 16, 2019

Have you sought professional help for your degree of paranoia?

@t1nick They promote dying to get the virgins (raisens acutally). Young people believe and then kill themselves. 34,000 attacks since 9-11. many were suicides.
The definition of a death cult.


As if there is something wrong with being an Islamophobe.


no, because that doesn't happen to me. i criticize what islamists do and what christian evangelists do, not muslims and christians. i do not criticize islam and christianity separately because they're both religions so i may criticize religion, but only when it is pushed on me (or here, where people are into it). i have never been called an islamophobe because i am not only not one, i cannot be mistaken for one.


genessa Level 8 Apr 12, 2019

Who mentioned anything about "Criticizing Muslims and Christians"?

@Expozane me.


But exactly... the site is filled with people at the moment who want to make no differentiation between Muslims so it’s easy for them to hate them all. But any statement along the lines of ‘Islam is’ or ‘Muslims are’ is likely to be deeply inaccurate about millions of them.

And I note how this ‘I’m not an Islamaphobe’ doesn’t ever seem to come from folks who have facts, nuance, maybe Muslim friends.

@OwlInASack I don't use the "I'm not an Islamophobe" because I find it to be a non-sensicial asinine term to begin with.

Why is there only a word specifically aimed towards Muslims as victims of bigotry and not any "Christian-phobe, Hindu-phobe, or Sikh-phobe"?

@Expozane because there is no widespread universal fear of those groups. there IS at the moment a widespread universal fear of muslims, based on the misapprehension that they are terrorists. it is odd that it doesn't apply to christians, since in the u.s. at any rate, they do represent the vast majority of terrorists.


@genessa "Widespread fear of Muslims" and "Criticizing a fairytale" arent the same thing though. There are many Muslim individuals in the Michigan area that get tattoos and get wasted every weekend so those individuals probably don't take their beliefs very seriously as alot of Christians do too.

Bottom line is, faith in Holy texts are dangerous and until someone can actually prove anything inside them are true, they are well within the bounds of criticism.


@Expozane no idea: hate the word islamaphobe because it’s been abused by islamists so badly to try to stop all criticism of Islam.

Doesn’t mean that all criticism of Muslims is legitimate though. As we’ve seen on this thread much of it is just crass ignorance. Folks should meet some Muslims and then speak with knowledge and experience.

@OwlInASack What you don't seem to understand is that nobody said anything about MUSLIMS as people.

@OwlInASack i don't mind that word and i'll tell you why. my guy, richard, has a friend he knew before he met me, who helped him when he was getting over his ex. she is a born-again christian but (he says) she always respected his being jewish, and even made passover for him one year when he was alone. she is, in fact, a nice person, but she is one of those "praise jesus" every three seconds, can't decide whether to accept the new job unless jesus tells her, hangs out with people who think the beach boys signed a contract with the devil (yes, all of that LITERALLY and i am not abusing the word), and is on her third marriage because her first two super-religious husbands were abusive. she also has crossed a line; last year she prayed jesusly over richard on his birthday. she knows better than to do that. however, she had an uninvited born-again friend with her and i think the friend made her do it. this very nice and delusional person thinks trump is doing a bang-up (instead of fucked-up) job.

be that as it may, a few years ago she invited us to a "tribute to israel" at her megachurch. richard said yes so i went too. it featured john hagee. i probably don't need to say more than that but i will because the more that i will say related directly to the concept of islamaphobia. hagee spent some time apologizing for having been antisemitic; he loves jews now, he said. (by the way, he had invited several rabbis, who sat in the back and looked rather puzzled throughout.) this tribute to israel was not, in fact, a tribute to israel, whether or not that might be a good or bad thing. it was an insincere apology to the jewish community with a thinly veiled ulterior motive: to get said community's support in giving muslims the treatment hagee had until then reserved for jews! "i'll stop beating YOU up if you help me beat THEM up!" it was ugly. it was, yes, this is the right word, an attempt to instigate islamaphobia among jews who had been told they were there for a tribute, not a slamming, albeit of another group. (and that was the WHITEST "hava nagila" i EVER heard!)

richard is hearing impaired. he thought it was all very nice. i corrected him. he was shocked.

islamaphobia is a real thing and it isn't an organic thing either. it is instigated and cultivated and promoted and fed with lies. i totally believe you when you say you have experienced islamists using it to escape criticism, but i have not. i have only experienced the unwarranted prejudice aimed at everyday muslims. is religion ridiculous? of course it is. is everyone affiliated, loosely or less loosely, with a religion, an idiot, an asshole and someone we should yell at just for being religious (as long as they're not proselytizing, legislating, executing or adjudicating it)? of course not. islamaphobia leads americans to beat up young muslim women on subways or on the street, or wherever. it's real and i don't mind calling it by its name.


@genessa So, if a certain group is hated on a particular side of the world, that means we can't criticize ANYTHING about them without it being conflated with bigotry? By that logic, Christians are hated massively in the Middle East so maybe we shouldnt talk about Christianity neither otherwise it clearly just adds on to the bigotry, right?

Not only that, but your argument basically comes down to "You can hate an ideology or a belief system, but not the people." Ok, fair enough. By using that exact argument, the same logic could be applied to "You can hate Nazism, but not the specific individuals that practice the belief system of Nazism" right?

@Expozane yes - I understand that clearly: it’s a game that’s played to criticise the religion , say it’s not personal, and imagine that suddenly that makes it ok.

If you’re a Muslim that’s not quite how it works. And if you’re not jihadi then having your religion described in the general terms used here is horrific, mostly because you know that out of that festering swamp of indiscriminate hate, shooters will emerge, bold in their ignorance and certainty, to murder every day Muslims.


@Expozane i never said what you say i said, and no, you cannot compare nazis with muslims. that's patently ridiculous.


@OwlInASack Nothing you have said explains why I need to respect someone else's unproven fairytale. Just because a few rednecks happened to harass innocent Muslims on the street, which is wrong, doesnt mean everything about their religion is right.

Do you get how that works? At all?

If we can criticize all the bad ideas within Christianity, Judaism, and every other religion, there's no reason why we can't do it for Islam.


Nothing you have said explains why I need to respect someone else's unproven fairytale

Hmm. Those straw men just keep rolling out. Do they put up a good fight for you?

@Expozane but you DON'T. you just pick on islam. and you don't just pick on the bad ideas, as you suggest. you pick on the whole thing AND its people... not to mention it's not just a few rednecks harassing muslims.


@genessa You know nothing about me, number one. I bet you can't even point out ONE INSTANCE where I ever referred to the people who have the religion as compared to the religion itself.

Number two, what's so bad about picking out the stupid ideas within a fairytale? As I've previously stated, If anyone can do it for Christianity and Judaism and it isnt "bigotry" then it's fair game to do the same with the Muhammad fairytale.

Why are you so in love with a backwards, ninth century belief system which supports fucking goats, marrying 9 year olds, and forcing women to wear beekeeper's suits? Is it because that's what you want in the West?


@Expozane you know nothing about me, nor about anything i am or am not in love with. your accusations are offensive. i have nothing more to say to anyone who would sling them.


@genessa You still never specified why me, or any other person, has some obligation to respect some stupid fairytale about a goat-fucking, pedophile who beat his 9 year old wife.

So, because some Muslims get "offended" that means we are supposed to cover everyone in black polyester and not point out the massive flaws within their fairytale just because "ItZ oFfEnSiVe"? No thanks...

@Expozane maybe that is because i never said you should respect any religion. are you hallucinating or just bad at gaslighting?



The ones who attack u for criticizing Islam are usually just ignorant people repeating a talking point because they aren't really informed or even try to be informed. I don't get annoyed, I just ignore them after I tell them how ignorant they are.

jorj Level 8 Apr 12, 2019

Yes. But I also like when criticizing Islam in a public forum I get to close with "stay off my side christians. Your beliefs are no better, you're just less murderous and suppressive".

KevinMR Level 6 Apr 12, 2019

Agreed. Both religions are bad.


Islam afflicts my life literally-----> ZERO!

Christianity pretty much every damned day.

Islam affects the lives of loads of homosexuals, Christians, Jews, and atheists across the world. Especially in religious countries where they can be beheaded just for being in any of those demographics.

@Expozane So you would not stand up to a racist trying to rip a headscarf off?

@Expozane A racist is not going to pick out a grown man.

They focus on an old woman or a child.

And I may only be 130 pounds of piss and vinegar.....but I will be there.

@BufftonBeotch thank you. The stupidity of the ‘I insist all Muslims are the same so it’s easier for me to hate them’ is out in force today. I know loads of Muslims. They’re - strangely enough - just like everyone else.

@OwlInASack lol. Someone should tell the Xtians that the Islams actually really like Jesus and his mom.

@BufftonBeotch If someone was stupid enough to rip off an innocent person's headscarf that was minding their own business, I would think that people would, in general, have the common sense and basic empathy to point out how much of an asshole someone like that is.

How about this? If the tables were turned, and you saw a Christian being bullied for wearing a cross necklace or carrying a Bible, would you equally jump to their defense just as much as if someone was being bullied for wearing a headscarf?


@Expozane And who....in an 85% self proclaimed Xtian nation is going to do that?

I've seen it happen to kids who dress in an obvious fundamentalist way. But that's about it.

You also claim that white males are oppressed?

Just guessing.

@BufftonBeotch Wow, you sure love your strawman arguments, don't you?

I was just making a point. Why would I start off a question saying "Do you get annoyed if you criticize an IDEOLOGY or a RELIGION and then get mistaken for a so-called "Islamophobe"? And then you started going off on some unhinged rant about how women in headdresses get bullied for no apparent reason.

If you're going to claim that we should stand up for people in one religion that get bullied, why shouldn't we for all the others? Why should we have some obligation to care about the Muhammad fairytale more than all the others?

Also, it isnt 85%. Its 70% and is decreasing by the numbers every year (Thankfully).



*You also claim that white males are oppressed?

Just guessing*

Exactly the same stable.

What I find truly desperate about folks coming here explicitly to throw hate at Muslims is this is precisely the language and thinking that the NZ shooter had. Identical.

@OwlInASack It is a minority population in the US that has no real power.

I would obviously feel differently in Pakistan.

@BufftonBeotch yeah exactly. Me too. But I’ve lived and worked with Muslims in many countries: I’ve yet to meet one who fits the stereotype of the haters here. Of course they exist - they are loads of them in fact. But this is no more a homogenous group than Christianity is

@OwlInASack I'd maybe only visit a more moderate country in the Islamic states. I'm not going somewhere that I'm going to be whipped if my scarf slips and hair shows.
While the men are walking around in shorts.

@BufftonBeotch yes - likewise. I’ve been urged to set up an office of my company in Dubai. Not happening... it’s a brutal, repressive, theocratic regime where a rape claim by a woman can land her in prison for adultery.

@OwlInASack People have never been "given" rights.

They have snatched and claimed and clawed for them.

I do actually feel that those women will rise up.

Most of them are highly educated.

@BufftonBeotch I seriously hope so... long overdue

@Expozane I said I have never seen it happen except in cases where the child of the sect was wearing extreme religious clothing like a Mennonite or similar I have seen some bullying.

I have seen a child trying to preach and shame others ridiculed.
Just an ordinary kid getting harassed for wearing a cross.
That's really not going to happen.
When did I say I wouldn't speak up if I did see this.

You. Do. Not. Know. Me.

@BufftonBeotch Thankfully, I dont.


Islamophobia It is not a thing. Just like homophobia. Crap.

Jacar Level 7 Apr 12, 2019

How convenient for you to believe that


if they get stupid, say loudly that mutilating the genitals of girls is beyond any justification.
To force millions of women to live in black bags in the desert is cruel.
Forcing women to cover all but their face and hands is repression.

Jacar Level 7 Apr 12, 2019

While mutilation of boys genitalia is accepted globally thanks to Judaism. Funny how that all works out.

@jorj The harvesting of foreskins is a million dollar industry.


No, it's not annoying. It just provides another opportunity to study stupidity. I make it clear that the only thing I have a problem with is the primary hate in the holy texts of all religions that contain it and the primary hate in the manifestos and other literature of any other ideologies that contain it, and I also make the point that while the people who endorse any of the containers of that hate are part of the causal mechanism behind that hate's capacity to generate abuses all the way up to genocide, they are not themselves to be hated for it as they too are victims of that hate. But no matter how clearly I spell that out, if I comment on Islam I automatically get irate R-souls calling me a Nazi. I don't get that when I make the same comments about Nazis and other groups which endorse primary hate - it only happens with Islam because these R-souls have taken it upon themselves to defend one brand of hate in a biased way. They portray themselves as the tolerant, good people while all those who disagree with them are necessarily Nazis. They are certainly tolerant in that they're tolerating some hate which they should not be tolerating, but they are highly intolerant of those who condemn all hate.

Not your terrible doctrine if primary and secondary hate again? It’s just an excuse for being more nasty about Muslims. Well done

Couldn't have said it better myself, David.

Like Ricky Gervais says:

"You can hate religion and not the people who have a religion just like you can hate cancer and not hate the people who have cancer."

@OwlInASack Muslims need to grow up and realize that they believe a fairytale about a pedophile goat-fucker that also says seamen comes from your backbone.

@OwlInASack If person A hits a blameless person B and person B hits back, person B remains in the right while person A remains in the wrong.

Hate works the same way. If person A hates a blameless person B and person B hates person A back as a result, person A's hate is primary hate and it should be condemned by all decent people, while person B's hate is fully understandable, even if it's unwise.

You call it a terrible doctrine, but no - it's fundamental to morality. I condemn the primary hate, and I call the secondary hate unwise. You defend some of the primary hate while condemning some of the secondary hate, and your hypocrisy makes you dangerous. You aren't making the world a better place, but the opposite - you're helping to set things up for yet more genocidal conflicts as you encourage the mixing of bigots. It is criminally irresponsible to encourage that.


@David_Cooper you’re so convinced of your theory and yet a 5 yr old could see through it

There nothing original here: it’s just one more way to lump of Islam into one so you can hate it more easily. Well enjoy that hating. If you look around you, you’ll find you’ve got some charming company sitting right next to you.

I defended nothing by the way, other than any ones right to be portrayed as they are. Stop that shit right there



Crass haters need to grow up and get some facts, nuance and balance.

See - we can all do this.

@OwlInASack You attack secondary hate while defending primary hate, and you have no understanding of how impossible it is to get rid of secondary hate by attacking it instead of attacking the primary hate that generates the secondary hate. Five-year-olds have less trouble understanding that than you do. You don't stop the bully hitting the victim by condemning the victim for hitting back while ignoring the bully's violence. There is a complication with Nazis in that they aren't just doing secondary hate - they have a lot of primary hate baggage of their own (which is why I call for them to be locked up before they kill rather than afterwards), but the reason they focus on Muslims such as the ones from Pakistan while they completely ignore Hindus who are of the same race is that they are primarily motivated by Islam's primary hate when they have Muslims in mind.

And yes, I do have charming people around me who also condemn all the hate and who are working towards eradicating it. We don't tolerate Nazis, but we don't tolerate any other bigots either.

@David_Cooper you can keep making these daft points about me defending primary hate but its like dealing with a fanatical Christian: it’s not true but nothing will convince you. Crack on then.

Anyway good luck with your ‘if you don’t believe my crazy theory then you defend nazis’ line. I do hope it serves you well.. obviously if one day you’d like to educate yourself by meeting some every day Muslims that would be lovely but until then...

@OwlInASack I have met a good few lovely Muslims, just as I've met lots of lovely Christians and others. I've met one semi-decent Nazi who was in complete denial about the atrocities generated by his ideology and who reckoned that all races are as good as his own, but he was a rarity (and was likely mentally ill). The existence of good people who inadvertently endorse hate is not evidence that the hate is harmless, and it is not evidence that they don't amplify the power of that hate either. Most of the terrorists who fight for extremist groups only encountered the hate that inspired them because it is proliferated by good people who make the same mistake as you of thinking that it is harmless. It isn't - most of the mayhem going on out there in the real world is driven by that hate.

@David_Cooper fuck me you’re a stuck record: your dismissal of millions of Muslims who don’t fit into your hate bucket is truly shit. Patronisingly shit. But it’s great to know that some of your best friends are Muslim (yes - I know you didn’t say that...it’s a reference). It’s a shame you didn’t realise that there are tens of millions of anti-violence Muslims out there....

And this puts you firmly in the seat you’re trying to force them into. As such groups do not endorse the sort of hate you’d like them to, it is seriously problematic to insist they do

Particularly when your fellow travellers take semi automatics and act to deal with these haters as they - and you - perceive them. You - not they - are the primary problem.

@OwlInASack You and they are the problem, along with all the other people who propagate hate and deny that they are doing so. I don't have a hate bucket - I simply look at the causes of the problem and call it as it is. The hate in the texts generates the violence, and all those who propagate that hate and lend it respectability in the eyes of anyone who buys into the ideology in question are part of what drives the violence. The people using guns are your fellow travellers; not mine. They are acting on the hate that I want to be removed, but you defend that kind of hate. Sort yourself out. Anyone who claims to be anti-violence but who at the same time is determined to retain the hate in the texts is not anti-violence.


@David_Cooper yawnicles

Here’s a thing: accusing other people of propagating hate (who are just saying: hey there are differences you know) while you are indistinguishable from the fella who opened fire in a mosque with a semi automatic isn’t particularly compelling.

Try again.


@OwlInASack You're the one backing people using machine guns. I'm the one who wants to stop the lot of them by cutting out the cancer of hate that you insist on defending. Just because you're an extremist doesn't make me one - I'm in the middle, attacked by the Nazis on all sides.


I point out that a phobia is an irrational fear, whereas my fear of the totalitarian dogmatic creed of islamists is perfectly rational.

Gareth Level 7 Apr 13, 2019

And that’s great. It recognises at least that not all islam is Islamist (as usually understood) nor are all Muslims islamists... exactly the nuance tho that the OP hates.

@OwlInASack What's irrational about fearing a backwards, 9th century ideology based on unprovable ideas and fear-instilling dogma?

You're getting it! Also, there is nothing irrational about fearing backwards, 9th century fairytales that continue to kill people to this day.

@Expozane that’s called a straw man

@OwlInASack Nothing I said wasnt true.

@Expozane Brutal Christians murder babies.

See - everything I said was true. Understand?


Two things, I criticize all kinds of religions without being call Islamophobic or others like it. Because I can criticize a religion without crossing the line that gets you called that.
Second, what the hell is regressive left supposed to mean? What a nonsense term.

There are no “lines.” Mohammad was a pedophile. He should be called out for that.

Except there are idiots in this world that think any criticism of Islam whatsoever gets conflated with bigotry. Same with the people who believe any criticism of Israel means you're "anti-semitic."

@TheDarkNolanite fairly clearly there are some lines. Evidentially it’s the case. Some people can criticise with direction and accuracy. Others not so much.


Yes! Down with the regressive left.


Yes! It's the regressive left, at its worst. And I say that as a socialist who rejects the regressive left politically correct brigade.

I don't care which Abrahamic nonsense it is. I reject the lot. No fears no favours.

David1955 Level 7 Apr 12, 2019

there is no regressive left. that's an oxymoron.


@genessa I don't know if you've noticed, but there are a lot of very real oxyMORONS out there!

@genessa there shouldn't be a regressive left and it should be an oxymoron. But there is, confused with the notion that left wing tolerance of diversity means a refusal to criticize anything cultural, so that cultural obscenities are excuseable, lest one is accused of a word ending in "..ist' or "..ophobe".


Well I don’t know what the regressive left is but
here in this thread there are people who object to being told that not all Islam is the same and not all Muslims are Wahhabis. Is it regressive left to make that point? To note that millions of Muslims do not practice a faith anything like the one they love to hate?

@OwlInASack and not all Christians are evangelical nut cases, but the basis of Christianity is historical and theological nonsense, and so is Islam, which hasn't had the impact of The Enlightenment and Liberalism to knock off the worst elements of it, which kind of happened to some of Christianity at least. It's the religion, in both cases, not an attack on race.

"Regressive left" (also formulated as "regressive liberals" and "regressive leftists" ) is a neologism and political epithet, used as a pejorative to describe a section of left-wing politics who are accused of holding paradoxical, reactionary views by their tolerance of illiberal principles and ideologies, particularly their tolerance of Islamism,[1] and their opposition to free speech[2] for the sake of multiculturalism and cultural relativism"


@David1955 I just don’t know any of these people: I’ve never met anyone on the left who thinks FGM or oppression of women is a good idea or who would excuse it in any shape or form.

Who are these people? And if it’s pejorative then probably best not to use it: better to highlight the issues rather than a collective term designed to offend

Unless you are intending to offend of course?

@David1955 Couldnt have said it better myself, David. The bottom line is, religion is evil and must be offended.

Just because the Crusades happened 1000 years ago doesnt mean everything radical Islam does in today's day is completely innocent.

@OwlInASack you've said everything i would've said, and maybe more, because i'm always sleepy lol. i'll try to add more without accidentally repeating your intelligent words. i think "regressive left" is on a par with "antifa" except that if there was such a thing as antifa that would be a GOOD thing. lots of people, almost everyone i hope, is anti-fascism, but there is no terrorist group of antifascists making life miserable for poor innocent nazis. likewise there is no such thing as regressive left, despite all the explanation at which we're scoffing, and it still IS an oxymoron. it's propaganda from the right, pure and simple, and just as well-meaning folks of very little brain misunderstood the whole bernie movement and became either bots or jill steiners or even trumpkins upon the sneaky urging of rightwingers posing as lefties, now (i assume well-meaning) folks may be buying the righwing propaganda again just because it appears to be coming from the left. regressive is the opposite of progressive. progressive is an epithet to the right. there is no regressive left. it's just nonsense. it's another way of complaining about "pc" -- which only people who were really pissed off about not being able to use the "n" word needed to begin with. @David1955, your definition is ridiculous. no one quivers in fear of being accused of anything.


@gNappyHead yeah i was going to make a pun and then i became uncharacteristically kind (it'll pass) and refrained.


@genessa well quite. There’s such a load of bollox talked about this by folks who turn out to be the same old set of reactionaries. Hey ho

@genessa whether you choose to recognise it or not, this is a issue on the left side of politics, and it's current and it is real. Your argument is not with me but with the reality of political debate on the left. You are welcome to ignore it if that's how you deal with reality. I face reality even if I don't like it.

@David1955 i am not ignoring it. i am laughing at the idea since i know you're wrong. the reality you think you're facing is not real. it has nothing to do with who likes it or doesn't like it. you're just wrong. if you know leftist regressives, you know people who call themselves leftists but are NOT. regressive they may be. leftist they aren't.


@David1955 urban dictionary begins its definition of "regressive left" with "Originally coined by conservatives hoping to delegitimize leftist opinions...." that's all anyone needs to know. some democrats innocently adopt "democrat" as an adjective ("the democrat party" ) because rightwingers started doing that to make the name sound harsh. in this way, leftist who disagree in some way with other leftists may adopt the "regressive left" label to describe them. it's NOT A THING. it's a made-up concept and the rightwingers must be pissing themselves in delight that some leftists are buying it.



I don't care, I'll criticise ANY and ALL religions, Xrstian, Jewish, Islam or whatever so let them scream their tired old 'discrimination' rhetoric all they want.

Triphid Level 8 Apr 12, 2019

Happens all the time. Islam is holly, the only holly pedofil religion.

zesty Level 7 Apr 12, 2019

Watch/listen to Sam Harris, Christopher Hitches, and Douglas Murray, to learn rebuttals.

The rapes of white girls by muslims in europe are in at least the hundreds of thousands, over decades.

Jacar Level 7 Apr 12, 2019

One more reason not to give up our guns!

Beware of that data.
Most of those data is not rape but abuse.
And in some countries a little overstep on personal space is already reportable. Let's say that if USA registered those acts as abuse your numbers would be sky high.
Most of increase in statistics is due to minor and minor offences are being registered (with reason) in a policy of zero tolerance.
At the same time a lot of serious data don't show a big disparity between traditional population and immigrants on numbers of reports or numbers per capta.
Don't trust the obscure sweedish source that no one in USA can read (and in the end is a neonazi site).

The religion had many bad things, but it don't generate more abusers than others. It is not a matter of religion, but of women civil rights on the countries.

@Pedrohbds You are wrong. It is rape. Learn about the Rotherham scandels.
And: The repeated new years rapes of german girls.
This is evil. Islam is fascism. DO NOT EXCUSE THIS SHIT!


@Jacar I am not denying that they're is rape, just saying the huge numbers are not rape. And if course one rape is one too much.
Saying a religion is fascism shows that you have no idea what at least one of the concepts mean.
There is no need for lies to talk bad things about religion. Criticizing without truth brings no good.

What on Earth has that got to do with it??? For fucks sake.

Are you suggesting that Islam makes all of them rapists or something? The level of delusion here is immense. And Hitchens would have had absolutely nothing to do with this kind of unleashing of unbalanced anti-factual shit. As a man who had quite a lot of time for some forms of Islam you are not getting away with that BS. You can have Dawkins and Harris who appear to have lost their credibility on this

@Jacar it isn’t excusing evil to point out that the connection you want to force is just BS.


Step lightly on this website... you will get called much worse for criticizing Islam.. (for some strange reason)..

Well that's fucked up.

I criticize islam just as much as I do judaism, or christianity, or any of the other bullshit religions.
No one has come at me for doing so.
If anyone were to, I'd have no problem taking them on in their ignorance.

Not if you are factual and accurate you won’t. If you are generic and crass then yeah you might

@Expozane "they're heeeerrree.."


No. I just laugh at my accuser.

irascible Level 8 Apr 12, 2019

Not really...because I hate Islam a tad more than Christianity...don't get me wrong, I hate them both....however women are oppressed and demeaned far greater by the pathetic, weak-ass Islamist culture...

About the same for me. Christianity and Islam are both extremely terrible but Islam might just be a tad worse..


I learned a while back that the world is full of dicks who will find fault with whatever I do. So I quit really giving a shit about the mentally and emotionally weak who get offended by my different way of thinking. Life is far too short and precious to waste on people who cannot control their own reactions when someone dares to see things differently than they do.

I've noticed that with a couple people on this site already lol.


All religions are dumb.



Here’s the twin sister of the all Islam is the same brigade


The suggestion that all Muslims are responsible for 9/11... beautiful. And yet I’m confident that there are those on this thread who agree


To be fair, I don't treat all religions the same. The more fundamentalist the religion, the more I'm against it. Fundamentalist religions would kill us first then the LGBQT, then their neighbors for not being religious enough. They go first.

onthefire Level 7 Apr 13, 2019

Maybe not all religion are the same, but they should all be equally offended the same amount.

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