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How many non believers do not like getting drunk or being around drunks?

anonymous 7 Apr 29

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I loooove wine and gin, cider and even the odd whisky. My problem is I am drunk very quickly, plus I don't get hangovers. Dangerous mix coming from a family with a lot of heavy drinkers. Consequently I am very deliberate in my drinking. Once a week and always within allowable units. I don't mind being around drinkers, living in NW England, I would never speak to anyone ever!

I tell you who I don't like, people high on amphetamines. With their clucking and grimacing and teeth grinding. Also the dumping syndrome so faecal incontinence. We get a lot on the wards...hard work.


Haven't drank in 13 yrs, and can't stand being around drunks!

I know what you're thinking! But the picture is from 15 years ago!

@davknight the photo isn’t you, so I wasn’t thinking anything.


It is extremely boring to be the only sober person around drunk or stoned people.

Don't like alcohol because it dehydrates and gives me a headache. Not worth it.

Agree 100%.


Sober since the age of 40, and never a 420 fan (makes me puke, literally), I'd rather be alone than with a highly intoxicated crowd. I thought that sort of behavior was a college thing that most adults outgrow...

Zster Level 8 Apr 29, 2019

I don't mind someone that has smoked weed but a drunk is another story.

I think I live in the city with the highest per capital alcohol sales. They start early in the day.


I love alcohol. I fully understand how awful it is to be around drunks when you are sober but when you're drunk too, it's a hoot!

Yes but when one doesn't like to get drunk, it is not fun being around them.

@Travel1 Yes, I completely understand that.


A drink or two can help some people be more social, but I’d rather avoid drunks. I usually am the DD.

I will only drink 1-3 beers but more than one is rare.


I happen to have Flush Syndrome and can't process alcohol at all, but since childhood have hated being anywhere with drunk or even partly drunk or high people.


I don't mind people having a few drinks but can't stand being around drunks.


Once I hit 40, alcohol just makes me tired.

I don't have anything against drunks, but I need all the energy i can get.

BD66 Level 7 Apr 29, 2019

I never liked the taste of alcohol , so that's that. And though rare - if I'm around drinkers, when I see that they're going over the sober edge - it's time to go home.





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