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At what age should a woman stop wearing short skirts?

anonymous 7 Mar 10

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Would have to say when her personal choice changes. The free will thing, well as free as they believe it to be anyway.


Whenever she damn well pleases

I didn't even have to finish the sentence and that was my first thought!! God I love, love, love you gals and guys!!

i was thinking that same thing as well

Another huge AGREE!!!

What she said


I would say around 150 or's just unseemly at that age...

oh I dunno,

@SeaStar At least the ruinations looking like road maps will be covered up! πŸ™‚

@SeaStar Hey, I wear leggings and I look fabulous!

@sandyw1952 I do too! it's looks much better, I feel more comfortable.

@SeaStar Don't forget though, if you ever do develop varicose veins or spider web veins you can always go to fancy dress parties as a road map - you just need to add a few red dots and city names! πŸ˜‰


Never if that's her choice. A woman's body, appearance and choices are her own and it's not our place to judge what she should or shouldn't be doing with those things.


This REALLY isn't a very good question to ask. Not everything women wear is solely for the purpose of attracting males; not even short skirts. If one is comfortable wearing them, then one can and should wear them, regardless of age. After all, adults continue to wear onesies and all that stuff.

@Paintmebright OK, fair enough. I just wondered what the motivations were for asking.

@Paintmebright Not so Anonymous after all, haha. Got ya.


Well - the real answer is, 'She should wear whatever she PERSONALLY feels comfortable wearing, and anyone who tells her otherwise is an asshole' But there are the (somewhat silly, to be honest) 'equasions' for minimum appropriate skirt lengh depending on age. I've seen a few different ones, but they're often something like:- minimum skirt length (inches) = 8 + half the woman's age For the above you get, for example, 16 inch skirt at 16, 20 inch skirt at 24, 23 inch skirt at 30, 28 inch skirt at 40, etc. Of course, in reality, bullshit - wear what you damn well want! (Now where IS my flourescent green mankini?)


I assume anything where a glimpse of ankle is possible ? Good Heavens woman , you,ll want the vote next !



I think a woman should wear what she wants regardless of what society deems, wear short skirts until your 90, if you want.

for sure


You have got to be kidding. Seriously. You are kidding. Right?


I think that a better metric might be at what temperature or precipitation..


When she gets tired of them?


When she feels it's time. I don't wear them as short as I did in my 30's but they are well above the knee. Wear shorter shorts than most women my age.


Same time women should start wearing a burkha.

@TonyGriffin I'm sure it would look better on you.

Superb comment .


I've always hated dresses and skirts.

As a dirty old man ... You look great in a bikini though ! I have refrained from a photo of me in speedos .

@MarcIveson Lol.

@MarcIveson I just got back from the gym. A 2 hr workout.


Whenever you stop wanting to wear them.


As long as she can pull it off I say go for it. Personally I can't pull it off.


If you got it, flaunt it. As long as you feel good about it, why not. Age should mean nothing, it’s a personal decision!


I agree. It shouldn't matter to anyone what she wants to wear. Yesterday I saw the cutest little old lady ( she had to be over 70) wearing bicycle shorts, and I thought Good for you lady! You go! When I came out of the store I saw her whizzing by on her bike. I loved that!


When she no longer wants to. πŸ™‚

Betty Level 7 Mar 10, 2018

When she no longer wants to. Her choice.


At whatever age she decideds to stop wearing short skirts.

d_day Level 7 Mar 10, 2018

Whatever age she damn well pleases!


At the age she no longer wants to as an individual. I find questions like this to be too closely tied to societal "norms" set up by religious people. It's clothing, so what, when, where, and how SHE wants to dress is only up to her.


If anyone tries telling me what I SHOULD be wearing, I'll be telling them where they SHOULD be sticking their uninvited advice... (;

Zster Level 8 Mar 10, 2018

Right on!


For me it's what the scale says. I'm a female and I really don't want to see a woman who's 5 foot 3 and weighs 240 wearing a short skirt. Now before I start a bunch of controversy, it is always a good idea ( basic fashion advice that's given by experts) to dress for your body type and age.

Others should dress for what YOU personally want to see? That's nuts.

So don't look.

@Nemeister I don't give a s* what anybody wears .I'm just saying. Fashion is an art form and everybody has their own opinion. I'm 52 years old and 20 lbs overweight .the last f**** thing that I want to do is to wear a goddamn spandex mini skirt. I would feel much more confident and empowered by something that's more age appropriate and flattering to what little goddamn shape I have left. It's hard to believe that that makes me a closed minded sexiest b****


I wanna wear a short skirt

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