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Is this a Dating Site, or another Facebook?

anonymous 7 Mar 11

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How embarassing! The ad says "Dating" first, and I havent "dated" in like 15+years, so im on here, asking people out like a dork. Ah well. My apologies, I was misled to think it was a Dating site, and not a study group. It may as well be a Shaker forum.


Ads on facebook bill it as a Dating site. Idk, Ive had a hard time with not believing in wizards and elves ever since I was 10, and especially finding compatible ladies. I realize that this is also stacked bad, as community demographics lean towards the pepperoni side of things.


This is more like what message boards used to be like before facebook ate almost all of them.

I think the founders meant for this to be a dating site, and most of the people here seem intelligent. Many years ago I belonged to a site full of intelligent people that was supposed to be a dating site, too. I'm getting the impression that if someone gets together a large group of intelligent single people - they get a large group of intelligent single people.

I agree. Highpocket people tend to overanalyze. I am cynical about this. I dislike this move among people and even young people to not even bother to date or have a meaningful setup. I juat see people getting big houses, empty ones for thier pets. Relationships are sort of a bang and go, tinder setup. People can take it or leave it. Observationally, from seeing people date right up close, in the NYC scene, its men's fault. Women are not perfect by any means, but after seeing your 500th football shaped groom cake, you see whats up. Idiot Man Children have Weinsteined the dating environment, to be sure. The big "a" community is rife with it.


More like Facebook. You can do dating on either. Or you can just socialize.


Oh and for those wondering why I am single, I had the misfortune of falling for and being married to a Catholic. We have a young son. Her family has made the mistake of shutting me out of my kids life and my former marriage, on the basis of that. I took a hard line on them when the local Vatican had to start using altar girls, lol.


Facebook started as a dating / hook up site pretty similar to tinder but most people seem to forget that


I think it's being used as both. I'm here to replace it with 'facebook'. I don't like what facebook has become.


The state of things, personal, in the world, has put me in a rut of cynicism that has nearly squashed my much loved joi da vie/, gusto, that i approach life with.

Its pretty lame. It has affected everything i do. I have a hard time cheffing for people now, its super hard edged and not flowing.. The design stuff is all over the place. Havent sung or recorded a note, but at least write.


It is a dating site, and I'm still open to that aspect of it. Right now, though, I see this as far better than Facebook. It's populated by rational, critical people, with very little of the toxicity I often see on Facebook. I enjoy the community aspect of it. I enjoy being able to talk to intellectual equals around the world.


It's like FB with more reason and less drama. People hook up on FB all the time. I know two couples who got divorced over FB romances, so I know it happens


I thought it first this was just a dating site but then I realized it's bigger than that. Which is nice because I don't feel the pressures of a dating site. It's
nothing like Facebook to me. My Facebook is full of religious people and family members that don't understand that I am atheist. Welcome and enjoy!


This site can be what you make of it. I find better discussions than on FB, and less of the look at my lunch crap. There is far less trolling and far less posting that make me roll my eyes. As for dating, some people have been sucessful. I'm in the middle of a conservative abyss and I don't think I'm ever going to find anyone. But life goes on.


It's a dessert topping AND a floor wax!


It is whatever you make it. Just returned from visitingfellow member on west coast.

I think people have boundaries to meeting new people on this site. The fewer the boundaries it is easier to connect with someone.




I have just moved to Los Angeles from the east coast. I am having a super hard time meeting chill people here. Everything else has lined up wonderfully, except a cool lady to share it with.

I know that my schedule has something to do with it, and im sort of a fish out of water, and its a big city to not have a guide in. My boss is on my ass about it because he is fed up with me moping around and falling into despair/crushing isolation

So what's up with this site? Is this a dating site, or a discussion site, a facebook free of weird "click like to say Amen" posts?

I am a firm believer that it is unnatural and unhealthy for human beings to be alone, and it has to change. I am on the verge of just giving up, and I know its wrong.

Don't give up.

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