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Do you have to pretend to be religious to fit in?

Admin 8 June 19

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Only with a muslim knife at my throat or jewish glock or xian mafia cop ready with his handcuffs to jail us Atheists


Yes we do and to deny it make us liars. Let's be honest! How many times do you just nod your head in silence when someone starts to pontificate over their religion, just so as not to make waves? I bet we all do it 2 or 3 times at least per DAY. Our families and immediate friends know the true score, but in school and the workplace we all swallow down a shitload of crap just so as to NOT rock the boat. God I resent this crap! Why can't the OTHERS pretend to be non-believers to placate ME?! Lets's face it folks, we are in the vast minority. Stupid people will always out number us and we'll always be in the minority. We all "lie" and pretend as to not rock the boat and if You don't bleive this you are in denial my friend. I want to share a MAJOR victory I just experienced. I have a 9 year old granddaughter who her mother taught to be a self-thinker as I taught her to be. Paige asked her mother to explain all this Noah and the ark story she had heard so much about. My daughter related this ancient belief as honestly and non-judgementally as she was able to, just so that Paige could choose her own belief. Paige was silent for a little while then stated, "Mom, that's the dumbest thing I ever heard of!. Are there REALLY grown ups who believe this guy captured ALL THE CREATURES on earth and caged them on one boat?? If he was in one area, how could he capture pandas from another country, or kangaroos, or Grizzly bears? And in ONE BOAT??" I just about popped my buttons you guys I was so proud of the little self-thinker. She reasoned out the obvious at the tender age of 9. Kinda makes you scratch your head and wonder why grown, 'educated" adults swallow this load of shit in blind obedience to a higher power no body has ever seen, heard or touched. AMAZING!!!

LOVE IT! Kudos to your granddaughter!

only in the last 6 yrs or so have I been very vocal about my atheism. I finally have had my fill of all of the religious BS that gets spewed my way. All of the unsolicited "god bless you", "have a blessed day" "I will pray for you" crap. I figure, if someone is going to give me their two cents worth, then I will give them mine. I don't get nasty with them or anything. Just kind of casually, ya know

I have never pretended to be religious (or anything else for that matter) just to fit in. Not starting an argument with someone spouting religious crap and saying 'sorry mate, not interested' is not pretending to be religious. Admittedly, over here in the UK we don't have people talking religion to us 2 or 3 times a day, more like 2 or 3 times a year, but I have never pretended to be religious and resent the implication that you think I am a liar for saying so.

Not to mention the supposed dinosaurs the alt-right now claim were present, as seen in the model animal display at 510-foot long Ark Encounter, built near Cincinannati, OH, LOL!

I like the Sumerian writings version better..saying that the alien Sumerians saved some of their genetically engineered humans from flooding, that they knew was coming when another planet approached too close to the earth. Two of the gods, one of which was nicknamed "The Serpent," which meant "wisdom" in their culture, showed their favorite human family how to build a submarine, then brought all their genetically engineered wildlife and domestic animal DNA on board, NOT the actual animals.

The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts []?


Absolutely not. Always be true to yourself. I think there are a lot more atheists/agnostics than studies have shown, because many people are afraid to be truthful, or just don't know what those two words mean. The more of us that spread the word of atheism, the more people will stand up for it.


How do you actually fit in if you are disingenuous?


I don't necessarily pretend, I just don't create conflict. If someone is trying to evangelize to me I'll tell them what I really think and stick up for myself, but if someone is praying I'll just sit quietly and be respectful.


I don't have a desire to fit in if I can't be myself.


No I don't. I absolutely refuse to pretend to be religious. To begin with as an anthropologist/archaeologist, in my field, being atheist is actually the norm. I am also at that point in my life that I don't really want to be surrounded by people who are religious believe in more than mandatory for survival. I don't trust their analytical and judgement skills, considering they still talk to and depend on imaginary characters as grown ups. Thus all my friends at this point are agnostic/atheist. I have believing acquaintances but they don't receive high level of importance in my life.


well , I have to pretend to be religious , because I live in morocco and it's dangerous to be an atheist here

It could be fatal right?


No. I don't believe in being fake to fit in. If they don't like me, that's their loss.


I don't necessarily try to "pretend"...however, I simply keep quiet about religion altogether, until someone directly asks me my opinion or view. I find this is the most tactful and mature way to deal with living in a primarily religious setting, while still being an example of an atheist that's also a good person. The handful of people I've shared my beliefs with have been pretty respectful of them, and I think that if we approach them with respect, it will most likely be reciprocated (I'm still aware that many other people who come out as irreligious are disrespected and treated differently, though).

jacksonMB: looks like you’ve found approach that works for you. That’s great ????????

I think that respect is important, too, Jackson. My daughter was once explaining our strategy to a friend of hers and defined it as "We don't poke". That's now been our theme when integrating in our very religious area.


I did pretend until I turned 50. At that age I had a rush of independence where I realized that I no longer cared what others thought of me. We all know that old people say whatever is on their minds, lol. At 50, I put a lot of thought into my life and realized their was no need to give a crap about what friends and family thought. I researched what atheism and agnostism meant and came to the conclusion that I was agnostic and I wasn't going to hide that fact.


Thankfully, I don't. I didn't actually pretend to be Christian after I burned off my faith. I was just never approached about it or asked a direct question. I said what I thought on whatever subject and they just never brought it down to asking about that.


I work as a digital advertising specialist in SC and it is my job to meet with businesses and organizations to help them with their marketing. This includes religious institutions such as churches and schools. While I don't pretend to be religious in front of them, I do feel I have to skirt around my atheism when questioned so I am not thrown out of meetings. Lol. I do wish my employer would allow me to opt out of meetings with religious businesses but alas I do not think this would be possible.

I’m sure it is difficult esp. if their religious views are imposed on you.

My company opens their board meetings with prayer, I am still not sure what I am expected to do so I just do nothing.

@SharonK Whenever that happens, it just gives me an excuse to meditate, which I'd especially need to do if I worked in such a place.


No. Most of my friends don't care whether I'm religious or not.


You're kidding. Right?



I have a direct question policy. I keep my lack of religion quiet unless asked directly. I generally scoot around the most common question "What church do you go to?" with "I don't have a church. I've never found one that works." Then they, of course, plug their own church; I reply "thanks, no thanks." and go about my day.


I never pretend to be religious. My whole family and all my close friends know I am an atheist. With people that I don't know too well, or that I know are very religious, I'll just smile and nod during conversations regarding religion. But if asked a question, I won't hide it, or lie about it.

Nothing wrong with that approach


No. I never pretend to be anything I'm not, including religious.


No honestly whenever I get the chance I debate people to make them question their beliefs I don't worry about what other people think of me because at the end of the day their opinion about me doesn't matter it's my opinion that does and there's always going to be that one person in the world that doesn't share the same opinion as you or doesn't like you

When I first questioned I was becoming slightly depressed! When I finally admitted to myself that I was an atheist I became further depressed - I kinda feel like I don't want to be the cause of other peoples depression, so I kinda keep my opinions to myself.

Am I wrong in doing so?


I know there are Atheist/Agnostic men and women who will pretend and attend Christian churches hoping to snag a mate or dating partner, but I think that is deceitful and would never do it. Same thing with joining a Christian or Catholic singles group. Would usually only lead to grief and drama. Have never really tried to pretend or fit in at workplaces and have usually paid a price for it, in one case it was the main reason I was forced out from there. So I would say it is often a real issue for people and not always easy to decide whether to stay in the closet or not when it comes to workplaces. As for the rest of life, it's not as big a deal in my eyes and you should be honest about who you are.


I don't pretend to be anything. I am a morally upstanding member of the community, and people often assume things based on that. Their incorrect assumptions aren't my problem. If asked, I lay it out like it is.


There are very few people that know I'm agnostic. My reputation would be ruined if people knew the truth of what I thought about their religion and many would be very hurt, I think. As long as I have the job I do there is no point in making waves as it would only make people uncomfortable myself included. If I were asked I wouldn't lie, but most people just assume that if you are a good person serving others you must be a Christian.

I used to think that way, but honestly feel it’s important to change the perception people have of non-believers. Not that I go around announcing to people that I’m an Atheist, but when it does come up in conversation people are usually shocked When they find out. They need to understand that anyone can be atheist/ agnostic and we can also be good people too. We just choose to be a good person, we don’t need to be rewarded. ?


I never fit in, regardless. If anything, I fit in better (in my own way( since shedding religion. I never feel the need to pretend.


It depends on how bad and how broadly you want to fit in. But I would never pretend this. And no, I'm not particularly interesting in fitting in with delusional theists, though I seem to have a few friends/acquaintances that are theist anyway. I recently advanced to anti-theist, and so, if it comes up with a theist, I will explain why I know feel a responsibility to speak out against all sort of irrational (and sometimes immoral) thoughts and behaviors commonly associated with or comparable to most types of religions. Because it is not benign.


nope, never. i would never do that, if they don't like the fact that i don't share their delusions, that's their problem, not mine.



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