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Recent site updates!

Wow, it's been a while since we summarized new features so here goes!

Alerts for comments of members you follow – If you want to be notified when someone you follow makes a comment, you can toggle that alert on your settings page [] (then click "Pick Alerts" ). We have it turned off by default so not to overwhelm new users.

Fancy form for posts – We upgraded our post forms for the main forum with group/event upgrades coming soon. The form lets you preview what your posts willl look like by clicking on the "eye" icon in the upper right corner.

Apps – Yep, we posted this a few times. We are making improvements to the apps every few days and getting great feedback on them. For example, you can now optionally login with Facebook (we only get basic info like email and never sell or advertise). If you use a phone, the apps are a better way to access this site as you get alerts easier.

Emoji – If your phone or computer supports them, you can now include fancy emoji/emoticons in your posts. That is, some phones will show you 100s of cute emoticons in it’s text input keyboard. They’ll magically show up now in your posts. If you’re using a computer and want to cut and paste them – try []

Better group control - If you're a group moderator, setting post access to "members only" now ALSO makes commenting and replying "members only".

Detailed search form – You can now find members who answered specific profile questions by click on the “Detailed Search” link on the members page.

Instant updates of profile questions – when you update the 30+ questions in your profile, you no longer have to enter “Save”. []

Optional first name – We added “First Name” in the account page so people can get to know you better. []

Greeter program – Our Level 7+ members can now signup to be greeters and have a welcome message sent to matching new members in their messenger (when both are online). If you’re eligible, you’ll see a link on the upper left corner of the messenger []

Can see which notifications you’ve viewed – on desktop, you’ll see checkmarks on notifications (alerts) you’ve viewed. On mobile, they’ll be a different color.

A few things we’re working on

  • moving the site to larger servers (faster)
  • update post form for groups/events
  • show who “likes” posts/comments for mobile
  • free interactive book on Why is there no God
  • group chat rooms for, well, groups.

As always, we are happy to get your feedback on ways we can improve the community.


Admin 8 Mar 23

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Thanks for all your awesome work.

I think @Sassygirl3869 speaks for us all. Thanks for all your hard work, @Admin!


Group chat rooms... Sweet.


Thanks for the comment alerts A. Good post @DelilahJones33


It would be nice if I could post a comment on a music video with out navigating away from the song. As it is, If I post a comment while the video is playing the video stops. I was well into a 14 minute song when I posted a comment and lost my place. Thank you in advance!

Nice idea. Will have to think about it as it will take a lot of time to get it to work (possibly). Will put it on the list.

@Admin I've noticed that if I post a comment on a video that is itself a comment, the video continues playing. It's when I comment on the original post where the video stops. If that helps at all. Thanks again.


Glad to see alerts for comments of followed members! And glad to see the detailed member search! I look forward to further improvements (like negation) and expansion.

Hmmm... negation. Well, for now, it means "click on all the ones you want" instead of the ones you don't want. Is there a special case where negation is really useful?

@Admin not spiritual, isn't into weed, isn't into drinking...

@bingst Ah, understood.


Great stuff - the community and site that just keeps giving.



I see that we both have a passion for emoji. Care to ?speed over to "Passions":?️and ???????⛲til the ? and over the ??


This is super duper good news.. thanks! You all are awesome keeping up with things on here and updating as needed. 🙂


Thanks for the hard work.


Fantastic. Thank you!


very very right on.


Right on...


Fantastic. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Mar 24, 2018

Thanks for your good work.


Thanks for your continuous efforts!


Great work and thanks Admin!


I would like to be notified when certain people I follow make a comment, but not for everyone I follow. Would that be possible?

skado Level 8 May 6, 2018

I'm currently unable to send or recieve messages in messenger... Happened right in the middle of a conversation... Anybody else having this problem...?

Sure am. All past ones not appearing either. I've also reported it here so hopefully they are working on it and all will be back to normal soon.

I am!! all and every thread i had is blank

Yeah, my messenger inbox is blank now too... I just checked. It's still like that... 😟

I've just got them back by using a browser not the app. I must go check if that has recovered them. Nope my app still not messaging.


All fixed now. Some unexpected result of caching code for speed up.


I'm really enjoying this site and have recommended it to my adult sons.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 24, 2018

Great work, y'all. This site is really, really impressive. Thank you so much! ?


Re Apps and general announcements
Can you please also automatically post these announcements to "Non nude sexy pics". Thank you.

You can share it with your group by clicking the "Share" button at the top of this post (see "bullseye" button on desktop version?)

@Admin I've been wondering what that bullseye did for a while now. Does the person whose post is shared get brownie points for the share? Thanks for the info.


Hey @admin are the notifications hosed? I had 0 this morning and I’m not sure why that is.

balou Level 8 Mar 27, 2018

The bell icon tally count is not functioning

@NothinnXpreVails it appears to be working now.

@balou not here, maybe I should log out to fix

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