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Do you celebrate religious holidays?

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I see no religious meaning in any holiday. I just love spending time with my family, and eating good food.



I love decorating a tree and singing Christmas carols, damnit.

Me too! I'll join in anything that involves singing, dancing or eating to excess!


I don't think of Christmas as a religious Holliday. I consider it a time for friends and family to get together and enjoy each other


Well, America makes "religious" holydays mostly not holy anymore, so go with the flow. Celebrate what was once religious in a land and time far far away ...


I celebrate Christmas which is a "religious" holiday (it really just represents the winter solstice that the pagans used to celebrate, and it was taken by the Christians later on). I plan on celebrating Easter with my family in the future (hide eggs and stuff). Also I celebrate Halloween, the origins of which I have no idea. Maybe I will also celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. But I do not regard those festivities as religious holidays, simply exhibitions of culture and an excuse to get together and eat.

Seems Halloween was an ancient british festival where people dressed up as spirits to actually scare the real spirits away! I love all this ancient pagan stuff, and laugh out loud when the religiots get scared of it and have to tell people not to do it!

@GoldenDoll easter was oestre hence the eggs and our word oestrogen, it was a fertility pageant .Halloween /All hallows eve, was the time when the layers/veils separating the parts of he world were thinner and so more unearthly matter/spirits could come through. Then the winter and summer solstice in between.


I love Holidays. Most of them have such complex pasts that they are essentially meaningless. They're mostly about the meaning we give them and I choose that meaning as enjoying time with people I care about.


Holidays, religious or otherwise usually mean time off for many. Many of us on this island are like minded and use the time to celebrate in a distinctly non-religious manner. For instance Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday (despite the dogmatics trying to kidnap it) and some of us are vegetarians. We have a revolving order and meet at someones home for a potluck (a joke is how many Lopezians [our island is called Lopez Island] does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is 10, 1 to do the work and 9 to organize the potluck!


I usually stay home during holidays...but if I am invited to one I enjoy the food, the company and ignore any/all references to religion.


I only celebrate Dec 25th. I never think of it as a religious holiday, just a great time for family and friends to get together a celebrate another year of having each other in our lives.


I only celebrate the family aspect of the holidays. I love being with my family. They are aware that I don't pray, I don't celebrate the actual religious portion of the holidays. For the most part, they hold their tongue.


I celebrate them like any other day that I'm payed to not work.


I see no religious significance in them but happily exchange the odd present or card and eat till I'm ill on Xmas Day!


No not in a religious sense.


religious holidays are as much about tradition as much as anything else, besides any excuse for a holiday is good by me


Most holidays are actually derived from pagan traditions and believes. The church warped those tradition to make conversion easier. The fact is most holidays were stolen. I choose to celebrate these holidays so I can spend time with my family. Although Easter is one holiday I have little to no patience for. I still don't understand why the Easter bunny is even a thing.

We call it Zombie Jesus day and use it as an excuse to party.

The easter bunny and eggs, etc, represent the beginnings of new life after the cold and dark winter. I love all this, it's really grass roots paganism, and obviously nothing to do with jesus at all : one of the religiots' very poor copies of a festival - although I suppose they did try and get a bit of "new life" in there too!

Fertility of the Spring.


All religious holidays are pagan based and I enjoy all the pagan holidays.

Not just pagan. There have been lots of others throughout time that we know of. We are ritual beasts = party animals (at least I am LOL)


I do some but I'm not going to lie: Once my youngest was old enough that she didn't want to do Easter, I was SO happy. I loathe that holiday like you would not believe.

TamiB Level 3 Oct 8, 2017

I will celebrate anything for any reason. I'm not celebrating the religious aspect of Christmas or Easter. Even the pagan ones


I celebrate secular holidays that were high jacked by religion

And holiday is a contraction for holy day.


No, but I do like the pretty lights at Xmas and the bunny eggs at Easter though the biology of the bunny eggs is perplexing.


I celebrate anything and everything, and love putting up a tree and decorating, feasting, singing and dancing. Of course nothing to do with religion, much more to do with celebrating the earth.


Hell yes! I'll celebrate any holiday.
And anyways, Easter is usually the first race meeting of the season. What's not to celebrate? 🙂


Christmas: holiday where I give what i can and spend time with my friends and family.
Thanksgiving: holiday to celebrate what I'm thankful for.
Easter: holiday to celebrate life and rebirth.


Yes. I was raised with atheist parents but a religious family. We always did all the holidays buy my parents kept religion out of it. It was family time and fun. Im raising my child the same way. Why not? Ill just explain the truth to her as she grows


They are just like any another day of the week


Yes, only Halloween, thanksgiving (non-religious), and Christmas. Growing up we didn't celebrate any holidays, even the 4th of July . My personal views are that most holidays in this time are mainly consumerized and more of a culture event especially in the US. I believe in the spirit of Christmas to be one of peace, giving and thinking of others and it doesn't have to be about Jesus at all. (He wasn't even born in December.)

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