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Care to share any creative date ideas?

This sounds like a question from a dating show circa 1985, but whatever.

A date I really enjoyed was when we went to a Richard Dawkins lecture. Didn't work out with the guy, but the date was fun and thoughtful. I need more intellectual, science-themed dates in my life!

anonymous 7 Mar 26

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A date. I have finally learned, is an interview. The 2 of us must be able to assess each others values, interests, chemistry. Usually this is done via verbal communication. On this site one can really get & idea of who we are considering as a potential.
I have yet to meet anyone online in person....too scary. I did friend one man on FB. He was a gentleman by all definitions. But a bible banger. So a date that involved a public space with a time limit & an ability to exchange vibes.
Usually men try to impress me & usually they don't. Then they cop an attitude because I can do many things better than they, I have more knowledge than they & they resent it. I am too challenging. So many, many dates have not been productive, but isn't that the point. To weed out, or plant the seed?
Several terrific ideas here. Kudos
My contribution would be flea market, antique show, cat show, dog show, rodent show, garden show.
No isolated confined areas. No getting messy or playing sports. No family.
Gotta talk, eat & drink, then access.


I know what not to do on 1st date, go for a ride in a small aeroplane. She was all gunga-ho about it till about 1500 ft. up, panic set in and she wanted down immediately. Well uncontrolled airspace has a traffic pattern to follow so you can't just land. Took about 10 minutes to get down, she was white knuckled all the way grabbing the yoke (dual control plane).

We both decided to part ways after that.


Drinks, dinner, a walk.

I think a lecture should come later. I'd hate for the first date to end up with an argument.

Documentary might be good.




a trip to the museum... and then dinner... later, a bottle of wine and lots of hugs & kisses afterward


Bookstore. Learn a lot about your date really quickly.


I find its the company you keep and not where you keep it and I like to be spontaneous.


Telescope night at the university.
Night out at the science museum (Pompeii is there right now).
Volunteer day at archaeology dig.
Botany tour/edible plants tour.
Building homes for Habitat for Humanity.

wow, they are awesome

@Rugglesby, well, as an Aussie, your chances of having a date with me are regrettably miniscule. I out geek most men and don't get many second dates.

@TaraMarshall ahhhh the tyranny of distance. I live in a world of geeks, from guys who have been teaching computer programming all around the world in their late 20s, 1 in Europe translating old texts from latin to German in a University, a 25 year old associate professor of Maths and Science, we have em all.No doubt a few of the older ones would ask you out for a 2nd date, to get an intelligent discussion. As you know , such can be hard to find.

@Rugglesby, I'm 43. I don't usually date men much younger than me.

@TaraMarshall ahh the oldest of these guys is 38. But distance is the killer anyways. Still excellent ideas.

@Rugglesby, 5 years younger than me I'd consider. But I'm not a cougar, I creeps me out when guys in their 20s try to ask me out.


I went to an art show once. My date had taken art history and such and was quite knowledgeable. I on the other hand wasn't but I did my best to show off my artistic know how much to my date's amusement. She spent the evening correcting me and/or making fun of me. Either way we had a great time and even though I made a fool of myself, thoroughly enjoyed her company. There were more dates to follow.


Really can't help. Dates are supposed to be planned based on the other person.
For example, This one woman I toke to a dinner and a show. she loved being the center of attention, and I got her to be called up on stage. Also, we were very touchy, and stuff.

Another, woman was an exchange student from turkey. Toke her to a coffee shop with a lake front view that resembled her home town, and for dinner we went to a turkish restaurant where the wait staff spoke turkish.

Another, woman loved to dance so went dancing, but before I toke her to a small restaurant and had dinner on the rooftop. At one point we were alone, so I got up and started to play a slow song. We had a sweat little dance as the sun was setting.

Dapending on whats going on in town, I would take you to a museum or go to a library and browse the books talking about our favorite subjects or something.


A planetarium show to me was always a great idea to me.


It depends on the woman and her idea of what's fun.

When men asked me out, I'd routinely say I wanted to meet at this Bar-B-Q place by the Cave Run Lake, on the edge of the Daniel Boone National Forest, then hike to and scale Lockegee rock afterward.

That way, even if the guy was a disappointment, the day wasn't a loss, since I went birding during the hike and climb.

I would think with such a challenge that you would know who the true ones were that really liked being with you

@lbusche For me, it was more about not losing one of my days off just because I accepted a date. And I did actually find a keeper who went dancing, traveling, and hiking with me for several years.

  • Photograph urban graphitti
  • Tour art galleries; artwalk if it's available (like a pub crawl only art galleries instead)
  • Geocaching
  • Visit/walk dogs in local shelter
  • Visit library/bookstore, each pull x books from shelves that interest you; compare stacks, discuss; maybe pick one (some) to read together. Variation: Nexflix documentaries
  • Tie-dye

I could go all night, baby.

Love these ideas!


I came to Vegas for the arts and entertainment but there are still plenty of museums and intellectual activities abound.

I'd avoid lectures on a first date for the same reason I would a concert: it's just not the best environment to get to know someone.

A definite plan would be NerdgaZms, a comic shop filled with a museum of memorabilia of almost every imaginable superhero from almost every era. The staff there may as well be curators...they know their comics...movies, toys, games...

Assuming she wasn't a comic buff we still might hit it off...after all, I'm looking for models and potential act leads before "dates" and companions.


Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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