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foster children and religion

If you were to foster a child or befriend them, should you the agnostic/atheist, avoid ingraining your ideas-like buddhism (peaceful meditation practice) in the adopted child-who is practicing an abrahamic (Christianity/Islam) faith?
Would such an attempt have a backfiring effect on the child/teen who is sad/hopeless about family?

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anonymous 7 Jan 28

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Help a dog be a dog, a cat a cat, help a rose be a rose help a tree be a foster parents learn how to do that with different kids and situations the kids grow in their knowing they are a valuable part of our community. its ok to share, but not impose. if on the other hand, foster parents feel it is their right and duty to convert these vulnerable, refugees they miss their opportunity to learn, and the world gets dumber, crueler just to justify your own sense of being broken as license to break everyone. We go way too far in using foster care system to fix our world, and we need to focus on helping families become circles of life promoting life ... if we are not doing that, then it is us who are broken


Finding peace, calming your mind, meditation is not in and of itself a religion or counter to any religion that I know of.


Teach them to know thyself and be kind.


A parent is a teacher to the young, and it is therefore appropriate to teach them the laws of the universe, and how to know what is true and what is not. I know that's not an option in the poll, but that is the most appropriate course.


Foster, because you are the parent figure, you are supposed to educate them. Befriend them, no ficling way! First, why would an adult befriend a kid? That's just looking for trouble specially trying to befriend some kid who's not yours.

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