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LINK John James shreds Joe Biden for 'you ain't black' remark - YouTube

This is a bad week for NEO-LIBS and just another reminder of why Trump has won another 4 years of absolute dystopian police state rule over this nation.

SanDiegoAirport 7 May 22

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There's just so much material out there.

I did not see this one yet. Thank you for sharing.


This is the only social media I do. I wonder if people are talking about the false dichotomy Biden presented. I wonder if people are talking about the crime bill's "unintended consequences".


John James may be of African heritage but Joe Biden is right, he ain't black. He's a traitor to African American people that's what he is.


If you Google this guy, he is a Republican. A black repug, duhhhhhhhhh, drump lover.

Wow, I get fooled easily. Either way, they could have communicated better. These incoherent gaffes of his are eventually going to be impossible to explain away.

The comedy sketches are writing themselves.


Be sure to post WHEN Trump sincerely apologizes -- for ANY of the nonsense he propagates ! 😮😛

You know Trump is too stupid to do that.

It bothers me more how Trump will get away with everything long after his presidency.


And so it begins.

What begins, Joe saying something that is as plain as the nose on your face? With which i 10000% agree, as will any black person with half a brain?

@AnneWimsey "What begins"

The attack ads. At least, the demise of my country will be entertaining. I had to explain to my GF that my laughter is an attempt to save my sanity. I'd rather be in an off grid community in the wilderness far removed from the impending train wreck.

@Fred_Snerd. So, we should be obsequitious to drump, a man with no boundaries whatsoever?
On what planet?
Name one political campaign., in this country or any other, ever, that did not involve attack adds?! I'll wait right here......

@AnneWimsey Thank you for waiting. I don't know how to respond to you people. You Democrats make assumptions about me and then demand I defend a straw man.

Anyway, when the attack ads absolutely destroy Biden, I won't say, "I told you so."



What, you are so used to OrangeIdiot babbling that a plain statement of Fact, that 99% of black people know already, bothers you?!? Why? How?

@AnneWimsey i am completely convinced you are an idiot.....My comment was simply "ouch" and you came to the statement above from that? The comment "ouch" was for those who support biden, as well as those who do not......Please Take Your meds!

@twshield maybe you could answer my questions....I'll wait right here, shall I?
And BTW the meds i take are for Congestive Heart Failure, sweetie. Your kindness & compassion are overwhelming.....

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