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Anyone who is stupid enough to vote third party should remember to look for proof that their name is on every state ballot.

Umbrella_Guard 7 Oct 12

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I am not affiliated with a party, I vote for the least damaging of the two candidates that have a chance to win.
Hence I voted for Joe because Trump has been worse for America than COVID-19.
Screw 3rd party people, both candidates and voters, they aren't helping anyone, not even themselves.


Who is stupid? Anyone who questions the system and wants change is stupid? Get real. So which party do you work for?


...looks like someone was stupid enough to vote for stupid himself..

Varn Level 8 Oct 12, 2020

It was not me.

I voted for Biden.

This photo is from 4chan.

@Umbrella_Guard ..thank dog 🙂

You know, something I’ve heard little about are the ‘down ballot’ candidates in either party. So, trump’s minions of lawyers get several ‘swing states’ voting processes nullified … where’s that leave the likely republican senate, house, governor and state legislators..? How eager are they to have their seats in limbo while he attempts to twist the process?

I know the Republicans have remained gutless to challenge his insanity, but they can’t be cheering him on 😕

@Varn I am glad that most voters saw through that Kanye West scam after seeing that photo of him in hugging Trump while wearing that red hat.

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