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LINK Trump’s history of inciting violence in words and tweets: A timeline from 2015 through the Capitol attack - Vox

For any who have any question about Trump inciting violence, we've had to put up with it since he first sought the nomination.

He is possibly the "greatest" narcissistic sociopath since Hitler.

DangerDave 9 Jan 13

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Hey, about this?
(Admin just posted the question, "but what did drump [say/do to cause Wednesday]?" )

I won't even join that group because of his biased "centricity"

@DangerDave ummm, he posted it on Here! ( I have never been to slug eitner)

@AnneWimsey I'm not a member...won't be either


I'm friends with a guy that was his controller at Mar A Lago for a while. When 45 won office, David took his wife and kids and moved to Germany. He told me horror stories of him. I lost my job because 45 doesn't pay his bills, My boss lost his company because 45 didn't pay his bills so my boss sold it to pay his vendors. Many in Atlantic City tell the same or similar tales. He's a wannabe mob boss.

Game over for this syndicate though

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