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I am impressed by how my confronting a chain smoking roommate who spies on me resulted in the best assessment of me I have ever seen.

Please read the photo attached.

Umbrella_Guard 7 Feb 16

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I know I couldn't live with a tobacco smoker. One of us would have to vacate, and it would probably be me, since the stench permeates and lingers.

Also, for what it's worth, the one polluting the air for everyone is the one overstepping roommate boundaries.

Deb57 Level 8 Feb 26, 2021

A guy who, not a guy that. Tell him that a friend suggested he revise his grammar and his inability to take some criticism like an adult.


So is somebody moving out soon?

I might have to at this rate.

Apologizing is just making him angrier.

@Umbrella_Guard I remember the days of being young and broke. I had roomates a few times. Fortunately we always got along. But after I got older I realized how tough it would be for me to live with someone again unless I already had a really close, positive relationship with them. I have too many quirks by now and I don't even know if living together would work with a significant other.


i couldnt imagine living with a chainsmoker

i feel bad for ya

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