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POLL Missouri's New Dispensaries - The Future of Cannabis in the Midwest?

New Dispensaries in Missouri

With new dispensaries being opened, Missouri is putting the interests of its patients first, above all else.

Jefferson City, Lebanon, and Carthage all saw new medical marijuana dispensaries being set up this January. Missouri Health & Wellness (MH&W) opened up the first dispensary in Jefferson City. MH&W was one of the first companies to get approval from Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). Carthage also saw its first medical marijuana dispensary opened by Blue Sage Cannabis Co. The company is owned by LeAnne and Jess Dickerson. Just a week and a half ago, Blue Sage Cannabis Co’s first dispensary opened in Lebanon.

As new dispensaries are being opened, questions related to medical marijuana and cannabis are now less heard of. Companies such as QuickMedCards, which are working on helping people find excellent doctors and healthcare providers to talk with about getting certified for legal marijuana use within their state, are working closely with the state of Missouri to help its residents get medical marijuana cards.

What do you think will be the future of Medical Marijuana in Missouri or for that matter the US?

How many of you believe MMJ will help treat our health conditions in the near future?

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WilliamDavis 3 Feb 18

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I should live so long as to see the feds de criminalize it at the very least. No one should go to prison for smoking a plant. Cooking up some super meth is far more hazardous that this herbal remedy that the pharms don't want you to grow from seed in your back yard as my greatgrandmother did.


The US has been way behind the rest of the Western World in this regard because of the crazy war on drugs that has religious overtones but eventually the benefits will be obvious and the science to support it.

yes i agree

all states should tax that untapped biz

i can only imagine the numbers here in canada ever since it became legal Oct 2018 perhaps not sure but me likey

i also think the states need and should regulate the online gambling

@HeAdAkE They should let people grow their own, with or without a license. I have a license to grow more than 140 plants, far more than I need but nice to have the option, that's just one more reason why it is so much better to be a Canadian.

@Surfpirate wowzas thats a big crop eh!

i think every canadian is allowed to have 3 plants during the season but im not exactly sure

ive always wanted to try and grow my own budd but i don't have the space for it unfortunately

do u have a condition that allows for so much cannabis? u must be an expert horticulturist (i hope thats the right word πŸ™‚ )

it takes alot of love and care and proper management to turn out a good product id think

ok 140 plants so 70 female plants then id guess ur taking in like 50 lbs come harvest? i really don't know its just a guess and im interested

@HeAdAkE Each Canadian household can legally grow 4 marijuana plants at a time, not just per season as grow lights allow for more than one harvest. I have a medical condition, spinal cord injury and this is what the health dept approved for me, although I don't actually grow that much, I can do so legally. It is for personal use so I can't sell it and nor would I want to. I can make a litre of weed oil or cannabis butter for about $50, at the government weed shop it costs about $70 for a 50 ml bottle of the same, so I grow and save the difference. I have a large garden but I grow my marijuana plants indoors to keep people from helping themselves at night.

@Surfpirate im inpressed! thnx fer sharing

cannabis cures and i hope u get what u need from it

do u ever just wanna get fukked up and start hittin the bong?

anyway keep up the good work

@HeAdAkE I quit smoking cigarettes 14 years ago so I don't want to smoke marijuana either, although I did roll a joint when I first started growing and took a couple of tokes before butting it out. I make edibles and CBD pain creams, weed chocolates and gummies, plus cannabis infused oils that can be taken orally or applied topically. Most of my strains are CBD rich but I have one strain called Purple Star Killer which is high in THC 28% with CBD 2%. Taken as an edible it will knock you on your ass.

@Surfpirate very cool indeed its kinda nuts how a weed cookie gets u stoned in such a different way. its almost dabilitating even but ive only ever tried the cookies twice

my fav method to get in sum green is my sweet dry herb vape

so inconspicuous i even used it at a movie theater once

i quit smoking on Sep 2nd 2009 at 10 pm at a poker game i smoked my last butt*

smartest decision i ever made

kudos to u for kickin it too

@HeAdAkE I find the trick is to be patient with edibles, eat a few and give yourself lots of time for it to kick in. Tick tock, tick tock and nothing, so you think that you must have a weak batch or something - then it hits you KaBoom. All things in moderation and all good things come to those who wait. Patiently. πŸ˜€

@Surfpirate ya but heres the thing

i have ms and it made me feel like its too scary to feel that paralyzed

i worry alot and i enjoyed the high but i was mostly worried i wouldnt get up

the gummies i had were supposedly the strong type but i didnt even really catch my buzz

thats why i smoke it so it goes right at the brain

can u tell how high i am in my picture?

@HeAdAkE High as Fuck? πŸ˜€

@Surfpirate i am doing the same smile as of right now only its like 5 years later and teeth are whiter

crest 3 d is amazingly affective

although i find it might cause sensitive teeth so i fight that with sensadyne πŸ™‚

i share too much don't i?

i can't help it


i personally use it to get high but i most certainly believe in the benefits of cannabis

i don't know how anyone could spend so much on CBD products but to each their own right

i did edibles with my Meme and we ate a pie at midnight

the only bad thing weed does in my opinion is it makes a bad driver

the weed shop down the street was always packed with young and old


I think recreational weed should be legal. I'm just not sure that many people are buying up pot to treat a medical condition. Smoking marijuana is fun.

Haha. I agree. Most people are buying it for fun. But hopefully, things will change in the near future.

i think they all should be legal takes the crime out of drugs and it was created t4o protect the delicate white flowers with no will to resist the black man with heroine or the Mexican with pot
its hairy for a couple of year but in the long run it works fewer addicts

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