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"conspiracy theory" is a term promulgated by the CIA in the 60s to divert attention away from reality.

I still do not accept the OFFICIAL CONSPIRACY THEORY for 911.

You are not paranoid if someone is really after you.


Duh.... maybe that's why the most-religious are the most-likely to swallow the most outrageous conspiracy theories. Ya think?


Like, no shit.....doesn't take much research to come to that conclusion....


What is unquestioned belief in government narratives associated with I wonder?

PS focuses on Qanon which is more of a movement than a conspiracy theory. Sure they believe weird shit but seem more anarchists following their charismatic psyco leader who can do no wrong in their eyes. Fallen for repetitive messaging, indoctrinations favourite tool.


Theory of conspiracy theory?

Word Level 8 Feb 25, 2021
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