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You know, sometimes I think it would totally be worth the assault charge and probable jail time, just to punch someone like her (or her) right in their stupid face.

But beside the Gaol time, etc, one must ALWAYS try to remember that SHIT splatters and is darned hard to remove as well...LOL.

@Triphid That's what soap and water are for.

You, myself, many of us on here I’m sure. But there are other ways of getting back at people. One of my coworkers years ago was a real scumbag so I decided to be a “ nice guy” and buy him a cup of hot chocolate, cause that’s what he liked. But that “hot chocolate” was 3 bars of exlax in a cup of water. I remember he questioned the way it looked, so I told him it was my own special way of doing it. An hour after he drank it, he ran to the toilet, came out, ran back in again about 15 min later, comes out again, 10 minutes after this I saw him squirm a little, and then run back into the bathroom again. At lunchtime I heard him on the phone with his wife and was asking her what she did to his breakfast, that he had been shitting all morning, and that he had to take the rest of the day off. Needless to say, he wasn’t too happy. And got even more angry the next day when I told him exactly what I had done!! Wanna play? I’ll do the same!!

@KKGator Yeah, this I know but Christfool shit sticks harder and faster than any other shit in my experience....LOL.

@KKGator, @CuddyCruiser NEVER tell them what you've done, it IS far better to keep it to yourself and enjoy the fun and games for as long as you can knowing that they have no idea what caused the problem.
Next time you get the chance try using a liquid laxative called Dufalax, it IS tasteless, odourless, just 10 drops are more than enough to shift anything (LOL) and it lasts in the system for between 18 and 24 hours.

@Triphid I admit nothing.

@Triphid I heard about that stuff. I’ve seen it in stores. But I didn’t care about telling him because the job sucked and it wouldn’t have mattered if I lost it. But he straightened his act out after this incident. And 3 months later he wound up quitting.

@CuddyCruiser The last time I used it was just after Evangeloon moved in to our neigbourhood and decided to 'help himself' to the remaining oranges left on my tree, to reach he HAD to trespass onto my property to reach because the tree is some 4 metres away from the front boundary of my property.
I carefully injected 25 mls of Dufalax into each of the dozen or so remaining oranges and left them on the tree.
Sure enough, the next morning they were M.I.A. and he was, that afternoon, complaining of having a 'bout' of Food Poisoning....LOL.

@Triphid LOL.....good, maybe he will learn, but doubtfully.

@CuddyCruiser Maybe, may be not, but at least he has learned EXACTLY what his arse-hole is for....LOL.


She MAY have the name Bell, but imo, she certainly has a whole lot of bats loose in her belfry.


Fuck that bitch

Not even with my very worst enemy's dick would I do that.

@Triphid true.

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