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DMV before date

In hindsight , I might just be a neurotic jerk but I thought back to a time when one of my ex-girlfriends asked me to drive her to the DMV before going out for yogurt.

Was I over reacting ?

Would you ever drag your date to the DMV ?

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Umbrella_Guard 7 June 3

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I wouldn't wish the DMV on my worst enemy lmao

Corpsy Level 3 June 25, 2022

I like to think I am not too overly picky or demanding in dealbreakers of who I would date, but I do require that the woman already have a driver's license, and preferably her own car, as well as auto insurance and some financial security, so I don't have to always pay her way and we can still enjoy doing the things I enjoy doing together. But, now that I'm a few years into the dating game, with little success, I am starting to think that guys like me probably have to either lower our standards to find a long term woman, or else agree to become sort of a Sugar Daddy lite version or object. I really hope I am wrong about this....


Considering the accomodations I've made for dates, driving her to the DMV isn't too much.

See my comment above. I can relate, Dave... The less looks you have, the lower you have to make your standards....


I spent almost 6 hours in line with my girl for her to write her drivers test. A good way to see her true colors under very annoying circumstances .πŸ˜‚

She passed . πŸ‘πŸ˜


There is a DMV line I love to be in and I always take a date when I register our art car. That being the DMV (Dept. of Mutant Vehicles) line at Burning Man.



So you would prefer she Uber to DMV & then Uber to the yogurt place?

We both owned our own cars at the time.


If it was to get passport photos so we could plan a trip to Jamaica...

But in your case it seems a little different. You'd have to answer where it lands on the continuum from
-I don't have a car, so I'm onna call this Umbrella motherfucker and get him to drive me to the DMV and buy me some frozen yogurt
-Uugh, I have some shit I HAVE to get done but I REALLY want to spend time with Mr. Guard. Maybe if I can get my license renewal done today when I go out with him I can get the rest of my stuff done tomorrow so I don't have to miss a day I could see him.


I did that to somebody else too.

Except she wanted to visit malls that gave out free samples. I called her fat at some point and that was the end of that relationship.


Why not , as long as you enjoy each other company.


Umm… perhaps she needed to go because she could not legally drive herself (expired license, tags&hellipπŸ˜‰. It also depends, did she ask or demand? Did she give you time to decline or spring it on you? I might ASK prior to a date, stating that I have an errand to run, or we could start the date now, if he wanted to join me at the DMV… The guy who became my husband would likely have said sure, as he often wanted to get together ASAP and because we typically found our β€œdown home” rural DMV amusing/entertaining.

Zster Level 8 June 3, 2022

Sounds like an effective method of birth control.

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