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LINK Putin’s Last Days in the Bunker

He'd look good hanging upside down from a meat 🍖 hook 🪝...

floWteiuQ 7 Oct 3

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Sad to see Americans are just as fond of government propaganda as they were in Vietnam. Or as Germans were under Hitler. Pathetic.

You mean how Americans were supporting Hitler. 80 years later, the same mindset that supports Vladimir Putin. They both claimed the title America First. Where you fit in? I have no idea.


He'd look good sucking on a Luger.

Or a Molotov cocktail!


Putin would look better than Biden hanging from a meat hook only because he is younger & more youthful looking.
He's probably more likely to survive it.

@FrayedBear Disgusting... You're muted!

@FrayedBear How could you tell?

@FrayedBear You truly fucking hate America. Don't you?

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