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LINK McCarthy confirms: GOP will crash the economy unless Democrats agree to destroy Social Security

If they try this and i was Biden, I would bring the army in, declare marshal law, arrest every reTHUGliCON who voted for this, and put them on trial for treason. If they want a coup and authoritarian dictator, let's show them how to do it!!!

floWteiuQ 7 Oct 18

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They liked Social Security when they stole most of the Trust Fund back during Reagan. Now the money's almost gone. And remember, cruelty is the point.


Millions of senior citizens live on Social Security. Republicans want them to be homeless.

Vote for Democrats. Your life depends on it.


Not a bad idea! Where is the Justice Dept., I want to know! Why aren't these criminals in prison where they belong. There's enough treasonous behavior for thousands of years of sentences. Where are they ???!!!???

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