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You ignorant atheists who deny all the evidence that God is real! Whenever people pray world hunger stops. Children do not get molested, and women do not get raped. All because God is protecting them. Can't you see how God prevents His churches from burning, how He makes sure earthquakes never harm Christians and Christian buildings, how no Christian couple ever has a child with birth defects?

Oh wait. Never mind.

By anonymous7
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Got the sarcasm immediately. Not sure why anyone could miss that.


I must have missed that news report. Lol.

noworry28 Level 7 Dec 10, 2017

It just pisses me off that the religious seem to ignore those things. They are just soooo brainwashed.

  • Um . . . what? California suffers earthquakes and fires every day. The incidence of children born with deformities is skyrocketing and white christians are notorious for burning black churches . . . so what sort of fantasy world are you living in homeboy?


Lisette Level 3 Dec 9, 2017

Did he just call us all ignorant?

No... read the bottom . Please

I don't see the humor in this. First he insults atheists. Then plays it off as a joke in the end. When has molestation and rape ever been funny? I've been both of those and it wasn't funny.

Oh, and I was born with physical defects.

He's making fun of people who believe the stuff in the first paragraph. It's sarcasm, as Silvereyes says. It doesn't always come across well in the written form.


Oh wait, never Mind! Whew! I thought this was real for a

smile001.gif Yeah, me too... Good one!


Gimme a "G" !, gimme an "O" ! , gimme a "D" !

What have you got !?

Useless !


Is this satire ? I love it !

Skyfacer Level 7 Dec 9, 2017

God sent 9/11 to America because of all the gays and the abortionists and the evil secular humanists. I think His aim was off that day.


I believe it all. The US has the largest number of born again Christians and therefore is the most peaceful nation on Earth. While other countries have mass shootings we have just have spontaneous mass meetings where we pray for less fortunate countries.

When we go to war we drop bombs of fertilizer exactly where they are needed because we like to help other people. We back our prayers because we really mean them, with action.

Because we love god we love all of his creation. We don't send missionaries out because when we help people they know that god is not only with us but we are with him.

McIntyre Level 6 Dec 9, 2017

This is a joke Kevin right?


Sarcasm works with us. Less so with them.

MrLizard Level 8 Dec 9, 2017

It took me a minute to realize you were joking. I was about to rant so hard. I can't stand people who preach like that. Lol.


im sorry have any of them things stopped at all?

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