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Are Disciplined People Less Attractive?

Do you find yourself "put off" by people who are extremely disciplined? Do you find them less accessible? Or are you drawn to them because you admire them?

anonymous 7 Dec 10

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definitely ugly


I don't care for anal-retentive people. They annoy and irritate me.
I admire disciplined people, though, even sometimes they annoy me, too. Like the person who never misses leg day at the gym.
It's both admirable and annoying.


NOW I get it. It depends on the discipline and how "disciplined" they insist I be...unless its in the performing arts. I prefer my collaborators to be very disciplined at work but have no such insistence otherwise.

Now if this were to be inclusive of a motherly "clean your room" discipline I'd find that very unattractive!


I am attracted to down to earth people-whether they're disciplined doesn't matter-I do believe in principles and someone who doesn't have them is less attractive to me.


I've had a few friends who are like this. They are usually introverts. It takes time to build relationships with them. I respect them for their discipline, but find them rigid and uncompromising. I tend to accept people for who they are, thus I find it hard to admire any one trait, or person. I do try to learn from them though.

I had a work friend like this and I used to mess with him every once and a while. When he was away from his desk I would move everything around on it. Then watch his reaction. He did have a good sense of humor and knew who did it. We would laugh about it later. My desk was always in chaos and it drove him crazy, but I knew where everything was. This gave me an idea for a new post.

No he was much more than that. I tagged you in a post. He had a set regime, and did not veer from it.


Do you mean principled, rather than disciplined? Seems to be some confusion on your question here!


lol...I just find attractive people attractive?

I'm disciplined (and only look the part) when its absolutely essential. To me, the same woman in shabby clothes will still be as attractive as she would be dressed to kill. Most of my women have been like that anyway!


You have me confused. To me discipline and attraction have nothing to do with the other, unless you interpret discipline to meam rigid in thought or having a compulsive disorder. Is it discipline of will?

mzee Level 7 Dec 10, 2017
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