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I've been an atheist for decades, but as I write this, I feel the Holy Spirit moving within me. It's a feeling of being taken over, having no control. His spirit is moving and filling me even as I type.

Wait. Wait. Oh, it was only gas. Never mind.

anonymous 7 Dec 10

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😉 this gave me a rollercoaster of emotion; shock, disbelief, relief and amusement. Well done! ( I guess similar to your own gassy experience)

Ohh yup!! Eyes watering and gagable 🙂


I've never found ecstacy when I farted!


For a minute I thought you might be having a stroke.




It is absolutely amazing of the feelings we humans can feel; it's even more amazing, how we try to rationalize or explain them !?!

mzee Level 7 Dec 10, 2017

I feel possessed when I'm gassy. "Devils be GONE!!!" I've become quite proficient at self exorcism but these demons often attack others nearby. Oh well...

However, after I smoke a joint...

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