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Do Some Make Weed Their Religion?

The dependency, adoration, and excitement about being around weed makes some people seem devoted to it. I have watched them sort the seeds, examine the weed meticulously, hold it to the light, and roll it carefully like a priest performing a sacred ritual.

I have also noticed some stoners try to get others to convert to weed. They claim it heals miraculously; they claim it recues them from the insanity of the world out there. In short, it becomes their savior.

Many even make sacrifices for weed, giving up interests, losing jobs, spending money on weed that should go to bills.

Like Jesus Freaks, they wear t-shirts with images of their savior, buy weed necklaces, make weed memes, and exclude people from their social circles that haven't converted to weed.

Before the name-calling begins, I add that they also get angry when someone questions their devotion, attacking anyone who disagrees and saying that person is stupid and evil, and should be silenced. Like all fundamentalists do.

anonymous 7 Dec 11

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Rastafarians...mi GANJA!!!

Also many other cultures...several indigenous to central North America...anyway...

Yes, some people overdo it though I've yet to hear of anyone praying to weed. Since its been legal for recreational use in Nevada...nothing has changed. No (or few) DUI of weed charges, no "Reefer Madness" scenes to be seen in public, no Churches of the Sacred Mary Jane.

You may check into the vast amount of research done on medical marijuana. I'm satisfied with the growing number of states who agree with the data and either pass or allow votes for medical marijuana.

Like everything, weed can be overdone. While there is contradicting evidence for physical addiction I've never experienced it. I've had a psychological addiction but never to the extent it affected my life. I've never skipped a bill or skimped on groceries to buy it.

I have been addicted to meth, coke and my drug of choice, alcohol. There is absolutely no comparison to those experiences than any I've ever had with weed.

Ack, guess it had to happen. And I'm sure I destroyed many more brain cells with alcohol as surely as I think your research isn't, let's say, mainstream.


ok, it is possible to have a rational discussion about what exactly your hangup with reefer is, without going into over the top land? Yes, ive seen the thing with the pot "nuns" its ridiculous, they just been smoking to much weed, lol. Same thing with dirtbag kids wearing a pot leaf shirt or whatever. What's up, man? I disagree. I just disagree. you want me to trade links with you from thousands, millions of chemo patients, psych patients, that don't have to get wrecked on pharma meds, it's on you. Youre the one going over the top with this "savior" noise.

Do you have comparative examples of these "brain scans" like they do with meth, exstasy, etc? So its a cardiogram? Mri? Cat scan?

What exactly is an IQ point? Do you mean they take a -2 int penalty like in dungeons and dragons? How do you quantify that? By internet quiz?


I've been smoking weed since 1968 and honestly, I can't remember the question..


weed is not the religion, but can be a major part of their religion. Take the Rastafarians, for example......smoking pot is almost all people think of when they think of them, but while pot is very important to them, they also have a rich and colorful religion that would stand out even without the use of weed


Anything can be a "Religion". The literal definition of religion is "Reconnect", but that is an oversimplification of what it really means.

To answer your question, does the person have:
A central story?
A set of ethics / beliefs?
A community?
A sacred item?
Sacred text?
Sacred language?
Sacred rituals?

If yes to all 7, then at the very least, cult like. Religions are usually established. That's the only difference between religion and cult. Even if outsiders disagree with your beliefs, they still see it as established.

So in my opinion, while very small in comparison to other major religions, you can be a religious pothead, as long as you are a member of an established group - which I heard there are.

The central story is usually the origin story of a religion. For example, the Torah is more than just a set of instructions, it contains the central myth of Judaism. The New Testament is an addition to the central myth that started Christianity.

In order for there to be religion, there has to be a central myth, a story that is the reason, the motivation for practicing it.

exactly. people arent falling to thier knees and crossing themselves when Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke comes on, in any seriousness. You are being subjective, and combining two things you don't approve of.


It is no more a religion than, say, football for some. An obsession, sure, with rituals and sometimes a community of the "faithful." So it is fun to call it that. But in a nitpicky sense, religion is supposed to come with established doctrine and some guidelines for how to act and how to treat others. I don't see that for weed.


Not me. I can't even roll a joint. I never had to buy it. I have a fear of flames/fire can't light up..
I never smoke alone. Don't think so. LOL


Interesting attempt to demonize weed supporters. You set up a common subset among anything (as Johnny Thorazine points out) and then say any disagreement of your negative assertion will be viewed as proof.
Weed is not the asserted “gateway drug” so the users exuberance matters not at all to its legal status. Alcohol is usually first consumed, also of greater problem, but it is legal. Criminalizing anything creates demand so that is a self-defeating argument which only creates an incarcerated labor force. Incarceration also destroys lower income families (usually POC) and advantagizes Middle Class (usually whites).
Another nice try, though.

The post is an attempt to turn the approval of pot into a negative thing. No, pot enjoyability is not a religion. Neither is loving pets.


Seen the same with guitars, money, jewelry, shoes...oh man the shoes....albums....but the Coptic Faith is all about smokin' weed for jesus....


Maybe. Depends on your definition of ‘religion’.

skado Level 8 Dec 11, 2017

Weed is part of my life,not important like my children, but always there. For some of us it enhances things and experience's. There are many successful stoners, perhaps more than you realize.

Does someone having to take benzos scripted out by a doctor for anxiety also have "a drug problem"? Effective difference is that someone won't seize out and die when thier insurance runs out from reefer.

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