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I can prove that I am Jesus

Alone in my room, I used to talk to Jesus.
Then one day I realized I was talking to myself.

anonymous 7 Dec 11

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I will believe you only if you never answered yourself. I have yet to find anyone that you answered. Lol.


And here, I thought maybe you were Hispanic and that is what your parents named you...


Impersonating a demigod the Greeks and Romans would have punished you for that. Not sure about what the Egyptians Mayans and Aztecs would have done. Today they mostly throw demigod impersonators in the looney bin with the other demigods impersonators.



Tizi Level 3 Dec 12, 2017

I'll remember that one.

gearl Level 7 Dec 12, 2017

Bear in mind what happened to the other one and stay out of temples and away from money changers.

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