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Is there a need for the role of Warrior in today's society?

I don't so much mean soldiers, but the protector. The noble person trained in fighting arts whose mandate is to protect the weak and victimized. A modern-day knight, if you will.

anonymous 7 Dec 15

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yes, I believe that the Jedi knights should protect us all.


We all need to keep the warrior instinct alive in ourselves. There will always be a need for righteous indignation and zeal on behalf of human dignity and well-being! Those values will not persist without active champions.


There is always a need for noble it a knight or knightess

I think the word knight is technically gender neutral, since the term was coined in the Middle Ages when all knights were men (meaning that there was no separate word for a female knight, and thus it would apply to either gender.)

There is legitimately not separate word for a female knight. As misogynistic as it sounds, you really would just call a female knight a female knight. The closest equivalent would be a Dame, or just precede their name with "Lady" as that is what you would call a woman who has been knighted as an honorary title. So Dame would be their title and you would call them Lady then their name.

In the Middle Ages, though, there were legit no female knights.


As long as humans are around, we will need protectors.


Definitely against injustice-civil rights, discrimination, bullying, treason,


A noble soul is always a desired trait, whether you live in colonial times or modern day. In a time when nobility of spirit is so tragically rare, people with noble hearts are all the more important.

An average citizen standing up for what's right is good. Just don't let it turn into vigilantism. I know it's not really my place to tell you what to do, but I'd hate to see someone get in trouble for doing what they think is right simply because they disregarded the consequences.

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