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Is there any chance that Trump can be impeached

William77 7 May 20

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If Democrats take over (get majorities in) both houses in the 2018 elections, there is a chance. Otherwise, no.


Oh I do hope so, it would be a great climax to the film version of his Whitehouse tenure, as opposed to world war 3 or an assassination by a man with three names and 50 years of conspiracy theories.


Careful what you wish for... That would leave us with Pence and he did not leave the Mississippi of the North in very good shape when he left the Governor's Mansion for the Vice Presidency.

I kind of hope to a double impechment myself, where Pence get impeached right along with him.


Yes. It will happen. A big part is to swing the house as far left as possible in November and in any special elections that happen. If the house remains as is, the likelihood is far lessened. He needs to go.

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