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Can religion and god can be separate? if we compare both.what is most dangerou

Religion and god can be separate? if we compare both what is most dangerous #justasking

William77 7 May 23

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I think a better question is can spirituality and god be separate? Humanism thinks so. But most humanists, I think, are so steeped in Judeo-Christian morals that it isn't clear that religion has been removed from the equation.


Not all religions even have a deity (Buddhism, Taoism, LaVey Satanism, etc). So sure they vary independently, although most often they are associated with one another.

What nearly all religion has in common is religious faith, the unquestioning acceptance of asserted truth without substantiation. Whether it's faith in god, faith in a holy book, faith in a practice, faith in some nutter cosmology, is beside the point.

The problem is neither god nor religion per se, but religious faith.

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