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Religion after "Armageddon"?

Say in some possibly very near future humanity has but a few survivors of the very likely environmental or thermonuclear catastrophe so many theists either debunk, don't seem to care about or actively seek to fulfill their prophecies?

Besides the severely lucky, it is very likely only the very wealthy could survive. You know, the very ones who don't necessarily believe but KNOW religion is a great way to sedate and control the masses. If that's the case, welcome to the "new world theocracy"!

Your thoughts?

DangerDave 8 Dec 17

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I do not believe that the wealthy will survive. The ones that will survive are the back-wood survivalist who knows how to survive without modern comfort. How many people in this country knows how to star a fire without matches or knows how to kill and clean a chicken. Finding food would be the number one priority. Almost all scientific knowledge would be lost. Even the ability to read and write would be lost. The few that survive would turn to some religious belief for guidance. Think of the dark ages.


I think some very wealthy will survive in that they probably have insider information and if they're self-made they know how to survive. It's all the inherited money that will die. But you're right someone will probably declare themselves a deity and control some masses until someone bigger overthrows them.

SamL Level 7 Dec 18, 2017

@SamL too, conspiracy theories abound but I imagine a lot of the very wealthy have spent at least as much as the government has to preserve themselves. They'll both of course need aides and servants. At least most will be xian.

I like the opposite extreme in the FallOut video games. The only religion was Atom and its primary rites involved radiation exposure. Most became feral ghouls in the process and then you have to kill them.

Its all speculation but given a choice of the two...


Honestly the wealthy will not survive, because the won't know how to live without electricity. There probably be some that survive in pockets not damaged by the fall out. Nature has an odd way of working. In my opinion religion will survive. When the towers were hit in New York, many people went back to religion. When people need answers to their suffering they turn to god.


My thoughts are that you are Mer'cains so you don't need to think.

What do you mean?

@Arasmuson No idea what I mean.


Have you ever watched a comedy on TBS called "Last Man on Earth"? Thats exactly what the show is about-after a plague-less then 10 people left. I don't see religion coming into play at all.


I don't think the very wealthy will survive. You can't eat figures on a computer screen.


If those who survived were mostly uneducated, it would happen again.

I'm sure the wealthy will bring a few...hundred at least...lackeys to enslave.

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