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Gift Giving

Has your family reached the size where it is difficult to purchase gifts for everyone? So what do you do?

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anonymous 7 Dec 20

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we give things at random, when we can afford to, when someone needs something or we find something particularly apt, this does not coincide with birthdays or any other tme


I buy gifts for the grandkids otherwise I gift randomly based on finding something they might like and never buy themselves, I also buy gifts for the hosts of the feast.


Sisters, their hubbies, nephews and nieces.

Anyone beyond that doesn't get a gift.


Just give to close family in my case my 4 adult children.


I have one brother with 9 children and one brother with 8 children (and I'm not counting my other 5 siblings). (Can you guess we were raised catholic?)

I stopped giving gifts when the body count went over 6 kids. I was just out of college and didn't have the bankroll to give gifts. It also didn't help that my older sister had ONE child, and the kids in the larger families wanted to know why their cousin got a bunch of gifts for xmas, but they only got one or two. Serious rift in the family after that.

Lucky me...I only have to get one present....and is for myself.


I'm an identical twin, we send each other gifts, we are both single so its fun for us to open gifts, I send her and her pets gifts, she sends me and my cats gifts. It's just fun, and something to look forward to. I also give gifts and/or bonuses to people who work for me of course, as well as taking the staff for dinner to a nice restaurant, like we are doing tomorrow. I spend christmas with my cats, we have lobster tail or king crab, and watch tv. Because of my job I am "on call", people die at christmas, so I have to be able to be of assistance, which is fine with me as it's not really a big holiday for me.


I am into giving money to my kids. my sister, mom, money too. Money is to me the Perfect Gift. Premium Alcohol Bottles work too. I remember the days of buying gifts for my then wife to hear her complaining that it was too expensive. I prefer to take my Lover Shopping and let her do the Picking. I did got it right with some jewelry for a GF once, she still wear it. I was married on X-mas day... couldn't give vacuum cleaner on x-mas.


In my family we do it the hard way. One of these days just one of us will get all the gifts and the rest of us sit around wondering what happened.


none of us ever had children and we are now up in years. we don't exchange gifts anymore


I guess we're not that big of a family. We're growing though. 3 kids, now with partners/spouses, one grandchild and next year there will be a second. We all exchange gifts. And the kids like to do family holidays, so the ex will be there. Last year he gave me a gift, I thought it was odd. Now I am wondering if I should get him something.... Or do I want to open that can of worms.

My $0.02. If you're unsure, DON'T! I've learned, I'd rather be me and face consequences rather than trying to be something I'm not and face consequences.


I give to my two sibs, my mom, my kids, my gkids, and all my nieces/nephews, and a few friends. About twenty people.


I only give to family members who i feel need it. for lack of a better term, the poorer relatives.


We share a great meal and look at old pictures and just me and my we do not exchange gifts...we share memories and make new ones.

I have to say, "What a wonderful idea!" Maintain the meaning of this holiday, deep emotional connectivity. Sit and visit with each other. Thanks for that!

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