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Do you consider religion to be a contagious mental illness?

anonymous 7 May 30

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Nah. Ignorance, greed and fear are the three things that allow it to spread.


Contagious? No.
Mental illness? Maybe.
Brainwashing? Yes.


NO. Being brainwashed and having a mental illness are two entirely different situations .


No, I think to many it gives their life purpose and meaning. Not everyone is curious, questioning and (depending on their upbringing) able to stand apart from the crowd, especially if all of their friends and family are in that, 'club'. I generally try and be respectful to others with different beliefs, unless they are personally annoying/ offensive or generally dangerous.


"Religion" cannot be a mental illness. Perhaps a "belief" in a deity could be, but this statement is a misnomer.


I had seen Mass Hysteria in church, religion, communist party, republican party, democratic party, liberal party, atheists, agnostics, boys scouts, police, military, unemployment office, girl scouts, nra, the beach, pro sports stadium, tv, theater, concert, etc, etc, etc.


Not any more than atheism.


If you believe it, you don't have science on your side:

"A large volume of research shows that people who are more R/S have better mental health and adapt more quickly to health problems compared to those who are less R/S"


Not buying it. Especially when it goes on into bible quotes.


Very much so. Only insanity could explain irrational thinking when facts are available but ignored.


"capable of being transmitted by bodily contact with an infected person or object"
"tending to spread from person to person"
Yes, I think so.
Mental illness?
Not in the slightest.


No. At least not in the sense we normally think of contagion. Broken and/or fragile people tend to latch on to anything that will make them feel better about themselves, more secure within a society, and in that way it could be considered contagious-like. Religion relies more on indoctrination, principally of children, to secure its future existence. The tenets of the Abrahamic religions ensure a steady supply of young minds to mold.

So, my answer is, no. If you intended contagious in the broader sense, then I think I would agree with the posit you made.


I certainly hope it is not contagious or we would all be religious.



MsAl Level 7 May 30, 2018



I consider it to be programming.


No. That's a spiteful and low-effort attempt to attack the perceived "enemy", lacking any real analysis and consideration of the human condition, the nature of reality, and religion's role in our evolutionary history, and only serves to widen the divide between groups and further radicalism.

Besides, mental illness is generally an abberation of the psyche. So if anything, the non-religious are closer to being considered mentally ill, considering the statistics. We don't need that argument.


If it's not a mental illness, then I'm hard-pressed to find a word for what such delusion and disconnect from reality is.


Yes, since it is passed on to others and the effects tend to be detrimental to victims and societies


I think ideas and concepts can be as viral and contiguous as physical diseases. And religion is the biggest one of all. If you're susceptible to it, like ant other illness, it can take hold.

by analogy but not by definitions of disease transmission

@btroje Yes, of course.


No but it is indicative of other issues that may be.


Not in most cases. I can understand the comfort some people find in the easy answers that religion provides. The extremes cases where people deny reality and reject solid science? You might have a case there,


The only thing contagious about it is the fact that many parents keep the cycle of brainwashing their kids in their family. I think before the kids even have a chance to realize they were duped it is already to late. Religious families many times will push there family members away, or keep them at a distance, if they don't comply, and rejoin the collective. I would say it more like a cult then anything, not a illness. Heck there could possible be some genetic weakness in the minds of these people being passed down from one generation to another, that makes them susceptible to religious fallacies.


I think to be human is to have a "mental illness" in one way or another. I'm not really in favor of the term "mental illness". We're all on a sliding scale. It's not that black and white. I mean literally and in more philosophical terms.

@Piece2YourPuzzle -- Speak for yourself partner. I happen to know I'm 100%, certifiably sane. Not a single mental problem or anomaly. I know this because the voices told me. I trust the voices. They're friendly and almost never get mad at me.

@evidentialist It's only a mental problem if you talk back to them 😀


No, but it is the equivalent of an addiction. If the person lets it, true belief in total system ideology -- political or religious -- leads one to cede control over his or her very being to the dogma and to the demagogues who reinforce it.

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