Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is is all about?

A: is place where wisdom is shared and people meet. We've set up the website to be a community that caters for all types of people. We also realize that some are looking to meet others for dating so we let members contact each other. Read more on the About Us page.

Q: Why are there no ads here?

A: is a non-profit and doesn't want to get distracted by the advertising world.

Q: Why dont you charge for membership especially for dating?

A: Again, is a non-profit. While we do spend thousands/month on advertising, we are happy just letting non-believers know that there are milliions of us.

Q: How can I help promote

A: Hey, we're so happy you asked. You did ask, right? We, and more importantely, other members here, would really apprecite that you tell others about this site. The more people we can reach with the message that non-believers are everywhere the better. For an extra bonus, if you use the links here we can show you who signs up and give you some points!

Q: How do you avoid scammers and fake accounts like seen in other dating or community websites?

A: Many dating sites, like, are filled with fake accounts setup by scammers to try to get your contact information. We hope to reduce the chances of this by requiring members to reach at least Level 2 before they can contact others. We also review some of the initial messages and look for suspicious activity.

Q: Why don't posts have dates on them?

A: We want posts and questions to be timeless as most have universal appeal.

Q: How are the levels determined?

A: Please refer to the Level page for details on how levels are determined.

Q: Why do some questions only show up on member's profile?

A: We only pick new questions that have universal appeal to show up in the main list of topics. We admit that it might be a little random as it's so subjective. Sometimes we make a mistake so if you think so, resubmit your questions. Thanks!

Q: How can I turn off emails when someone replies to my post?

A: Go to your settings page (the gear icon) and click on the "Emails" tab. There you can change your preferences.

Q: How can I contact the people running this website?

A: You can click the "Send Message" button on the Admin account.

Q: Which smilies can I use?

:-) :) :-D :D :-O :-P :P ;-) ;) :-( :( 8o| :-@ 8-) :'( :-S :-$ :-| :-* :-# (H) <:o) (A) +o( (brb) (6) (Y) (N) (X) (Z) (L) (U) (K) (P) (G) (%) (F) (W) (D) (B) (C) (^) (pi) (||) (M) (@) (sn) (bah) (tu) (&) :-[ (?) ({) (}) (pl) (I) (8) (ip) (S) (*) (R) (#) (li) (st) (um) (co) (mp) (T) (E) (ap) (au) (~) (O) (so) (ci) (yn) (h5) (xx) (mo)
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