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I knew it!!

Taladad 8 Sep 29
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Others like it have been found with stings and treble hooks tied to them in some sort of ritual.

ThisGuy Level 6 Sep 30, 2018



Very compelling evidence!

Galihad_Z Level 7 Sep 29, 2018

You just know that they'll milk this for all it's worth!

phxbillcee Level 9 Sep 29, 2018

Why shouldn't they, you did. 555

@dartagnan6666 I'm probably dense, & definitely old(er), what does 555 signify?

@dartagnan6666 Tho not older than you, not that there's anything wrong with that!!!

@phxbillcee in Thai, the number 5 is pronounced ha, so instead of our hahaha, they just go 555. I liked it, and I'm at the age that 3 less key strokes counts. 555

@dartagnan6666 I learn something new every day! Thanks!


knew it


Old Jughead.

Eirteacher Level 7 Sep 29, 2018
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