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Irish I had another drink...

DangerDave 8 Feb 22
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I love the Irish yoga

Livinlife Level 9 Feb 22, 2018

My birthday is St. Patrick's Day... Just saying.

Lol. Well I guess I know how you'll be celebrating. I have a wee bit of Irish blood myself

@Livinlife Irish yoga!


I have a t-shirt of the last one that I wear on many a St. Paddy's Day!

phxbillcee Level 9 Feb 22, 2018

MUST HAVE!!! Still, my favorite would stay my leprechaun tuxedo tee. I go to some pretty swank St Paddy's Day parties.

@DangerDave I actually got it at an Irish festival! As stated in the Lucky Charms meme, we Irish aren't that thin-skinned, had to deal with the Brits for all those years!

Yeah, it comes with the territory...almost any territory, but we're Irish! (Or in my case largely of Irish descent...I did get the "I don't give a crap" gene though!)


I'm not Irish but the yoga one I have tried a few times and not liking it much come to find out.. 🙂

Aye, especially waking up doing it!

But yoga is good for you,right? 😉

Well, Irish yoga, yeah...so you'll pass out before you drink yourself to death!

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