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The Best Policy

DangerDave 8 Jan 30
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@phxbillcee , @MichelleGar1 Do either of you know what happened to my "Hell" post? Just curious!

DangerDave Level 8 Jan 30, 2019

Nope I don't know! I just popped in while on a short break, gotta go back to work.

@MichelleGar1 It's was a cartoon depiction of small dicks and huge lasted maybe 30 seconds!

@DangerDave sounds funny! Oh well! Gotta go back to work, bye

@DangerDave Didn't see it, but I can imagine what happened, as can you.

@phxbillcee The thought police attacks again! Worse still, this site allows thought police!

And folks wonder why I don't come 'round here.

@DangerDave Since I tend to rock the boat, I figure there will be a push to get me booted. It would be a shame, as there are some great folks here, but I'll get by somehow!!! LOL!

@DangerDave btw, PM me that meme & I'll let you know what I think & would have done. I actually may have asked you to remove it, not having seen it I can't say. I never like to do so, but I do have a "job" to do here & will try to do it fairly.