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When captions are too loooo... [agnostic.com]

DangerDave 8 Feb 2
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If you don't Level high enough first, that Balrog will eat you for lunch!


@DangerDave I meant in the game, Dave! That wasn't a personal challenge...tho, as I said in your other Post, I'm not the Balrog, I'm Sauron,... with the Ring! & I ain't going anywhere! (unless of course I get booted from the Site! LOL!)

@phxbillcee Oh, I have too many characters in too many games...always a thought from bigger and badder as well!

And yeah, the game. Whatdya think?

@DangerDave Okay, which one???

@phxbillcee of life my friend, of life.

contemplates your reaction

@DangerDave It is a game, it's rigged, but,...

@DangerDave Hell, if you don't bet, you can't even play!


See my answer at your other Post for this...(& you better get a chuckle out of it!)

Lemme see...we've been all over the place today!


I've been at the same level for months, not really excited about it anymore, first 6 were like woohoo, 7 a little tougher, 8 a challenge, 9 if and when it happens no big deal.

glennlab Level 9 Feb 2, 2019

Agreed...it's still a challenge, but not so much as Skyrim lvl 50!