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Batman nooooo ...

DangerDave 8 Apr 3
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Is Bruce Wayne Republican?

Nikonian Level 5 Apr 4, 2018

A Republican SJW? Highly unlikely...unless you're selling guns.


Where's Batman when you really need him?

RavenCT Level 9 Apr 4, 2018

Apparently slapping Robin...or not slapping Spanky enough...and in the wrong place.

Man I would pay good money to see someone in full batman regalia slap the shit out of ol' spanky.

@Blindbird We all would. (Well most of us anyway).


And I like these better.

Thought you might...but I couldn't help myself...

You actually just reminded me of a long lost meme collection...

yeah, that's the ticket.


The Batslap!

The Batichslap!

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