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That spare roll is where?

DangerDave 8 Apr 14
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He just wants to help with your constipation problem.

Oh. that'd be all over. Literally.

@DangerDave lolololol ewww


Also this is the Spider I used to relocate (humanely) -when i worked at a Camp in Maine (1983).

There is no other sound that can compare to a cabin of 7 yo girls screaming all at once,

I seem to remember using a paper plate to carry them back out?

I'm fairly certain this is the right spider. They were big and hairy and liked to hang out on the eaves of the cabins. Particularly at night. lol

RavenCT Level 9 Apr 14, 2018

Just doin' their jobs, catching insects!

@phxbillcee Hey I carry them out all the time. But these were big ones! lol

@RavenCT I live in Phoenix, & at one time I worked in a warehouse on the edge of the city. We had stacks of flat cardboard boxes that the scorpions used to love to crawl & nest in. I used to get them on a dustpan & take them outside, usually with half the folk telling me to kill it. If there were a colony of cats nearby, I MIGHT have, but otherwise, why do such a thing. It may come back, I'll get it again, no big.

@phxbillcee My editor got stung by a scorpion in Cuba. Pretty much ruined that trip for him... We don't have really poisonous critters here. So it's always relocate.

I had a friend move to Georgia. Baby snake in the loading dock - he used a broom to get it out?

The workers were all hollering at him - apparently it was a poisonous snake and they don't know to stop injecting venom when they're little.
I bet you know that. lol

@RavenCT Yeah, we have a few poisonous snakes here, too, 13 species of rattlers!. Plus Gila monsters, black widows, brown recluse, a couple of nasty centipedes, tarantulas. Never had a problem, even hiking.

@phxbillcee Well I'd have a nervous breakdown!


No job is finished until the paperwork is done...


OK, gotta be Australia!

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 14, 2018

Yeh looks like a Huntsman Spider... Real nice lol

Some women from Australia posted her garden hat full of these in our early days here? lol

She'd left it in the shed. They liked it.

@RavenCT well now I can't get the image of the spiders taking turns wearing the hat out of my brain.

@Blindbird The original pic was unforgettable too!

@Blindbird Now spiders THAT big would scare the crap out of me!

Makes one wonder what hair products she used that attracted them like that...

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