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Water is everybody business...

William77 7 Aug 14
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I don't understand why someone would be costumed to make a presentation such as this.

And this has apparently led to irrevelant comments...

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@altschmerz Sorry; I can't ignore the epidemic. I taught health, and I live how I teach.


@Robecology these people seem to be ‘living,’ but overtime how are they going to fair?

@Freedompath Bingo.

Folks who let poor eating habits dominate their lives will end up with a more disease-filled life.

A shorter life. A miserable suffering life.

A more socially dependent (on meds and health care) life.

I do feel sorry for them; the behavior is deep-seeded (seated?) and something their loving parents unintentionally did for them - creating eating habits that are far harder to change than any drug addiction.

So I empathize with them - and can only warn today's parents to not "spoil" their child with junk food...for they will, literally, spoil their children's lives.

@Robecology there may be something deeper at fault here. Out of my 5 children 3 are overweight...but they eat good foods. The others eat good foods, and thin but have health issues. I have mostly been thin most of my life (after menopause some weight gain) When my children were growing up, I always paid attention to preparing healthy foods. So I am wondering, if something is changing...in how the body works? If it is not a preoccupation with eating?

@Freedompath There's a fine line between resisting coddling and spoiling a child. There's many degrees of nurturing that we as parents fell in to...and we've all made mistakes.

It's not our fault. We did our best. We have no business performing hind-sight guilt on how we fed our kids.

I have a ladyfriend with an obese daughter who's constantly "kicking herself" because she "spoiled" her...no matter what I say or do to discourage her....and the daughter just becomes larger and more dependent on insulin.

I myself am struggling with a desire to lose just 10 pounds...but old habits die slowly....if at all. These food "habits" - even our metabolism - were set before we could walk and talk.

So all I can say is we did what we did...and I hope that todays' families are better planned, and that today's parents are more aware that it's those critical formative years that diets are set....for life.

@Robecology AND the production of junk foods are adding to the negative consequences of our environment through massive and brutal breeding and slaughtering of livestock.

Teaching children about the realities of food, in many areas is imperative.

What else can we do, EAT CLEAN, educate oneself and help to educate others when the opportunity arises.


...and convincing people it is better water, than can be found anywhere!



Sticks48 Level 9 Aug 14, 2019
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