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One of the hosts of this show (Talk Heathen, a show similar to the Atheist Experience which seems aimed at a younger audience), Dan, mentions that he had an encounter with (SE) which contributed to his deconversion. He now has his own Atheist youtube channel. The 2nd video shows the actual (SE) encounter. The 3rd video shows a debriefing interview a year & a half after the initial (SE) encounter. It begins with a brief flashback to the initial encounter, and then moves into the new material.

Rossy92 8 Aug 5
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I remember seeing that encounter but it’s been awhile back. I think the name of his show on the ACA is “Truth Wanted”. I still like AXP and Truth Wanted. Talk Heathen seems to interrupt the callers too much for me. I know Matt Dilahunty does too but he does it with more style I guess.


Love seeing the Aca expand and develop more shows.

Raumrabe Level 4 Apr 20, 2019

Thanks for sharing! I really appreciate the work Anthony Magnabosco does.