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Why are you voting for your presidential candidate?

With just days away from the election, now is your last chance to make a case for why you support your candidate. Is your vote more about opposing the candidates and party of the other side? How do you think the future will be different depending on who wins?

How strongly do you support the candidate(s) of your choice?

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Admin 9 Nov 1
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The future ? U worry about the future huh ?
That’s a nice luxury indeed .
U have skipped the presence . Convenience?

If the body has a rotten leg , sepsis takes over . Blood pressure drops , fever rises , heart rate hits the fan , confusion arrives . The list of my concerns does not include to remind the team to put him down for a prostate exam next month , or a colonoscopy . Not my problem right now .
Rotten leg needs to go .
We live w a rotten leg for 4 yrs . “ we “ does not include people who make more than 300k a year .
If all u care is money , maybe T is your man .
If u have no problem him having sex w 13 yr olds , T is yoir man .
If u don’t have a problem w kids in cages , building walls , and supporting racism , T is your man .
If u don’t care for women rights , T is your man .
If access to free education and health care is not your problem , T is your man .
I don’t have the luxury to sit around and worry about the future . I am looking for an ortho guy to cut the leg off.
I ll take who ever is on call , I sure hope he knows how to use a saw . I ll worry about the rest later .

Pralina1 Level 8 Nov 2, 2020

I'd like to see @admin reply to this!

I think we just cut off the leg........

@dermot235 🙌 I will breathe when I toss it on bio bag . And if no fake riots w real blood , man , then amputation = success 🙌 .
At work , haven’t watched or red updates . I am hoping 🙌


I already for voted Biden

trump is horrible!

I’m going to vote for Trump tomorrow. Biden is nothing but a crooked, lying politician!

@Trajan61 yeah, ok.. Trump never lied, !


I can't vote in the US because I'm from Ireland. Never got one of those fraudulent Ballots that Trump said was out there in other countries. lol.
Anyway...the rest of the world is watching. If the orange monster gets in again I fear America will be completely lost in the world. Nobody in Europe will have any respect for the US anymore. That's what Everyone is saying on this side of the pond. At least with Biden you guys will stop taking Children away from their parents and putting them in cages. You can join back with the rest of the civilized world

dermot235 Level 7 Nov 1, 2020

Is the support for Biden widespread in Ireland or do you see similar elite/non-elite support differences as we see in the US? Also, curious if Europe was outraged about the cages when Obama set them up? []

@Admin The issue is the different use of the temporary enclosures between the administrations. Obama used them to separate the sexes. Trump uses them to separate children from their families so that Betsy Devos can sell the children to wealthy Americans, negligently losing the paperwork so that the adoptions can't be open.

@Admin Obama did not set up cages with a plan to separate Children from their parents. That;s like blaming someone who build a prison with the sentencing of an innocent person. There is no connection . The support for Biden is Europe wide and overwhelming. The insults and lies Trump tell about Europe are staggering. We are supposed to be your Allies not a punch bag for his ego

@dermot235, @LovinLarge good points! 🙂


As progressive as I am, and as someone who is a strong supporter of keeping religion out of government, schools, etc., there's no way I could vote for Trump. I don't see how any atheist or agnostic could vote for him, especially after who he nominated and got sworn in to the supreme court. Voting for Trump is like shooting yourself in the leg or something. I'm not saying I 100% like Biden, but Trump has to go!

MrCurtis7 Level 4 Nov 2, 2020

I am voting for the candidate most likely to numerically unseat Sir Lies-alot. If that was the Sta Puft Marshmallow Man, that's who I'd vote for.

BitFlipper Level 8 Nov 1, 2020

That crooked son of a bitch Biden definitely lies a lot!

@Trajan61 if you can cite one lie I won't block you.

For example, I did not help son get contracts in China and Ukraine.... when his son Hunter flew on a American vice president's official foreign visit airplane. Hunter Biden just got very lucrative consulting contracts with no resume... just magically.

Trump and Biden both are mega liars. Democrats villfy and trash opponent in progressive groups here and Republicans do it in their groups.... while each side's candidate is an ideal man and candidate them.

2020 elections have proved that voters don't think Trump is bad as we contnuously keep saying here and Biden is not their darling or a preferred candidate.


Voting against a lying tyrant is valid too.
It's part of my civic duty to support my nation by opposing criminal political administrations.
Unlike similar statements from Conservatives during the Obama administration we have the testimonies of participants, many who have served time for their participation. We had enough evidence to impeach, Trump WAS impeached. The only reason he's still in office is because a famously stubborn lying manipulating clan of Republican Senators that should be imprisoned themselves for their part in letting things get this far allowed it. The Republican party has become the "Dead mans Party" still refusing mask and social distancing they spread disease everywhere they go. A quarter million dead because of intentional misinformation from this administration.
Let me ask, were Hitlers political opponents just there just to oppose their current leadership or did they have valid "reasons" to run for office?
I don't care for your insinuation.

EDIT: There's no response button for the question you asked:
"Could you elaborate a bit why you think Hitler is a good analog for Trump?"
So I'll put it here.
First I made no analog between Trump and Hitler as people, I made analog to the desperation for a need to change regimes. But there are similarities, like the similarities of using the arson at the Reichstag in 1933 to accuse Jews and Communist for political power, then 2020 BLM protest having Trump supporting militia vandalizing cities, to accuse BLM for Trump to sound legitimate while demanding more political power to fix the chaos that he created.
The BLM guy that shot into a police station and yelled "Black Lives Matters" is in custody, he's a boogaloo boi.
Sounds pretty fascist to me.

The missing response button makes me wonder if you wanted me to NOT answer your question.
I'm being censored, I can't respond to any post on this thread.
I think it was our Admin, he is Conservative like that.
Figured it out, someone removed me from the group. I certainly didn't do it.

Could you elaborate a bit why you think Hitler is a good analog for Trump?

@Admin You must be kidding? The fact you ask the question is astounding. This is unworthy of a response.

@Healthydoc70 I mean more than flag waving rallies and focus on national pride of "can'twe all just get along?". Hitler called for the killing of Jews and other atrocities

@Admin Trump is a sociopath. In the right position I have little doubt he would be capable of that. I have known five sociopaths in my life and I am sure three would have had no problem killing people and would not be surprised if I found out they had.

@Admin and this guy has called for the extinction and the suppression of so many groups of this society , and yeah , in every damn speech he gives . Suppression of minorities , u know , bcz they are all drug lords / criminals and rapists , suppression and humiliation of women , gays are out of the question , fuck the elderly or the kids too , extinction of the sick , that’s for sure , suppression of science , promotion of abuse , hello kavanaugh , promotion of religion , and promotion of stupidity and fraud . In case u Forgot that Alex Jones and doc who thinks covid is satans sperm product are “ very fine people “.
Are we motherfucking crazy here , r u for real ? Wow .
And by the way , from behalf every doctor and every nurse of this country , for every f nurse who has spend 8 months so far using and reusing ppe , for evety f nurse that is afraid to go out just in case she got it and pass it to others , from all of us , fuck Trump and fuck his supporters too .
Ps : same goes for all restaurants and bars and shops that he made everything possible to re open by taking unemployment away . Dead and sick people do not move the economy .
Sick and unemployed people create bills that are not going to pay , and we paying them from our taxes . So hard to understand that preventing is cheeper that treating ?
Ps 2
When a trump voter drinks the disinfectant , can start praying to Jesus that all Latinos caravans are not coming to rape them . Then I hope they lay on their “ my pillow , and dream of grubbing vagina . With the voice of hannity and Alex Jones on their ear piece , they can still dream how to make America whiter again . Or how they will become the next millionaire .
From what I ve seen so far , they should aim to get a full set of teeth instead .

@Sticks48, @Diagoras, @Pralina1 There are enough things to dislike about Trump to not hate things one thinks Trump is capable of doing but has not done. I am not trying to defend him here as I realize that there are many who hate him with every fiber of their being. A vote for Biden is the same if the voter has hate at level 10 as it has at level 5.

@Admin Evidently you are not paying attention or you have never personally known and dealt with a sociopath. How about the over two hundred thousand people who have died from the virus? Does he care? He not only doesn't care he is very much responsible for most of these deaths. This isn't what he might do, this is about what he is actually doing.


I think you mean 200 thousands people

@Sticks48 Trump has no plans for a second term other then waiting out some of the statutes of limitation that might get him incarcerated. He just doesn't want to face justice and he doesn't care how many die for him to be able to do that.

@Zoltans_Queen Thanks, corrected.

@Sticks48 I unfortunately dated one for much longer than I should have 😟 However, one issue of assuming that someone is always operating as sociopath is that it makes it easy to assume they can never do any good . For example, if they say something that would normally be agreeable, it would be assumed that they are lying. Perhaps Trump is a walking embodiment of hate... it is easy for some people to assume so. Just for argument sake, are the leaders of France, Spain, and Belgium more responsible for their deaths as they have a 3x per capita infection rate?

@Admin A quarter of the worlds deaths due to Covid-19 have been in the United States where we only represent 4.25% of the world population.
You can find favorable pandemic statistics for any country, but the important one is the one I just told you, and nothing makes that better in any way.

@Admin Did those leaders walk away from the problem? Did they call it a hoax? Did they ignore their health professionals? If you are trying to defend this waste of skin, there is something seriously wrong with you. The only time my sociopathic friends did anything good or positive was when it benefited them. The smart sociopaths do this. The stupid ones don't. Of the five I know or knew, four were very smart and manipulative. They could fake empathy and sincerity if they could gain from it. The fifth one I know, like Rump, is not very bright, can't hide her real feelings for very long, and her crap always comes back on her as it does Rump.

@Admin Can you name any good Trump has done???

STILL waiting!


I’m voting because..

Wildgreens Level 8 Nov 1, 2020

I do hope we can find a way to get along.

Biden will work with Republicans. Too bad they blocked Obama and were terrified of carnival barker and reeality tv star with the ugly hateful mouth. Unity and compromise!!!!!!

@Widgreen, this sums up the way I feel perfectly. Thank you.

@Admin why is it that my comment will not post? I’ve tried twice now. Am I blocked?

@Redheadedgammy I just setup this group... there are no blocks. What do you see when you try to post a comment? Are you on desktop or mobile phone?


Trump is a very sick puppy, at the least. I do not wish to go on and write for the next hour about how his disease has twisted him.
However, without going into the psychology of Malignant Narcissism, from which he clearly suffers, he is interested in nothing but his own self-aggrandizement, does not care about the country's future, as is evident from how he has already severely compromised exactly those institutions that once made America great. He claims to be prepared to do more damage, to raise havoc over a pillar of Democracy, the vote, if he does not like the result. He is not even a fascist, he is a "ME UBBER ALLES!" person.
To not vote is to feed his sickness.

BirdMan1 Level 8 Nov 1, 2020

Any party who tries to keep its citizens from voting by making it more difficult, and by using dirty tricks that dictators from other countries use to keep their citizens from voting are not for any form of democracy. They don't deserve to get my vote. Make your pitch and convince the people why they should vote for your party. Earn their vote, but don't pull every dirty trick to keep people from voting.

noworry28 Level 8 Nov 1, 2020

Lets see?? One guy called my dead classmates, who died in Viet Nam and my father, dead from PTSD from B 24 bombing runs over Germany, my grandfather and 2 great great Grandfathers and some uncles "LOSERS AND SUCKERS". The same guy makes fun of women, is a racist, calls Mexicans criminals and rapists, when he is an adulterer, a sexual predator, likely a rapist, is eviscerating environmental protections thereby increasing the degradation of the environment and climate change, now responsible for over 230,000 deaths. He is a shill for the wealthy making him a socialist for the wealthy class. I could go on. Is there any rationalization or moral reason for not voting for Biden against Trump?

To me, the only rationalization or moral reason for not voting for Biden (against Trump) is a concern that he may not be able to moderate the far left's desire for punitive payback to remedy the sins of the past. I realize that this requires looking towards 2024 and beyond but the spike in outrage against perceived injustices at a time when we have made such progress in equal rights legislation is concerning. I'm not saying this to try to influence your vote but to offer a reason why some may vote for Trump. Hopefully, if Biden wins, his supporters will not assume that those who voted for Trump did so solely because they support or agree with his flaws.

@Admin Your comment astounds me. I can't be kind about this. Your life and the life of everyone on the planet and the life of the planet depends on this vote and you speak of the far left?? Are you kidding me. What far left? In case you haven't noticed, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin are dead. Industrial capitalism is unsustainable. It has to go!!

@Healthydoc70 Didn't Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin wanted industrial capitalism "to go"? How did it go for countries that went down that road? For the most part, people suffered higher prices and less innovation.

Planet-wide, the biggest (and predictable) year 2100 threat is population growth and consumption. Consumption emits CO2, degrades soil, depletes aquifers, reduces natural habitat, acidifies oceans, raise global temperatures, etc which will cause ocean rise, crop heat damage , conflicts, and fuel migrations. Unfortunately, the Green New Deal and the Paris Accords miss the point - people want to consume stuff and are unwilling to pay more. France raises gas tax a few cents and mass protests ensue. Capitalism's (market based economy) sole goal is to provide stuff cheaply by pricing inputs efficiently. It's not the cause of consumption. I've spent the last decade studying and donating $1M or so to environmental organizations but haven't found any who can reduce global harm without upsetting voters. It is very scary.

I think the planet's only non-catastrophic hope rests in nuclear fusion. Scary indeed 😟

Admn is using the term far left. This shows a prejudice. Biden is a moderate.

@sassygirl3869 Yes by far left I mean Harris, AOC, Sanders. I believe Biden is a moderate place holder as he barely won the nomination and the most vocal Democrats rely on identity politics... we may see. Wish we had two planets and could test out candidates!


I believe your political spectrum is skewed.

American progressives are center left. There is no far left in this country.

@RoboGraham I agree.

@RoboGraham, @Admin of course you think they are far left because you are so far to the right of them that everyone is to your left, like robograham above, I contend there is no far left in this country.

@RoboGraham, @Admin Harris, AOC and Sanders are only far left of a Nazi.

@RoboGraham, @Healthydoc70 Really interesting point you made about we might simply have a different political spectrum in our minds. My spectrum is: (far left:The Squad/BLM/ANTIFA) - (left: aka traditional liberals who believe in individual freedom, civil/gender/etc rights) - (center: those between left/right, possibly libertarians) - (right: religious, conservatives, limited gov, Fox News, gun owners) - (far right: only those who harm = skinheads, nazi)


Your spectrum is very specific to the USA. Our spectrum has been moving right over the last several decades.

Most anyone from outside America would look at people such as AOC & Bernie and classify them as typical social democrats, a bit left of center. Biden and the rest of the democrats would be right of center by a wide margin, the republican establishment would be right wing, and the Trump wing of the party- borderline fascist. None of our leaders fall into anything resembling the far left, they are all capitalists.


I have noticed that people who have traveled outside the US, or just have more education in political science, have a different idea of the political spectrum. It seems to me that our idea of the center is to the right of what everyone else considers to be the center.

But you know how it is, America has got to be different. We don''t use metric, we put sugar in everything, and our politics are skewed right.


I’m voting for a return to decency in my a Government. Those that only think of money and judges should be ashamed! trump has destroyed our reputation in the world, and his grifting is disgusting.


Right/Left, Up/down, whatever. Biden and Bernie are left in this country. in most countries in Europe they both would be to the right of center. it's all perspective.

I would put Biden as a right wing centrist. Hopefully Bernie can get some traction on more progressive programs


I voted for Joe Biden because I'm sick of this unpredictable christian friendly regime we have currently.

I don't particularly like Biden but he is clearly the better option.


Betsy DeVos advocates for larger classes and she controls the budget for public schools she wants more money to go into charter schools like Christian and Catholic schools even though they are private schools they should not get government help and he can't even say that they won't discriminate the kids. She doesn't go to underperforming schools either and also DACA is on the line there's a lot of dreamers that will have to go back to another country that they know nothing about also anyone born in the United States cannot be natural born citizens because Trump is trying to take away a natural born citizen rights he says it's unconstitutional he left a lot of children and citizens from the stimulus check only because they had a parent that was undocumented so he discriminated against those families he also called most undocumented people criminals not to mention he's trying to bring back prayers back to school and religion to our children's public schools which makes no sense to me at all. religion should stay out of our children's lives unless you want too at your household.

Well stated 🙂


I believe in fair treatment of all people of all races, healthcare for all, good clean water and food for all, with protection of our Democracy that I feel is now on the line. The right talks about the "radical left" but all I have seen for the last 4 years comes out of an extreme radical right. Guns everywhere including super markets, court houses, etc is not normal. The stock market does not control the economy and our current regime is of the extremist form. In fact, Mr. Trump is not sure if he will agree to a peaceful exchange of power should he lose. I have to ask if this is normal. When did it become normal and why have I not seen it before in my 74 years of life? Many of us want to take back our country and take back our Democracy. What is going on in America today has happened in other parts of the world before. Let's not let it happen here. We need to vote for ourselves and the American way of life and also vote with our children and grandchildren in mind. Donald Trump has no conscience or empathy. If you vote for him neither do you.

DenoPenno Level 9 Nov 1, 2020

Here in Australia we often refer to people like tRump as being "Passion Fingers" since EVERYTHING they touch they fuck up.

Interesting observation. Your experience in Missouri is the opposite of what many in blue states/cities see. My parents used to live Macon, MO which was very rural... probably no ANTIFA types there.

@Admin Opposition to antifascism is by definition fascism.

@Admin You would have to explain to me (and show me) what people in blue states are seeing. My guess is that it would be an influx of others coming in to the state to cause trouble. This happened in Missouri during the Ferguson riots.

@DenoPenno A few weeks ago I went to Portland to see first hand what's going on there. I didn't see armed Trump supporters but I admit it probably depends where one looks. Agree with you that conflict areas attract people from all over the country who want to be part of a fight or movement. There has to be some way to bridge the distinct world views that fuel violence from any side.

@Admin I actually know people who live in Portland, OR. From the start they stated the media was ginning up the response to make it seem the whole city was under siege. The reality before trump sent in federal troops is the protests were within 2 BLOCKS and 99% peaceful. There were fireworks but no bombs and the "damage" to a federal building was protest graffiti, it was all camera angles making it look far worse than the reality.
Once it hit the news cycle outside agitators began showing up.

@Admin There is also no proof that Democrats are arming to do any harm or damage anywhere. No pictures of armed Dems have even bee produced. The idea that they are doing this comes out of right wing rhetoric like "the radical left." The actuality is that all of the radical images shown by any media is from the right.

@silverotter11, @DenoPenno Yes I did notice that the city was boarded up similarly to other cities and that the unrest was concentrated around a small park. It felt as if both sides decided to agree on a small region to play out their unrest... similar to the CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle. Deno, I'm starting to think that EVERYONE is consuming media that show them the things that they want to believe. Compare the home pages of CNN/NYTimes and FoxNews... almost no story shows up on both sites. This is dangerous as both sides are sure that they're right 😟


Decency, respect internationally, civil rights restored and expanded, a national plan for covid, no more selfish narcisistic illegal, non-constitutional behavior. Hope over fear. Truth over lies.


I always vote for Democratic candidates. I am not going to try to convine anyone to vote either way. I am convinced that all populations or countries get the governments that they deserve. If Biden wins, I will understand that this country deserves the chance to repair its democracy. If Trump wins I will understand that this country no longer knows how to select a president and that the end of this empire (like the end of any empire) is increasing its pace.

What things do you think Biden should do, if elected, to repair democracy? I think we have to figure out a way for social media, news, and even entertainment to be used less as a weapon - be it algorithmically or social norms. I think most of us, yes me included, have been over exposed to confirmation bias (including fake news).

Working with Republicans-something McConnell wouldn't do.
Not chasing away our allies
Acting with dignity and respect for all.
No more division.


Let's see, on one hand we have a traitor that sides with Putin over his own intelligence services, sides with corrupt dictators i stead of our allies, a narcissist egomaniac who is corrupt, profits from his properties while being president something that has never been seen in any of the other presidents before him, an inept leader that is the laughing stock of other former allies, a bullshit artist and con man that has never cared for anyone but himself, a nepotism champion, a liar and a tax cheat, an inept health policy leader who said virus was a hoax from democrats and did jack shit to prevent the expansion of the pandemic resulting in America being the number 1 in cases and deaths when countries like Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, etcetera are now enjoying zero contagions due to adept leadership and competent public health administration, and on top of that a racist, a xenophobe and a homophobe science denier; yet some people see his message as "aspirational"? Are we in bizarro world? Never has a choice for President have been clearer, Biden is the one tgat got my vote. I hope Trump, his family and all his enablers go to jail for corruption and treason once voters expectorate this sorry excuse for a leader, mych less an empathetic human being called Donald Trump.

Mofo1953 Level 9 Nov 1, 2020

Would you consider your vote to be more a protest against Trump than support for his rival? Trump definitely has his faults.

he also is a pay to lay president his friends of the moment donate money to be chosen for contracts or to house immigrant babies for over 750 a day to house them in squalor


I’m voting to bring back decency to my Government. I’m sick of trump and his lies and grifting off my Government. I know many only think about money and judges, and to me that is not being a good American. Those who excuse trump and what he has done to destroy our Government should be ashamed of themselves!


Trump is leading the country to autocracy. Many people, religious types, need to be told what to do and what to think. This has been a human controversy dating back to the ancient Romans.

A book I read in college days in the '60s deals with this: "The Lonely Crowd" by Reisman. The vast majority of people are "outer directed", told what to do and think. Only about 10% are inner directed. They form their own opinions and values independent of the group. Studying evolution shows us why this is so: we evolved from carnivorous pack hunters.


One of my top reasons:

One of the two candidates is attempting to carry out a takeover of my government in broad daylight by culminating his years of attacks on the voting system with an honest-to-goodness not-even-bothering-to-hide-it attempt to sabotage the US mail system at a time when people need to vote by mail to help save their own lives and the lives of their families. His sabotage of that system is geared toward undermining the vote. So, just right there, that's a clear strong incentive to vote for the other person if that other party is not also equally evil (and it would be pretty hard to match that level of venality that involves such a broad-daylight effort to take over the US Government.)

At the same time, if a person can carry out such an attack on our country and its laws, and if dozens of millions of people can still seriously consider voting for such a disgusting disloyal anti-patriotic attacker of the Constitution, then I think that's a sign we as a Democracy or Democratic Republic of reasonably thoughtful people are already on life-support (if not finished). So, joining with millions of others trying to save our Constitution, our votes may win the day in the next few weeks, and we may succeed in some clear transfer of power in Q1 even though it's already clear that the person in Power does not have enough respect for the law for that to be a given, but as to our long-term prognosis, I am somewhat less confident.

kmaz Level 7 Nov 2, 2020

According to the Center for Public Integrity R and their allies have have spent 20 million to wage over 300 court battles to strike down election rules or lawsuits that encourage making voting easier.
Only once since 1988 has an R won the popular vote for president. But the majority are still ruled by them.
Including the majority of D who are ruled by a R majority in the senate.
We've had the damned minority ruling the majority for decades!

freeofgod Level 8 Nov 2, 2020

Not a difficult question to answer when the choice is between a KNOWN chosen leader and a potted plant.


I held my nose and voted for Biden, when who I really wanted was Bernie. That was over three weeks ago when I dropped off my absentee ballot. Today I saw the results of the final Iowa poll showing that Trump now had a lead of several points in my state, so my vote for Biden is not likely to make any difference in that race. Knowing now that Trump is going to win Iowa anyway, I wish I could have my ballot back and vote Green instead for prez.

What about down ballot stuff? Have you tracked the number of ballots returned verses ballots sent out? My county is pretty small (pop. around 45,000) and very republican, in 2016 voter turn out was around 65%, even worse in 2018 barely made it to 50%. The county site down so I can not get exact figures 😟. As of Saturday 10/31 70% of the ballots sent out have been returned. It will be curious to see the percentage of dems who turned out. There's more of us dems and progressives here than the republicans realize.


I wrote about this in an article earlier. (If anyone wants a link to it I'll do so privately, dunno if I should send it out) but in a nutshell, I voted for Joe Biden as a political moderate despite not really being crazy about him because:

  • Healthcare: Having a chronic illness, dealing with the healthcare system is difficult as is, and would be nearly impossible for me to get the medicine I need if the ACA were repealed and not replaced. A vast majority of us are one medical catastrophe or chronic illness away from bankruptcy and if Biden can find a way to make it easier for us by installing a public option, well it's not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction.

  • Weak third party field: Matter of fact the weakest third party field that I can remember. This plus being in a swing state (NC) this turned my Biden vote into simply a protest vote not so much against Trump but against the insane conservative religious people.

  • Supreme Court basically becoming a borderline theocracy does not help.

  • Trump's poor handling of COVID-19 with the Bob Woodward tapes basically sealing it for me.

Now I will say that if you're voting for Trump because of the way he handled China, the economy pre-coronavirus, H1B visas or anything of that sort, I get it. But the cons of keeping Trump in office FAR FAR outweigh the pros.

dwalker27 Level 3 Nov 1, 2020

People think Trump did a good job with the China tariffs. The bottom line is that the American people are paying the Chinese tariffs when they buy the goods from China. Are people so dumb that they do not see this?

@DenoPenno True, but it does lower demand for Chinese products depending on the rate of the tariff which will hurt China long-run.. leading hopefully getting China wanting see things our way a little more get their earnings back normal, which is why I said I get it.

But again, cons >>>>>> pros.

@dwalker27 MAGA hats are made there also. People get all hung up on some presidential power that can bring jobs back to America. Not going to happen and not possible. Oh, it's all about the money alright. The whole issue is about making more money and you and I are paying for it all.

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