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Any suggestions as to how to emotionally prepare for the election?

For many Democrats, tomorrow represents the culmination of a four year effort to regain political control at the national level. While "winning" has always been the goal of an election, this year feels noticeably different as we, as a country, are more polarized than ever. Both sides have people convinced that their world view is the right one - fueled in part by a confirmation from their social network and consumed media (compare how few stories overlap on home page of [] and [] ).

However, one side will win, hopefully definitively, and the other will lose. With polarization, those on the losing side will fear the winners and winners will fear those on the losing side. Fear is one of the most dangerous emotions... as famously spoken by FDR, "we have nothing to fear but fear itself".

What advice do you have to emotionally prepare? What might you say to other Americans who voted for the other side in the case your side wins that would help bridge the divide?

Admin 9 Nov 2
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People do not fight on cannabis as they tend to do on alcohol. So for some I say smoke a doobie. I will be clinging to my dogs, cats, guinea pigs. It seems the Democrats always have to come back & fix everything after the Republicans phuque it up. Hoover & the depression & unions, Ike with Joe the Commie hunter, Nixon speaks for itself, Reagan & illegal Iran $ to the Contras, Bush 1 & our perpetual wasr, Bush 2 & our perpetual wars, & now this nightmare. The anti cultists are in the Lincoln Project of which this Democrat contributed to. It is extremism & tyranny which remain the enemy. The cultists are the ones that use GUNS & intimidation. We use the vote in order to avoid violence & war. Try evolving cultists. Oh I forgot. Evolution is denied by you folks. Ok then try following the teachings of Jesus which calls for PEACE.

Mooolah Level 8 Nov 3, 2020

If you are intimidated or threatened at ANY polling location today, then please call this free number to report it. You are still a democracy. Nobody gets to threaten you, or your voice in 2020

273kelvin Level 8 Nov 3, 2020

"What advice do you have to emotionally prepare?" I don't know. It's strange that my opinion has done a complete turn though since last election as far as which party's candidate I want to win. I would never have guessed that.

I think it's probably best to not read some ppl's opinions. Some of this stuff out there is very disturbing. Stick with reputable sources and facts.


Just accept it. Our side cannot win all the time.


I'm reading here that most Democrats have started early drinking. I'm an alcoholic and I'm not drinking. What good would it do? If people are drinking I'm sure that Republicans and other party claimants are as well. Drinking is not defined by or exclusive to political party affiliation.

DenoPenno Level 9 Nov 2, 2020

There's no future in escapism. I gave up intoxicants at age 24 because I wanted to be the best that I could be.

I think Democrats sense the danger we as a country are in and the stress is worrisome. I think sometimes we joke about things that aren't really funny to try to lift the mood.

I really enjoy your posts and comments. Keep up the good work!

Indica weed.


No matter the outcome, I think about The Who song Eminence Front. I call it Everyone's Fucked.


Smoke some grass after voting.

Mofo1953 Level 9 Nov 3, 2020

How about asking admin to stop pining his posts to his groups in the public forum like politicians trying to shove crap down our throats? How about answering posts in your groups, like the Senate?


I'll be a poll watcher, prepared

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 3, 2020

To emotionally Prepare, I have accepted the fact that my Candidate might lose. I've been focused on trying to get out of this Situation and work on other issues. Basically, my mindset is "Let's get this over with and move on to what's important.


If you are intimidated or threatened at ANY polling location today, then please call this free number to report it.
You are still a democracy. Nobody gets to threaten you, or your voice in 2020.

273kelvin Level 8 Nov 3, 2020

Stock up and get ready for riots then civil war.

Alternatively, leaders will realize that there is a middle way that is based on truth and respect. That being said, I have stocked up on ammo.

Don't know about the 'Civil War' bit, but I'd say it IS going to be a bloody hard job of getting that rank, idiotic, Egotistical, Maniacal Arse-hole out of the White when he loses.
I reckon it WILL harder than trying to pick fly shit out of pepper.

@Admin Nah , instead " Get A Flick-man, that's the answer, remember ONE Flick and the pests are GONE."
Flick = Aussie brand of Pest Killing Spray, works wonders for up to 5 years.
Oh, Flick does NOT work on Evangelist, God-Botherers, God-mobsters, Morons (sorry Mormons) and other Religious door-knockers unfortunately.

@Triphid "Don't know about the 'Civil War' bit..." cannot happen here. However, that is what they said in Spain (Spanish Civil War), Italy, Germany. There were those in each of those countries who thought, "It cannot happen here.", and yet it did. A civil war is only one of the possibilities and Dems are damned poorly prepared for it compare to the far Right (they have most of the guns).

@dahermit Well, as of this mornings news reports tRump is now history, gone, washed up and given the Boot.
I suppose Melanoma tRump will have to get her "escalator knickers' greased and serviced' once again....LOL.

@Triphid Trump will not be "history" until after January 20th. In the meantime, he can do a whole lot of damage with executive orders and other disruptions. I am sure he will not go quietly. He is the type to leave a turd in the punch bowl when ejected from the party. He has a violent fan base that seems to be up to the task of taking up arms if he so is far from over.

@dahermit Now there IS another thing that I both CANNOT understand nor comprehend with U.S. Politics.
Biden IS President Elect is he not?
So legally and legitimately HE should be the ACTUAL President as of being declared so YET for some weird, even crazy U.S. ideology, the Orange Crested Dip-shit remains as a very unstable, pseudo-president until January 2021.
At least here in Australia we now that the minute the Election result are Officially Declared the previous Head of State is OUT and the New One can take over almost immediately WITH OUT having to wait for a set Date some months away.
Imo, the U.S. has, beyond a mere shadow of a doubt the most craziest, screwed Political system in the entire Democratic world.

@Triphid The date the new president takes over is in our Constitution (12th Amendment). If we do not like what the Constitution says, there is a process to change it (add an amendment). "Section 1 of the Twentieth Amendment prescribes that the start and end of the four-year term of both the President and Vice President shall be at noon on January 20." A written Constitution is supposed to give order. The time is important as was relative to the Cold War with Nuclear war being a real threat...a presidential aid always accompanied the current president with the atomic "football" (the codes that would send the nueces flying if attacked), so the exact time when the transfer of power from one person to the next was deemed important.

@dahermit "Give order," with that disordered, mentally deficient raving Lunatic still running the show, makes absolutely NO senses at all imo.

@Triphid I agree...he was often at odds with the Constitution, being arguably the most ignorant president the U.S. has ever had. We of Polish extraction use the phrase, "Shit for brains."

@Triphid It should be noted that Biden is not yet been "elected" to president...the election has to be certified and the Electoral College has to cast their votes as per our Constitution.

@dahermit "Electoral College," Law Suits, etc, etc, your system is, imo, as crazy as bat shit.

@dahermit I think we Aussies have a somewhat better one to describe tRump, i.e, Crazy as a cut snake."


Assume we will not know the results for weeks, and that somehow trump will seal it. If that does not happen you'll be happy. If it does happen you're prepared. I have a fifth of Jim Beam, 1.5 joints and enough food to not have to leave my apartment for the next couple weeks. I don't plan on leaving my house until I need another bottle of Jim Beam. Good luck!


Take a deep breath, and clean your guns. Remember, lefties can shoot too. But let’s hope it never comes to that.

Canndue Level 8 Nov 3, 2020

It's so true. Fear, fear of the unknown, and fear's ugly cousin... paranoia. They all lead to irrational levels of threat, which we all know through human history can lead to violence and the degradation of civilized peoples. My only advice would be to remain civil. It's four years. You'll have your turn again in four years. In the mean time just live your life the way you did the previous decades.

KevinMR Level 7 Nov 3, 2020

No, good luck.

oldFloyd Level 8 Nov 3, 2020
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