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Is Biden (eventually) going to win?

As mail-in ballots appear to heavily favor Biden and the Democrats (estimates are as high as 3:1), Trump's lead in the swing states could be reversed as seen already in Michigan and Wisconsin. Similarly, it appears quite possible that the Senate will also change hands. Should we call it early here? Is either side going to "steal" the election?

What will be the final result?

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Admin 9 Nov 4
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No matter who wins, not much will change, except that Biden will not spend all this time on the golf course and there will be no tweeting from him if he wins. Otherwise business as usual. The US will still invade countries, try to change democratically elected presidents and still have all those army bases around the world.

Jolanta Level 9 Nov 4, 2020

We will also: take steps to address COVID, address climate change, maintain if not expand SS, attempt to regain our world standing, maintain women's reproductive health, address racial inequality and institute a more progressive taxation system. For starters.

@LovinLarge I sincerely doubt that with Moscow Mitch continuing to fill his time with Judges. You can never have enough, you know. COVID will get dealt with, and the market is moving independently with climate change, and SS/racial inequality are also safer. But SCOTUS will make law based on religion so we will become a more Theocratic nation. President Biden can't do anything about that and will play within their laws. Religion will therefore continue to eat away at our carcass while unstoppable climate change has its way with the bones.

@rainmanjr Yes, your predictions are equally valid to mine, but neither represent "business as usual", particularly the last four years if it.

@Seeker3CO "Leadership of the World, " you've got be joking, imo, ALL America wants is to make the world into more sub-states of the American way, which, imo, is a total screw up to say the very least.

@LovinLarge He also needs cooperation from the House and Senate to accomplish much of this.

@LovinLarge only if we are the majority in the Senate and it looks like we will not be. Regardless of who is elected the economic reality for America is bleak. Biden will stop the hemorrhaging or at least try.

@Seeker3CO Yeah, I read it, I agree with it as well.
Just adding my own personal thoughts to it as well.
IMO, the U.S. couldn't lead its way out of wet paper bag.

@Seeker3CO At least over here WE actually have an Electoral Commission, completely separate from ALL forms of the Government and the Opposition THAT operates, runs and Oversees ALL Elections be they State, Federal, Local Government or even By-Elections.


Exactly WHAT sort of a Farcical Electoral System do you Yanks have?
Jeez Louise, you an election SOLELY to elect the President BUT who ever gets to President, IF, his party does NOT hold the reins in the Senate, then he is as much use as limp dick at an orgy.
Your Congresspersons and Senators are, it seems, elected on a willy-nilly basis, i.e. no ACTUAL decisive terms in Office or set dates fort Elections, etc.
Shit, our system over here in Australia may NOT be prefect BUT at least we know that at EVERY Federal Election which ever Party wins the Election, the Leader of that Party WILL be leading the Government as our Prime Minister.
AND, we don't need to hold an election separately just to elect him/her either.
Bloody Norah, I've driven over dirt, bush tracks that have far, far less convolutions ( corrugations as we call them) than your loosely called Democratic system has.
Humpty Whumpty tRumpy screams, " I don't like the results,si I'm going to the Supreme Court to fight them so I can win," WTF, where is the Will of the People in that?
Democratic Elections in a Democracy ARE decided UPON the Will of the People NOT by Law Suits in Law Courts.
What sort of a totally screwed up system do you people actually live under then?

Triphid Level 9 Nov 4, 2020

Our system is failed for sure. It wasn't supposed to evolve into this mess. Hopefully it gets corrected in coming elections. By the way your PM sucks. .

@KevinMR Tell me something I didn't already know please.
Prime minister ScumMo (Scott Morrison) is, imo, a class of Arse-hole that defies adequate description or definition.

This country unfortunately is becoming a third rate country. Once I believed it was the greatest, but, sadly I was young and naive and did not understand the system that well. After reading , learning about various Western and Eastern European Nations as well as Scandavian nations and how their healthcare systems and economy’s as well as their education systems work. Not to mention Labor Unions and workers rights, Sorry....... The US is the loser.

Very funny.

Are you done yet?

@SeaRay215ex I agree and not just healthcare ...drugs too could be handled so much better if we learned from other countries ...we need immigration reform what is going on there is a crime

@KevinMR you're dead right he does suck. He doesn't act to divide our country against itself though and he doesn't encourage lawlessness and violence. And if he sucked too badly we wouldn't need an election to toss him because his own party could just pass a vote of no confidence and he's out, as has happened a number of times (too many) over the last 15 years. But you're right he does suck, mainly because he's a jesus freak fool.

It’s good to hear objective opinions from outsiders. Trust me, everyone in the USA knows the system sucks and definitely needs improvement. The problem is there are 330 million opinions as to what those changes should be. There are pros and cons in every form of govt. Unfortunately, our biggest con is the current POTUS

@Canndue And, imo, a con in and by ever so many various definitions as well.

@Storm1752 To whom, if one may ask, does your reply refer?


It's too soon to call anything.
Speculation doesn't help.

None of the election results have been certified anywhere.
The Electoral College isn't scheduled to convene until mid-December. Most of the delegates to the EC haven't been chosen by their respective states yet.

Any legal challenges cannot be made in most places until 36 days out. Despite what any candidate's campaign may have to say about it.

There is absolutely no point in trying to guess what is going to happen.
There is more than enough anxiety surrounding the entire process.
None of us know what will happen.

KKGator Level 9 Nov 4, 2020

I don’t have any way of guessing the outcome, and no one else does either. That’s why we vote. And that’s why all the votes must be counted. That’s how we find out what the people want; not by guessing.

skado Level 9 Nov 4, 2020

There has been so much speculation on this election that I'm just going to wait and see. I would prefer Democrats win everything though.

kiramea Level 7 Nov 4, 2020

First of all, calling a state for one candidate or another is merely predicting the outcome. Second until all the votes have been counted there is no unofficial election result. Third until there is an official canvas (recounting an audit of the results, there is not an official election result. After those three steps by Dec 10, the states will certify their election results. All the election day "results" do is give us a picture of what will be the results and allow for planning.

glennlab Level 10 Nov 4, 2020

I miss u 🙌♥️. So glad every x u type Glenn


I hope Biden wins, and the senate turns blue. The dem's have the house majority.

xenoview Level 8 Nov 4, 2020

There is no stealing, but it is looking more and more like Biden has won. The only downside to the Biden win is we will not longer have Dumpsterfire Donnie to bash and the Pinata might end up not needed any longer.

That is something that I would willingly give up to get rid of the dumpster

Dumpsterfire should just drop dead of cancer.

@SeaRay215ex heart attack, stroke, I don't care, just go now and stay gone.

Most fitting would be for him to die of poverty....

@HippieChick58 I am surprised he hasn't died of severe autoimmune disease triggered by overwhelming fulminating vileness???

My life would be much better if we no longer had the Donald to talk about.


I’m following FoxNews. They called Michigan for Biden, giving him 264 electoral votes. If he wins Nevada, that’s 270. Game over. Except for the WI recount and the inevitable, unknown number of lawsuits Trump is lodging/will lodge. It was his SOP as a businessman, as it is as president.

Bobbyzen Level 8 Nov 4, 2020

One thing I can predict with great accuracy. Trump and friends want to call it right now and are very desperate. How does that work? Donald Trump does not have the required 270 electoral votes to win. It means you cannot call it. One candidate or the other has to get the required 270 electorals. That's how this thing works.

DenoPenno Level 9 Nov 4, 2020

At this point (Nov 4th at 4pm EST) it looks like it could be a tie. If that happens... I have no idea what would happen next.

It's a shame and a disgrace that the outcome isn't decided by the popular vote. I'd really like my vote in a presidential election to count for once in my life but I live in a red state so it counts for nothing.

Edit: Okay, things have shifted through the day... also I suck at math. If Biden gets Nevada he will win. There's a slim chance he could get Georgia or North Carollina but I won't hold my breath. I don't think anything is certain but I think the odds have turned in Biden's favor now.



the trumpers are starting to lose their minds. already demonstrating outside maricopa county election board wanting to be let in to oversee the ballot tally. they are so f-ing stupid . they could watch it live on local TV as it is being recorded live. can't wait to see all the trumpers demonstrate acroos the country all to no avail. it aint 2000 where it was the popular vote that got f^cked. this time at at least 270 electoral votes not even the supreme court would overturn the election.

I looked for the video of the count in Arizona and could not find one period can you share a link?


At this point it's virtually a guarantee Biden will eek one out.

But it shouldn't have been this way.

dwalker27 Level 3 Nov 4, 2020

First of all this election should have never been this close. Progressive political pundits have been telling us that Biden would win a landslide. Biden started putting a transition team together, his cabinet together but Trump has given Biden run for his money. The voters proved us wrong in 2016 and they did it again in 2020.

Biden now is struggling when we and all progressive media were projecting Biden landslide with he getting over 338 votes nationwide day in and day out.... And what happened? Lol

Biden will reach 270 but barely after contesting against:

  1. A very unpopular president
  2. An impeached president
  3. A nepotist president
  4. A law breaking president
  5. A racist president
  6. Accused of colluding with Russia
  7. Accused of hiding his tax returns, and
  8. A man we villanized here and all on progressive media as immoral, criminal, liar, unpatriotic, traitor, philanderer, law breaker (but the nation did not agree with it yet)

Our hero in the shining armor Biden still cannot capitalize on voter's anger, outrage against Trump. It tells us how inspiring and motivational leaders we pick. And we are ready to nominate hunchback, old, frail, in-Washington-forever but have-nothing-to-show, heart attack patient, two times failed and rejected candidate Bernie Sanders for president. Just imagine what a beautiful gift it would have been to Trump and ourselves.

I hope we Democrats have learned this:

  1. The nation's voters don't agree with us
  2. Trump is not as unpopular as we make out to be
  3. We have been proven wrong again in 2020 after 2016. There is no landslide for Biden
  4. Old, frail uninspiring candidates don't win
  5. The nation is conservative, not moderate - let alone progressive
  6. Trump and Republicans successfully capitalized on calling Democrats socialists. It worked and we are grateful to Bernie for the gift
  7. Kamala Harris on the ticket may have hurt or certainly did not help Democrats' chances to win. She hardly campaigned after being nominated. It looks so far that black voters did not vote overwhelmingly for Biden-Harris. It affirms the ugly fact that America is not ready for bad demographics for a presidential candidate - black, Jewish, atheist, Hindu, Muslim, LGBT, terrorist etc.
  8. Democrats could not win senate seats as predicted because of the socialist label and a black VP candidate

Democrats must dump all old, worn out, ineffective, uninspiring lousy leaders everywhere... and stop romanticizing them at once. This includes, Biden, Bernie Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Bill Pascrell, Grace Napolitano, Alcee Hastings, Eddie Bernice Johnson... Throw all of them out and get new and young fresh faces in immediately.

St-Sinner Level 9 Nov 4, 2020

Keep in mind that there are a lot of democrats, progressives, and liberals living in red states. But the electoral college invalidates our votes. Its a system that favors republicans by eliminating or reducing the impact of votes in blue states.

That sounds ageist.

Electoral college is the rule. Follow the rule or don't play the game.


Competence, drive, efficiency, physical ability to things, mental capacity.... All start to go down as you age. Therefore yes, I do not want old, ineffective, and do-nothing leaders. Public office is not a career.

@St-Sinner Yes, that's the rule. But unbalanced, broken, out-dated rules need to be thrown out.

It worked for over 200 years and it is not suiting us right when we start losing. Democrats don't talk this when they win. How come nobody complained in 2008 and 2012? If the argument had merits, it should be raging when when we win, right? But it is not.

@St-Sinner No, the electoral system is unfair to everyone in every state. If you are a republican living in California or Oregon then your vote is worthless. And when Texas turns blue in a few years you might change your mind about this when you vote for a Republican president and your vote counts for nothing.

Also, just as important, the electoral system isn't balanced. An electoral vote from Wyoming is worth three times as much as one from California. That means that population to electoral votes ratio is a lot larger in California than Wyoming. States with large populations have less voting power in the electoral system.

Simply changing to a popular vote would make everyone's vote equal and everyone's vote count. How hard is that to understand?

My question was why we don't make the argument and do anything about it ever when we win?

@St-Sinner And I don't want young ppl holding office before they are truly ready. It's not a soap opera they are vying for, or not supposed to be. I want wisdom, experience, leadership ability. Older ppl impart something to the process that the young cannot.


Who are AOC and the Squad? They look effective to me.

@St-Sinner Well I don't follow it nearly all as closely as I should. One member of that squad is the exact OPPOSITE of leadership in my eyes, Rep. Omar. Maybe it's partly to do with age or more likely just the overall attitude of hers, doesn't inspire anything positive. AOC I can agree with at times. She is not without leadership ability and potential. But that may be me being too positive in my estimation of her. What did she say about the riots? If nothing, then yes, I'm being too positive. Real leaders don't stay silent at a time like that.

@St-Sinner Also I see no criticism of the riots in your list of complaints above. That's huge and it's missing. Dems need to stop the tactics. I can't believe such a huge amount of ppl actually gave in to that across this country. They approved of it. That is hugely disappointing. Every name Trump is called is nothing compared to Dems actions during that time.

It shouldn't have been close. More than 70 million people voted for 4 more years of Mr. T. That is a more important problem. Watch the movie Idiocracy - it is coming true.

I'm comfortable with President Harris if Biden checks out. I don't think any of the other candidates could have beat T and his cult.


If absentee ballots are counted legitimately the vote count is valid. It was known we wouldn't have a final tally for at least several days. Trump had planned on declaring victory election night and then challenging the mail in vote. I don't blame him for asking for a recount. Bush v Gore was different. It was a close election in 1 state that was a recount of a recount. This is counting legitimate paper ballots that are slower. If the SCOTUS steps in here and votes 6-3 to invalidate absentee ballots received before election day, Trump will win. Otherwise Biden or Trump will win based on the vote count. I think Trump thinks SCOTUS will step in and make him stay in as president. If this gets too ugly and there's 2 runoff Senate races, there could be a backlash against GOP candidates. This is not a pretty sight. Trump could've been statesmanlike and he still might have prevailed. Now if he does win, it will look like he stole it. He should care about out democratic principles. He is our president.

barjoe Level 9 Nov 4, 2020

Wrong, Barjoe. He never was my president.

@DenoPenno People said that about Obama as well. I'll say this. Trump brought these feelings on himself. My point is he could act more presidential. He doesn't.

@barjoe Yes, people said that about Obama as well. Let me explain it. Too far back now to find the quote but a guy in Wisconsin said "I'm not racist at all but I don't think that darkie belongs in the White House."


im wondering if machines got hacked or if there are that many votes still in the post offices buried ....I think all those ballots should be counted

and if trump wins our democracy with Moscow and lennengrad will fail

Russia meddling in the voting machines is a high possibility but they would not admit nor would American government or intelligence agencies tell us if they know it is really happening. It would be a global embarrassment.

Russia is doing it many Baltic countries, Central Asian countries and in India. Don't forget Russian declared that it had built unpenentrable firewall around their systems and it was the first in the world. They declared it 6 years ago. We are still paying for ransomware attacks on data. Yes, we are just paying to get our data back.

@St-Sinner I also heard yesterday another superpower is meddling in other countries elections.

And that money that transfers hands on boards and various other payments. It's like all a big convoluted business deal, but that's on the other side, Biden and son.

@Flowerwall I'm tired of your unsubstatiated claims. Start producing supporting evidence or knock it off.

@LovinLarge wondering is not a claim and you assume I care what you think

@LovinLarge, @Flowerwall biden and son what even if bidens son did all they day ...the linclon project vetted biden and he did nothing wrong ....and compared to trump and his treason and Russian collusion , his back door pay to play, his lack of policies and his bad decisions here and abroad... his inaction in the pandemic...his tax scam...his kids and wife costing extra to pay off his debt and make money for themselves and his properties on the there really a reason to say ....but bidon and son.......if every word of rudys lying bullshit was true it pales to the trump crime family and Moscow mitch and lennengrad Lindsay

@LovinLarge, @Flowerwall more than one is in our business they want trump because he is hurting our power around the world and that is good for them our allies have been hoping he would be defeated so they can again count on us
if we fail the democracies of the world will take a hit too

@whiskywoman My comment about unsubstantiated claims addressed flowerwall, not you.

@LovinLarge ty im not always accurate and I know it but I try and get my facts as correct as my anger and old feebleness permit ... from other comments I think we are closer in our opinions and beliefs than not....

@whiskywoman Thank you, it is certainly confusing sometimes.

The US meddling in other countries elections and being involved in toppling governments are well known and well discussed facts.

@St-Sinner I meant China.


It is highly possible and it is going to increase.

@whiskywoman You sound like you have been well programmed by msm.

@whiskywoman, @St-Sinner Well according to Russian media today, "Trump is horseradish, Biden - ordinary radish. Horseradish is no sweeter than radish.” So whatever that means, but I don't know that it's favorable to Trump.


Of course all votes need to be counted. And saying it is skewed towards Biden, what is that all about?

Jolanta Level 9 Nov 4, 2020

Probably should have used "favoring", especially with fears of manipulation. Thanks for pointing that out.


I don't trust the results in MN. Do ppl realize the extent of damage the city sustained? WHO was okay with that? WHO approved? To then turn around and vote FOR the party that did that is completely lacking reason. It's just as bad of judgement as when Mayor Frey decided to let them burn the police precinct down. Or just as effective as MN city council plans to disband police (did nothing) But I mean why not? They have already successfully systematically stole millions from programs meant for poor families, why not just approve of the complete destruction of all bizs and then eliminate the police so noone knows who did it! Then elect a Pres. who won't challenge it, he'll let it stand okay as is. Sounds like a well-crafted plan for future success of the society. (sarcasm)

After the first sentence, nothing you wrote was true.

@LovinLarge My first sentence was followed by 3 Qs.

Let me guess you have a very deeply personal knowledge of the goings on in Minneapolis? You think everyone was just okay with this? I wouldn't be surprised if there were other issues in WI and MI, I guess that comes more as a result of surprise of results than mistrust of government, well atleast in WI. In MI, the governor did indeed have control issues that went beyond good governing, it comes across as a red flag.

@Flowerwall They people have spoken. We just need to know what they said. Stop campaigning. It's too late for that anyway.

@barjoe I don't believe the majority of ppl are okay with this. I don't trust MN results and will express that idea until I hear evidence to the contrary. And even then until the fraud issues are solved I will mistrust it too.

@Flowerwall So the election was rigged? Are you ready to take to the streets? If you feel that way and do nothing you are just talking.

@barjoe The First Amendment protects the “just talking” @Flowerwall is doing. Let it go.

@yvilletom @barjoe Do some research. Crime has skyrocketed in Minneapolis. Are ppl REALLY voting this way? They are okay with the vastly declining status quo?

Additionally, if you are okay with the fact that Russian citizens had more freedoms than Michiganders during covid lockdowns, you are entitled to. I think it is problematic and indicates a control issue, a more serious issue than what it seems on the surface. In other words, not being truly done for ppl's best interest as it is presented to the public as being

@yvilletom I have freedom of speech as well as do you Tom. The only evidence I've seen i of election fraud is through USPS. Only75% of mail in ballots were delivered. Louis DeJoy committed election fraud on behalf on Donald Trump. That being said it shouldn't have been this close.

@Flowerwall Lockdowns were wasted. We should've had a 50 state strategy back in Feb 2020. The governors shouldn't have had a say in the matter, that's my opinion. You may have the opportunity to truly have the amount of freedom that Russian citizens have. I hope not. That would shut down this forum and would jeopardize both of us if we dared disagree with the government.

@barjoe And sure enough I was just hearing preliminary reports of suspicious activity in MI voting.

I haven't heard of USPS issue, so not commenting.

@barjoe A 50 state strategy? SD is not the same as NY. I agree with wishing the initial response had been vastly different. Yes, initially to have that take charge attitude would have been reassuring. But would it have improved health outcomes or just made the economy worse? States shouldn't have had input? That's just wrong.

@Flowerwall You are correct, the pandemic affected certain areas early. They could've had red zone and green zones. At this point areas which would've been green in February are red now. If the president loses this election, which is certainly possible, it will be because he was dishonest about the pandemic. He should've won reelection easily. That being said, the polls were a joke. I'm this era without print media and landlines, somebody has to revise how they poll. I went by Vegas betting odds and that's why I thought Trump would win. Ironically this election looks to come down to Nevada.

@barjoe Well having 102% of the population registered to vote in some counties in MI also seems like an oppurtunity for fraud. And there was a lawsuit regarding it. []

It hasn't been cleared prior to election either.

Could the pandemic have been managed better? Probably in the beginning. Now it's difficult to say. Trump had an attitude that turned a lot of ppl's votes against him. So if he loses, then the attitude was a big problem because it got in the way of success.

@Flowerwall We all believe what we want to believe.

@barjoe I agree the polling was off. I think because of how close it is it can be a crapshoot to say who will be determined final winner, which coul possibly just inflame the public more. Both sides could just feel cheated.

@Flowerwall How is that? If the final vote count gives NV and PA to Trump he wins. If it goes to Biden, he wins. I don't buy into the hype.

@barjoe I just watched video above and that's the point, ppl getting more upset then they need to, blaming, etc.

@Flowerwall Georgia is still in play which amazes me. I think Trump wins Pennsylvania unless they really are slow on the count. I think Biden will win Nevada. It might go to the house if representatives. That would be a mess.

@yvilletom Have someone read and then explain the First Amendment to you. Slowly.

@Flowerwall The lawsuit you referenced in your Faux News article was dismissed by a federal judge. You have zero credibility.


@LovinLarge You may have confused the issues. It's clear in this article there was, and is, indeed a problem. []

@Flowerwall No, you are intentionally trying to mislead because you got caught misrepresenting the facts.

@LovinLarge Read the article. I also just saw something else. There were 2,500 dead ppl registered. One voter born in 1823. Over 32k more registered voters than eligible voters. This is in Detroit.

@Flowerwall Your recent article doesn't pertain to the lawsuit you referenced. As I proved, that lawsuit was dismissed.

Let's see your evidence to support your Detroit claim.

@LovinLarge Something from the news. I think the fact that 500k need to be removed from voter rolls says it all.

@Flowerwall Then you don't understand the issue because those were people who weren't going to vote anyway. Absolutely no fraud involved.

@LovinLarge Well considering they know the numbers then they should have the names and be able to verify they did not in fact vote. We'll see what happens. Additionally, I myself do understand the issue. It seems you are being quite naive to believe noone would ever attempt voter fraud under these circumstances.

@Flowerwall The people in question had died or moved. They were no longer eligible to vote in that jurisdiction and and as per normal protocol would be purged from the rosters in due course.

Like any infraction, voter fraud can not be presumed it must be proven. Let's see your evidence of statistically significant voter fraud in any American jurisdiction.

@LovinLarge Time will tell.

@Flowerwall You have alleged voter fraud in this election against your fellow citizens without any firsthand knowledge or anything else to substantiate your allegation. You are a troll who should be afforded no credibility.

@LovinLarge People have different opinions than you. It's okay. You will be alright. I don't know exactly what has happened where. This will all be determined by investigations, certifing ballots, court rulings. Your attempt to rapidly shut others down with this "You are a troll who should be afforded no credibility" makes you look very reactionary. Just settle down already. It's too early in the day to be attempting to discredit me.

@Flowerwall You haven't expressed opinions, you've made a series of factual allegations including voter fraud with absolutely nothing credible to base them on just because the vote isn't going your way.

At no time did I try to shut you down, I just pointed out that your claims are unfounded. Now you're trying to point the finger at me to take the heat off yourself. You're not fooling anyone.

@LovinLarge I expressed a lot of opinion. And linked articles or other info broadcast on news. I hope you don't feel fooled by what I said.

@Flowerwall I don't feel fooled by what you've written because none of it was true. You tried to fool people by linking a Faux News article about a lawsuit that I proved had been dismissed. Then you linked an article that was not even relevant to the issue at hand to try to muddy the waters. Try being honest, you won't have to try to keep track of your lies.

@LovinLarge You seem disturbed by me expressing opinion. Don't be.

@Flowerwall You seem disturbed.

@LovinLarge No, not at all. I'm quite fine. Have a good one.


At least two more years of unadulterated bull f** s* every mother f**** day.🤬🤬🤬

oldFloyd Level 8 Nov 5, 2020

Largely because Pelosi is too damned conservative and won't impeach many of her partners in crime from the GOP no matter what criminal actions they are party to... We could have been done with McConnell long ago if she had been more interested in serving the people than lining her pockets.

@Lizard_of_Ahaz There are not many people in this world I want to see suffer more than McConnell, but what exactly could she have done about him? You realize he's the one in charge of deciding if the Senate will hold an impeachment trial, right?

@JeffMurray His campaign finance irregularities are cause enough for impeachment. Those have been going on since he took office... Also if he is the one being impeached he is not allowed any say in the proceedings... In Graham is on the same ticket for his violations of the Hatch act he has no say either. There are more than enough violations of both that the Senate would lose their majority leaving the Democrats in charge.

@Lizard_of_Ahaz I don't see how you could convict the first one though, at least in this last Congress. Plus, even if both of them magically disappeared, the vote would still be 49-50 with Pence.

@JeffMurray He has been obvious about it and once the charges are filed he is a null and has no voice in the proceedings against him or others who had the charges filed against them at the same time... With several seats "empty" the Democrats would be in the majority.


all the ballots still hidden in post offices should be delivered and counted ....we need to send teams of dems and republicans to search for the ballots trumps cock holster caused to be left in post offices and it is a substantial number

The Post Office did that with its internal police force after a judge ordered it... Believe me Trump was less than pleased.

@Lizard_of_Ahaz no they did not still thousands in the post office

@whiskywoman The judge will be ordering new sweeps shortly wait and see...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz I hope so and I hope they have to be counted

@whiskywoman Check this latest article on the sweeps...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz I think they should all be located and counted its not the voters fault

@whiskywoman If they are not all found with twice a day sweeps that judge is going to take it out on somebody...


My answer is queued.


Hard to tell at this point.


Hope those Trumpanzees start their "second civil war" soon so they can be rounded up and shot for treason.... The world needs some chlorine in their collective gene pool...

If you mean that I'm a glutton for punishment, adversity often brings out the best in someone. Unfortunately, sometimes it brings out the worst 😟

"Despite their embrace of the slogan, however, there is no evidence that the Ku Klux Klan invented it, as has sometimes been alleged. There are instances of its use by politicians predating any examples we’ve found directly attributable to the Klan.

President Woodrow Wilson ran for re-election on an “America first” platform in 1916, for example, in that instance using the phrase to remind voters that his isolationist stance had kept U.S. troops out of the burgeoning conflict in Europe (nevermind that he abandoned that position and sent them to fight in World War I during his second term). A popular song called “America First!” was dedicated to Wilson and published in 1917.

For that matter, Presidents Calvin Coolidge, Warren G. Harding, and William McKinley all used the catchphrase at one time or another to promote isolationist and/or protectionist foreign policies (we found an instance of McKinley being touted as having an “America first” agenda as long ago as 1896)."

@Admin In 1922 Donnie Dumbass's father was arrested while participating in a Klan riot.... Today many of his followers still are members...

@Admin Also FYI Wilson was a member of the Klan.... As was McKinley and Harding. Coolidge apparently was NOT a member he was just an ultra conservative fool.


We shall see.

ToakReon Level 8 Nov 4, 2020

Nah, Biden wins and the Republicans keep the Senate. The Democrats actually are losing a few seats in the House too. Trump needed FL, GA, NC, OH, PA, and MI to win. Biden won Michigan and Trump is most likely winning all the rest after all the counting. Biden might eek out PA because of mail in ballots. There is 13% still to be counted for PA. If everything stands as it is and MI was the only state Trump loses for the deciding factor then it will be a recount and Trump will fight it tooth and nail. MI will be chaos for weeks probably. If any of those other states that Trump is winning go to Biden by a small margin then those states will be in chaos for the next few weeks too. This might be tied up until December. That is probably a good thing for Democrats because it MIGHT keep Trump from going on a mad dash to try and get much done until he's out of the White House.

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