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How much do you expect "payback" to influence Democrat policy?

After four years of anger and outrage towards Trump and his supporters, Democrats appear likely to win both the Presidency and the Senate (or maybe) while retaining control of the House. While an upcoming topic will focus on what should be the priorities of the next administration (after one on covid spikes), this topic is more about how Biden/Harris supports feel about finally getting to drive the car.

We all have seen countless posts and comments here professing that Trump is a dictator, fascist, and even a reincarnation of Hitler. Many have a hard time thinking of even one thing that Trump did that could be considered good. Do you think that these feelings will drive how aggressively Democrats will enact policy changes?

Is it "Payback Time"?

Do you anticipate "payback" will influence Democrat policy?

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Admin 9 Nov 6
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The proposition that leftist policy constitutes payback exposes the bias inherent to your question.

LovinLarge Level 8 Nov 7, 2020

Nailed it.

@UrsiMajor He's using this series of "Topic of the Day" questions to subliminally desensitize us to conservative fallacies under the guise of community participation.

I try to pose questions in a neutral tone. This question is timely on the day that Biden is declared the winner... as the goal is to see how people feel and perhaps remind that "good sportsmanship" for winners will help bridge the divide going forward. (yes... Trump was not very magnanimous)

Feel free to message me ideas for future "topic of the day" posts. If you don't want to see these posts, simply hide the group from the drop down page.

EXACTLY @lovinLarge


Not sure it is so much payback as it is realigning policy and values. A lot of what trump did will be reversed because it was just plain stupid or dangerous.

Canndue Level 8 Nov 7, 2020

Unfortunately I think the so called "payback" will come from the Trump quarters. They will try to disrupt things and generally add chaos to peoples lives. They are the very angry ones.

Jolanta Level 9 Nov 7, 2020

Agree that these are stressful times and losing can brings out the worst in people. I was rooting for a clear winner either way.

I'd reckon the phone lines between 'Disaster Donnie' and his Law Firms have have running so hot in the lastv 24-48 hours that the insulation is beginning to melt.
Donnie the Jerk would screaming like a stuck pig right about now, imo, tRump junior would be worried shitless about having to find an ACTUAL job that entails REAL work, Melanoma would be worried about having to pack up and move, the whole 'household' would, possibly, be feeling ashamed that their beloved spoiled Brat lost and went down like Fly-screen submarine.. Jeez, the list is almost endless imo.


I actually feel like it was Trump who was on a vendetta to eliminate policies of the previous administration. Eliminating Trumps policies is more like returning to the status quo.

Pendulums rarely stop once they reach center. Looking forward to future posts about policy priorities.


None. But I don’t doubt that the Democrats’ efforts to rebuild what was destroyed will feel like payback to Republicans.

skado Level 9 Nov 7, 2020

What mental mechanism do you think Democrats, who expressed anger for years, will turn off 100% of that moving forward. I could really use that next time my girlfriend and I get into an argument 🙂

That is true, but you know what they say if they can’t take a joke.....

I won’t claim they can turn off their feelings, and I won’t claim feelings can’t influence actions, but as hard as it is to get things done, I think feelings aren’t sufficient fuel to really change anything legislatively. I think the focus has to be, and will be, on building what needs to be built.

If politicians were generally as petty as their “supporters,” Biden would not have chosen Harris as a running mate, after her performance in the debates. Trump appears to be an exception to that rule.

Yes, Harris did get 2% of the Democrat primary vote.

@Admin What I discovered with my ex who was being convinced by his neanderthal biker buds to go to their side of the political divide is that our political arguments were really not about politics or ideologies at all. It was much deeper but we used that to distance ourselves from each other which was successful. Politics was the ONLY thing we EVER argued about. After we broke I did a lot of introspection and work on myself and seen clearly that we really did NOT break up over politics - it was just the vehicle used to help make it happen. But I'm sure it's different in your world, though that may be something you want to look deeper into.


Biden is a very forgiving person. I think he's going to work hard to heal as many of the wounds this
nation has sustained, as possible.
I also think the impulse to "get even" will be stronger with some than others. On both sides.

The democrats still control the House, and so far, the republicans still have the Senate. For now, anyway.
We'll see how Georgia's two runoff elections work out in January.
As it stands, McConnell is still Senate Majority leader and he will continue to steer legislation, and other things he has control of, as he sees fit. He's a perfect example of "partisan hack", if there ever was one. Shame on the people of Kentucky.

I think the impeachment of the last two appointed SCOTUS picks should be an order of business.
Neither is qualified, and never should have been appointed to ANY judgeship, let alone the highest court in the country. I will not, however, hold my breath waiting for that to happen. At least not while the republicans hold power in the Senate.

Undoing a lot of the damage 45 caused is going to take up A LOT of time.

KKGator Level 9 Nov 7, 2020

I really hope that Biden rises to the occasion and does good!

@Admin I do, too.


I think your comment is based on a false premise. There hasn't been "anger and outrage towards Trump and his supporters" but the policies and direction they were taking the country. Given that they have every right to push it in a different direction. It's not "payback" but a "correction" and correcting something that has gone terribly wrong is not "payback".

redbai Level 8 Nov 7, 2020

There is a difference between correction (or simply a change) and payback. The post is more about how much might the anger towards Trump play a part of how much or what politics to change. Perhaps the post is suggestive for people to be aware of what they post on Facebook/Twitter/etc today to try to be somewhat magnanimous. I'm happy to get ideas for future posts from members... just send me a message! 🙂

@Admin The implication that change might be the result of "anger" is exactly what I'm challenging. The question assumes anger is a relevant motivating factor in policy change without giving any reason. It assumes an immaturity of the Democratic Party (of which I am and have never been a member) in relation to creating policy that is not indicated. I have no problem with the implication of incompetence, but anger? I just don't see it.


Not Locking Children in Cages, Not taking Health care form those that most need it. Not name calling people who serve in the military. Not degrading women with your comments. Not telling lies every hour of every day. Not sending tear gas down upon peaceful demonstrators.

Theses are the things we should not do. And if not doing them is Payback.....then we need LOTS of payback

America needs to know that Character matters, and what you say matters, and how you talk to people matters, and Black Lives Matter Too.

dermot235 Level 7 Nov 7, 2020

You need to step back from American msm. It's quite obvious you have been duped by it. BLM only focuses on Black suffering in a manipulative way. I believe they have harmed Black lives more than they have helped them during 2020. And I do not disagree with the core message of the organizations, in fact I think it is neccessary, but this year behaviour became self-destructive, this year it went over the edge and became something else.

@Flowerwall Then do something to stop police brutality. Stop Blaming BLM. Start providing solutions. It's now over 50 years since the civil rights movement started. And we still have Voter suppression of minority communities in the south. Minority communities have to queue for 8 hours to vote. White suburbs queue for 30 minutes to vote. Why is this allowed happen. Don't expect Black communities to respect you if you won't even respect their right to vote.


The Dems do not do scorched earth "payback", that is a Repub trait. If anything, I fully expect that Biden will pardon Trump on any federal charges, if they are even brought against him, after he leaves office. The reason is because, despite all the rhetoric of the Dems against Trump, they are all part of the same corrupt club, so they will give Trump a pass on any crimes he commited before leaving office. As far as the state charges against Trump in NY, I also expect that Biden and the establishment Dem leaders will call Cuomo and ask a favor of him to drop any state charges against Trump. These cocksuckers all take care of each other once the election is over and the media have moved on. The vast majority of the voters are too dumb and distracted to notice. Of course, Biden, Cuomo, and other Dems will excuse and justify this corruption by parroting Obama's excuse and saying " We have to move forward, etc." or some similar bullshit.

I hope not. We the People MUST hold the government's feet to the fire. Rule of Law - that's what chump ran on and that's what We the People need to deliver. It will be a grave mistake otherwise. Chump was a wake up call that could happen to any party and WE cannot allow something like this to happen again. If trump had a brain and was not emotionally stunted, we'd be saying good-bye to our ideals of democracy, human rights, and freedom as we currently know it.

@TreeSpirit I think the impeachment vote settled any question about whether the Repubs believe in the rule of law. I rest my case. You can bet your ass that next time the Repubs will run someone who is smarter, a better liar, less prone to blurt out idiotic comments, and if the Dem establishment sticks to its decades-old strategy of nominating the usual neoliberal corporatist candidate, the Dems will lose and the Repubs will win, because next time the blacks and Hispanics are not going to bother turning out again like this time. They will ignore the pleas and cries of the Dems and the media about saving democracy, etc. as crying wolf and trying to stir them up about voting without offering them any hope or real change. The Dems got very lucky this time and it won't repeat with the usual candidate. A charming smooth liar like Clinton or Obama only comes along once every couple decades.


I think errors in policy will be corrected. And I think those who violated the law with impunity may be prosecuted but not with abandon.

BudFrank Level 8 Nov 7, 2020


UrsiMajor Level 8 Nov 7, 2020

I believe it will be a grave mistake, to call for ‘payback!’ There is too much work to be done on things this Country is lacking! ‘Payback,’ should be...improve education, get a workable plan in place for this pandemic...people are dying as I write! Police reform is a must, before more black people bare the brunt of lost lives! Getting our agencies back up to efficiency is a must and getting our foreign policies in order again is very important! Now tell me where is the time for ‘payback’ on what a lunatic and his cronies have done for 4 years?


I don't think Biden will be that way. I think some payback will happen in the senate if the democrats regain control. Merrick Garland was denied the courtesy of a confirmation process by Mitch McConnel who took the position that It was an election year. That hypocricy justifies some payback.



I think that some of the Democratic party will express that. I don't think Joe Biden is one of them. I think Trump can disprove those fascist claims by being statesmanlike during this transition. He can also reinforce those claims by constant litigation, attempts to have state legislatures appoint Trump electors, refusing to participate in the transition or not attend the inauguration. @Admin Which direction do you think Trump will take? I hope the former. I fear the latter.

barjoe Level 9 Nov 7, 2020

The ONLY 'payback' that I'd dearly like to see happen is that Biden denies tRump a Presidential Pardon.

Triphid Level 9 Nov 7, 2020

Except, not pardoning is NOT payback. If convicted, trump should not be pardoned and We the People should darn well make sure of it. It's the rule of law - what trump ran on.

Trump should not be pardoned for any reason. Deny that pardon and let him face what he knew could be coming when he did things against the law. Deny a Trump pardon no matter how much Rudy whines about one.


You're forgetting one thing. Senate is still Republican, all they will do is hamstring Biden and it will be like they hamstrung Obama, nothing will get done.

Larimar Level 7 Nov 7, 2020

I'm predicting the run off in Georgia will go Democrat... could be wrong. It will make a big difference either way.

@Admin And I'll remind you that Democrats did not go scorched earth to hurt anyone nonwealthy and of any color like 45. When he's been called facist and Nazi it is because there are direct historical correlations that can be seen to anyone paying attention. And that's saying it as nicely as I can. Many of us are sick to death of one party burning the constitution to fan their flames of hatred and allowing this criminal to do whatever he wants, I've had second party dealings with him and know one of his ex controllers from Mar A Lago....I'm not exaggerating when I call him a criminal.


As for policy change, I think stating that they will aggressively promote their policy because of anger against Trump is giving Trump too much power. As well, the notion of dismantling the previous presidents contributions has consistently been Trump's stump. As such, it's not surprising that Trump supporters would see the same possibility in their opposition. After all, we easily see in other that which we see in ourselves. But while there will be some dismantling of policy (namely Executive Orders) that Democrats don't like from Trump, I feel their policy will be pushing a Pro-Democrat platform, not a Anti-Trump platform... even when sometimes those two will coincide.

(PS: Admin, in reference to your remodeling ideas, it would be great to implement a feature where we can post the same answer to the same question posted to two sites. I'm always facinated (as I think you are as well) to gauge the different responses in tone and substance, from two ideologically distinct social media sites)


Biden is consistently sending out a signal of working together, of working for both those that voted for him and those against. In the short term, there will be a justifiable catharsis from Biden supporters. But in the long term, if the democratic leadership promotes and demonstrates a desire to work to the future and towards unity and with those that voted for them and against, I feel that that rancor and vitriol will be short lived.

It will never be forgiven for some but it will be soon forgotten by all.


I'm sorry you think that Biden's win is about payback to Republicans or Conservatives. Yeah, us progressives heard your leader call us "scumbags" and so on. We watched your white supremacists march through the streets heavily armed. We watched as peaceful UNARMED BLM protesters were tear gassed and beaten. There is work to be done and changes to be made but this is not about "pay back". It's about our - OUR democracy. It's about getting our country back to sanity and unity. Unity isn't about agreeing with everything somebody tells you to agree with. It's about accepting and respecting those who do not agree with one's personal views. It has nothing to do with pay back. Most of us want to live peacefully with those who have different opinions or beliefs and have the same rights. We don't want any more hate and essentially that is where "pay back" sprouts from.


I doubt that Democrats will get the Senate and Mitch McConnell will still be there to block everything that Democrats try to do. As much a republicans try to paint Biden as an extreme leftist, the actual fact is that Biden is very much a centrist and has a long career of working with the other side to get things done and I think he will take a much more cautious and conciliatory approach. Nancy Pelosi, on the other hand, is going to go for payback. How much she and the leftists in the democratic party will succeed in that remains to be seen.

piphirho Level 7 Nov 7, 2020

What's your thoughts on Harris? More like Biden or Pelosi?

@Admin Keep in mind that both Harris and Pelosi come out of San Francisco and San Francisco has a lot of influence in the democratic party; a bit too much in my opinion. But she is not AOC and she is not the ultra-lefty that the republicans brand everybody that isn't them. I think she will follow Joe's lead but if left on her own she might support Pelosi as much as she can.


You haven't defined payback. Please engineer a better-constructed post...(:

Krish55 Level 8 Nov 7, 2020

In the last four years, many have expressed considerable personal pain at the actions of Trump. My next post will be more like "What should be the priorities be for the upcoming Biden/Harris administration?"... but thought starting out with one about emotions.

but... perhaps a post about Covid spiking will be better for the next post?


I don't think it will influence the Democratic Party's way of doing things. They are just as fraught with the same corruption as in the GOP.

I'm hoping the independent movement will become more collective and get stronger. In a best case scenario, they do away with Citizen's United and enforce the idea of citizen legislators, doing away with the "political career".

If Donnie and fam did some time in the slammer, that would be OK with me, but I would be just as happy if they stepped into oblivion, hopefully impoverished.


Of coarse the temptation is there by some. I would probably be in that camp, my disdain for trump and his minions is that great. But, IMO Biden is aware of that proclivity in persons in his party.

I think he will fight against that and be a more moderating voice. His focus is reuniting the left and the right through moderation and compromise. Neither side will ultimately be happy as their agenda will not get met.

But in the long run it will be better for the country in the short run. If allowed by the extremes on both sides, he will bring us back into the realm of reasonableness. Then once we have righted the ship, and shifted our national ballast, we can renew the battle for what is right going into the future for the country and the world.

t1nick Level 8 Nov 7, 2020

It's good to be optimistic 🙂


I don't think politicians work that way. They'll use the opportunity to gain some favors for sure but the same old dealmaking will go on.

If anything I think the Democrats will offer a helping hand, and the Republicans will bite it before accepting it begrudingly.

We're in a pandemic and a depression. Certainly I think there will be a lot of reversals of Trump's policies (hopefully).

I just want Biden to boost job opportunities and the economy in general. And maybe he can figure out a safefty net for a lot of retiring folks.

And if his election ushers in a round of liberal leadership elected all over the world. I won't complain. 🙂


It's time to repair the damage and if Republicans interfere the look at that

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 7, 2020
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