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Covid-19 potential vaccine announced today! Will you take it?

It's very encouraging news today that Pfizer appears to have an effective vaccine against the Covid-19 virus with potentially 90% effective rate. Read more here: []

What's your thoughts on taking the vaccine?

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Admin 9 Nov 9
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If validated of course I'll take it, why the F wouldn't I?


I'll be in front of the guy that's in front of the guy that's in the front

dermot235 Level 7 Nov 9, 2020

Health care personnel and first responders first


Depends on what my doc says.
If I get the okay, I'll be lining up for it.
I already get the two-shot shingles vaccine, and my annual flu shot.

That said, I'm still going to wear a mask when I'm out.

KKGator Level 9 Nov 9, 2020

Same here. I have a friend who is a retired surgeon. I'll wait until both him and my primary doc recommend it. Probably wait a few months after it first comes out for mass vaccination. I think those of us that are smart are going to be wearing masks for most of next year when we are around crowds of strangers.


I don't believe some people on this thread read the whole article. This has nothing to do with the government, except for the FDA. It has nothing to do with the CDC.and Pfizer said it will be free to all citizens. Read folks, READ! GEEZ!

Sticks48 Level 9 Nov 10, 2020

Without seeing their methods of analysis, it's very difficult to speak to whether/ when I would get it. That being said, with my international travel to high risk exposure places, I've been immunized for damn near everything that's offered, and am a huge advocate of childhood vaccines. if the data backs this up, I'd be in the front of the line to get it as a nurse, and would happily roll up my sleeve and assume the risk to minimize the risk of infecting someone I love or provide care to who would likely experience severe disease. It's not so much about my health as it is public health. I think we've all seen this year how important a healthy society can be.

Amzungu Level 8 Nov 9, 2020

From what I've read, 50% is the cutoff for a vaccine approval. The goal isn't specifically to immediately eliminate the virus but if they can drive the 'Effective Reproduction Number'(Rt) below 1, then the disease will fairly quickly(effectively) fade from our population as did Polio and Measles.
Just now we're not doing so well. Check this link: [] . Only two states currently have Rt numbers below 1. (Also look at the past graphs to see how we were doing better fairly recently but we're slipping these days.😠).

Personally, I will of course wait for them to perform their safety tests on the vaccine. Again, from what I've seen that's going to be at least a couple of more months. But then I will probably take it. Every person that 'can't' propagate the virus is a step towards the correct definition of herd immunity.

Another question that will arise shortly will be how quickly the virus mutates. Will there be one or more new strains each year to have to develop new vaccines for? The sooner we drive current strain infection rates to effectively zero, the better.

RichCC Level 8 Nov 9, 2020

I'll wait, only because there are 328 million people in the U.S. and the drug companies can't make that many vaccines overnight nor can that many vaccinations be administered in just a few weeks. I'll let the elderly and higher risk people go first. I don't mind waiting a month or two.

I'm not worried about side effects or anything like that. I don't think that's how vaccines work. The vast majority people have no negative side effects from vaccines that I'm aware of (aside from maybe a brief and minor physical reaction such as from the flu vaccine).

I'm also assuming that the vaccine will be free or nearly so, as it should be.

The US has not put any money into it as other countries have so I doubt that it will be available there soon.

@Jolanta We didn't fund it, but we did commit to buying it and are first in line for product, should it get approval, and apparently somehow get to decide who gets it first? Citing my source:

'Americans were among the first in line if it clinches an emergency-use authorization or approval from the FDA. The Trump administration agreed in July to pay almost $2 billion for 100 million doses, with an option to acquire as many as 500 million more, once that clearance comes.
As part of that agreement, the U.S. gets to decide who gets the vaccine first, and will work with the company on logistical support.'


Currently it is a two-dose system, administered 21 days apart. So they will need 656 million not 328 million doses.

@Amzungu It may be so, but I bet you that unless they see the money, no business will happen and with Trump still there who knows what may happen.

@Jolanta all very good points.


Like Kamala Harris said in the VP debate, if Trump is not taking it, I am not taking.

St-Sinner Level 9 Nov 9, 2020

I would want the exact ingredients used.


My thoughts are I will after I see the CEO, all the executives and board of directors be inoculated. Its not that I don't trust Pfizer, ok, it's exactly that! []

Mofo1953 Level 9 Nov 9, 2020

if Dr Fauci, or professionals appointed by Biden say its safe: yes. before then, hell no. Besides, it should be given to far more important people than me first.

Pfr1998 Level 5 Nov 10, 2020

It's initial results, far from being ready for massive distribution. Stay in if feeling ill, wash your hands, cough into a tissue and wear a friggin' mask out in public.

This 🙌


I'll take a vaccine, whether this one or another, when it's deemed to be safe, effective and available to me. I will trust my doctor's advice and watch the progress of the various vaccines myself to feel informed.

I will avoid close contact with anti-vaxxers, for a while, even after I've been vaccinated, since they would still pose a risk to me even if the vaccine is 90% effective. I'd rather surround myself with folks wanting to be part of the solution.

Julie808 Level 8 Nov 10, 2020

Not yet. The company just told the results were good, but did not show anything. For now is just a marketing campaign.

Pedrohbds Level 7 Nov 10, 2020

It would also be the first messenger RNA based vaccine to ever make it to large scale clinical trials, let alone to market. Lots of goal lines to cross still.


Vaccination’s IMO are not needed to be healthy. A strong immune system is. Who the hell knows what’s in these da,
my things anyway? Besides, I’m not one of those who trusts big pharma.


I'll wait a few months, then take it, UNLESS IT IS MANDATORY, in which case I will vigorously resist.

PBuck0145 Level 7 Nov 9, 2020

Yeah...don't wear your seatbelt either. They don't have any right to tell us what to do. 🙂 I hear it will turn people into zombies.

@dahermit Thanks for the laugh.

You can always buy a vaccination neutralizer. It’s called LIDDELL vaccination neutralizer. It’s available online and in some Natural food stores. You can also do some fasting, which is body detox, I recommend that also. Lots of luck to you.

I will employ these methods if I ever had to take it also. I’m a town worker so I may have to. I am prepared for it.

@SeaRay215ex Tinfoil hats work too.


Once proper studies are done yes

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 9, 2020

They are being done as we speak...that is part of the approval (testing) process.

@dahermit Still have a few steps to go


It will be a long time before I will trust the federal gov't and it's entities like the CDC. If they say it's 90 percent effective I tend to believe it's probably only half of that. I will wait for verifiable proof before I believe them.


I bought festival tickets this year for May 2021. It was an optimistic punt I know but if it means I can take drugs and party all night then pee into a milk bottle at 4.30 am, then I'm up for it.

273kelvin Level 8 Nov 9, 2020

How many people think the vaccine will be affordable or free for those without insurance? Will it be affordable for those with insurance?

@TheMiddleWay Is that the copay with insurance or the price for those without insurance?


If my doctor reccomends it, I'll have it. Here's to rolling my sleeves up!


Heck yeah, I'll take it!


As soon as it's available, I would take whatever reliable vaccine is available. There will be a bunch not just Pfizer, I think they pulled a fast one to tout their stock BTW. I would even take Sputnik V if it cleared trials and would protect me from Covid-19. They won't be available for at least 6-8 months to the general public.

barjoe Level 9 Nov 9, 2020

If you test positive for the antibodies, do you still need a vaccine?!


In the UK , the government plans to roll out the a vaccine, when available, to the most in danger groups first. Beginning with the very old and the health care workers and so on down the list.

I will go therefore when asked by the government and take the dose. Thereby doing what is needed to help establish herd immunity, without putting myself ahead of others more in need.

Fernapple Level 9 Nov 10, 2020
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