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Which Democrat campaign promises should take priority?

As with every incoming administration, Biden/Harris have a long "To Do" list of new policy initiatives and roll-backs of the previous administration's executive orders.

Which actions would you suggest the new administration focus on?

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Admin 9 Nov 12
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I don’t see the pandemic on your list but that’s what he said he’s going to tackle first, if I recall. And I think that should be the first priority. Then deal with healthcare and climate issues. He may not be able to do much, but if he can just continue to not be Trump it will go a long way toward healing the nation.

skado Level 9 Nov 12, 2020

Some of these make zero sense as presented.
For example "Increase Federal funding of abortion" the Fed pays for zero abortions, EVER.
So much is about perception and rhetoric.
Some radicals chanting "defund the police" during a protest has been surgically grafted into the mouths of politicians that have NEVER said such a stupid thing. If it were a corporation they would say they were restructuring. But giving the police military weapons, armor and vehicles is something only a totalitarian regime would support. We all know we need police, we just don't need them shooting people suffering from a psychotic episode unless they're moments away from tragedy and there's absolutely no other way to stop them. Not when they're out in the cold naked with a knife but obviously to far away from anyone they could harm with the knife.
This is the problem with how language is used in politics to promote a political parties agenda against all reason and proportion. Both parties do it, like when Janet Reno had them drop that bomb on that building killing everyone inside. There's NO excuse for law enforcement to be using explosives unless it's to breach a barricaded group of criminals, but certainly not to obliterate them and their fortification.
I keep hearing conservatives claiming that Biden WILL shut down the economy.
NO ONE wants the economy shut down, nor is it necessary, but you can't cry oppression every time you're inconvenienced by having to use proper PPE social distancing and cleanliness. Certainly not during a pandemic.
This is the difference between dictators and politicians, for politicians policy should change to match the situations, dictators decide before the fact and as the situation worsens double downs on their lack of foresight.
I've been called "wishy washy" because I've changed my opinions with new information, that's what sane rational people are supposed to do, it's a strength, not a weakness. I blame the mythology of the "alpha male" with their inate one solution for all occasions, there's nothing weaker then this rendition of "alpha maleness."
The universe isn't simple unless you're simple minded.

Yes, as I state in the group description, "may contain some positional bias in hope to foster discussion"... guess it worked 😉


Reverse all the anti-environmental/drilling/fracking/anti-endangered species protections! This can be done while they're focusing on the covid issue.

LucyLoohoo Level 9 Nov 12, 2020

I'm one of the larger funders of the Alaska Wilderness League [] which got Biden to commit to reversing some of Trump's policy changes there (to make some test drills for oil on protected land).

@Admin THANK you! I watched a presentation today by a young man who's deeply involved in the Standing Rock struggle...we've got to get control of that land back to the people, too!


Pandemic control

Larimar Level 7 Nov 12, 2020
  1. Pandemic/ACA reform
  2. Climate/Paris agreement
  3. Wealth Tax/Scrap Trump's Tax cuts and Spending
  4. Improve Foreign Relations
  5. Improve Racial/LGBTQ Relations(Bias Training included with Reparations if a Good Plan) (LGBT Rights given back)
  6. Keep Abortion readily available
  7. Get Citizenship for Immigrats(Get them damn Kids Reconnected with their Parents too)
  8. College debts
  9. Even out the SC
  10. NATO funding

If anything else, Bring the U.S. closer together as a Nation

Great list. Too bad all of them run completely antithetical to the last sentence you wrote. Even though a lot of that stuff would help Republicans, a majority of them are so stupid they have been conditioned to support many things that are completely against their own best interests.


Return caged children to their families. Also direct the DOJ to begin proceedings against the Trump family on charges ranging from Fraud to Crimes Against Humanity.

redhog Level 7 Nov 12, 2020

The first thing I would like to see Biden do, is to rescind every executive order that trump put his name on.

Here's a list. [] Are you sure that all are bad?

@Admin I read each of these as he did them. When one reads them fully, and understands what each one actually did/does, you find that many were unnecessary or repealing earlier executive orders. Many of them did not accomplish anything good for the American people.


Jail the turd!

Mofo1953 Level 9 Nov 12, 2020

@Admin None of the above except possibly the public option. This poll reads like it was written by the Trump campaign. Was it?

barjoe Level 9 Nov 12, 2020

I didn't see that, Joe...maybe you should read it again?

@LucyLoohoo I read it. I don't support any of those things. I felt the Trump campaign misrepresented Joe Biden's record and that what I see in all 20 or so "poll questions" in this post. You didn't see it. That's fine. I did.

@barjoe A passionate environmentalist---I want a ''green new deal,'' I want that damned wall to go away, I want the pandemic addressed (of course) and I want to see those tax breaks for millionaires/big business removed. Don't you? I'm your friend--this is NOT argumentative.

The list is part from lists I found online. I did put in a couple things that Trump did that members might not want to reverse... along with many that are clearly contentious or opposed.

I don't support Green New Deal. Biden doesn't endorse it. Tax laws won't change. GOP controls Senate. Yes I think Biden will.end the pandemic. The poll describes Democrat promises. Bernie and AOC aren't president, Biden is. I'm not a liberal. I'm a conservative. I'm just not a racist or a homophobe but I hate Donald Trump. I don't support the left.

@barjoe Thanks for explaining. I saw the question as areas the new administration should focus on. The environment is equality is another, etc.


The primary objectives must be to get a handle on the pandemic, and provide substantive relief to those most severely affected.
Everything else is secondary.

It wouldn't hurt my feelings if the new AG and DOJ looked into all 45's (and his grifting family's) shady business dealings. Along with McConnell and company's. Elaine Chao, too.
However, that's much further down the list.

KKGator Level 9 Nov 12, 2020

I'm afraid, with a Republican-led Senate, little or nothing will be done, unless a few senators rebel.
BUT, having said that,

Storm1752 Level 8 Nov 12, 2020

I agree.


Make AMAZON pay some taxes along with You know who.

Mooolah Level 8 Nov 12, 2020

Several of these should be on the list. I'm missing making the telecoms fall under title II again and "right to repair". The first two priorities should probably be fighting Covid-19 and providing relief to affected workers.


This reads like a "push poll". It injects untruths into the mix.

"Speed up citizenship for undocumented ..." There isn't any process to speed up.

"Tighten COVID lockdowns ..." There aren't any federally-mandated lockdowns

"Join the Paris Agreement ..." should be "re-join"

"Give free health care to undocumented ... " there's a popular right-wing myth that undocumented people get free stuff. They don't.

"Require all government workers to pay for unions" ... Another right-wing myth. It should say "require all federal workers who are protected by unions to pay their union dues"

"Increase federal funding of abortion" ... Implies that there is some federal funding of abortion. There isn't.

"Reverse Trump's funding historically black colleges ... " Trump tossed them a crumb for publicity, but simultaneously placed requirements on all universities that reduced funding for all universities, including historically black ones.

"Eliminate or forgive college debt ... " states that this is equivalent to printing money. An outright lie. This question, above all others, proves that this survey is malicious.

"View China more as a partner than a threat" ... implies that this would be a reversal of current policy. It wouldn't be.

Don't fall for the spin, my friends.

BitFlipper Level 8 Nov 13, 2020

Of course, as I state in the group description, "may contain some positional bias in hope to foster discussion"... just as your comment has bias 😉


Get the pandemic controlled and the economy back running.

This is definitely job one, else the rest is mute.

@Canndue "mute" ? -- in (political) space, no one can hear you scream 🙂😮

@FearlessFly 🤪 sorry moot



Tax the big tech companies, and let that money fund public education.......for something other than standardized testing!!!

linxminx Level 8 Nov 13, 2020

Rescind every executive order that Trump put his name on. Change foreign policy, go with Paris accords, back NATO, cut military spending, check into the green new deal and Medicare for all. We must also restore the EPA or lose clean water and food along the way. Our country should be set up for "we the people" but the Trump way of doing that is all for millionaires.

I named some people to my insurance lady today and she told me they run the country. I said they would like to run the country maybe, but they don't. Her biggest gripe is that we should have "legal immigration." When was it not legal? Trump spews that Mexico is not sending it's best, they are sending rapists thieves, and killers. STOP. What we need to wake up to is the fact that nobody is being sent. People are often coming here in fear for their lives and they have dangerous conditions and surroundings. They want a better life. We should all want a better life and a better world. As for Trump's wall it's mostly a smoke screen and a talking point for Cult 45.

DenoPenno Level 9 Nov 12, 2020

He fooled the sheep into believing it.


It all depends on who controls the Senate. If it's McTurtle, not much except for executive orders and foreign policy.

Sticks48 Level 9 Nov 12, 2020

Sadly, so much of the stuff they ran against.

M4A should be right at the top. The ACA is just a corporate giveaway for the health insurance industry.

What's M4A? To me, it's a format to save audio files....

@Admin - Medicare For All. Joe's rhetoric about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) more accurately describes M4A.


First and foremost, imo, instigate that the President Elect takes over the reins IMMEDIATELY rather than having this utterly ridiculous chaotic Transition period.

Triphid Level 9 Nov 12, 2020

@deependoflife I say that since here in Australia we hold a Federal Election, the votes are counted, the tally is published with a very days at most, NO Electoral Colleges, etc, etc, deciding the outcome and we KNOW who is the new Leader of the Country and that Leader is sworn in within a week at the most.
Our Election system may NOT be 100% perfect BUT, imo, it is nowhere near as batshit crazy as the U.S. system.
Jeez Louise, who EVER designed your Electoral system must have ben bloody certifiable or pissed as a bloody newt.

@Triphid Australia gained autonomy in 1942 right? Give it another century or two of selective pressure from selfish people clutching onto power and it too would be a marvelous mess

@WilliamG Nope, we are STILL under the Thumb of England and the heel of the U.S. and, imo, none of that will change until we wake up and tell them both to take a running jump.


While these won't happen under Biden:

Ending the federal reserve.

Changing our election process in ways that don't strongly favor the rich, major corporations, and our faux two party system.

SirLogan Level 3 Dec 19, 2020

facilitate the right to die, for sick people trapped in a hospital bureaucracy

holdenc98 Level 7 Nov 13, 2020

infrastructure bill

covid relief for Americans


POS Biden already backtracking on pot platform promises.

Which ones? Banking, decriminalization?

@Admin - I'll have to find the piece linked from the FB post I saw. I pretty much scanned their excerpt. This piece summarizes his somewhat noncommittal stance, and the gist of that other piece was he's included little or none of it in his action plan once he takes office though that was supposedly in his campaign platform.


@Admin - here's the piece.


"Marijuana reform advocates have been looking for signs that an incoming president-elect Joe Biden will make good on his campaign pledge to pursue cannabis policy changes since the former vice president has been projected to win the election. But they didn’t get any such sign in a new racial equity plan his transition team has put forward.

While Biden emphasized on the campaign trail that cannabis decriminalization and expungements would be part of his racial justice agenda, the plan released over the weekend omits any specific mention of marijuana reform.

Many of the proposals are broadly described, however, and it’s possible that a policy like decriminalization could be folded into broader commitments to eliminate “racial disparities and ensuring fair sentences,” for example.

In any case, there’s been some skepticism on the part of advocates that Biden’s stated support for cannabis reform will be matched with administrative action. And although he and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have repeatedly promised to follow through with decriminalization and expungements if elected, that issue did not make the cut in the new “commitment to uplifting Black and Brown communities.”"


Hahaha. Gonna see a lot of these posts.
Great choice.


Sounds like a lot of people can’t wait for their taxes to go up.

I can weather it, but I can’t wait to watch the storm.

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