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Are Twitter and Facebook's new "Hate Speech" rules fair?

In a timing coincidence, both Twitter [] and Facebook [] announced new censorship rules on what they define as "hate speech". Twitter says they are simply expanding their definition to include race and give examples such as "All [national origin] are cockroaches who live off welfare..." and "People who are [race] are leeches...". In a similar move, Facebook is changing their "hate speech" algorithms to depriortize hateful comments against Whites, men, and Americans. Does this perhaps signal that these groups are fair game for "hate"?

These new content rules will lead to...

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Admin 8 Dec 3
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The minute some people get told their behavior is no longer acceptable, they starting whining about how unfairly they're being treated.

KKGator Level 9 Dec 3, 2020

If this video was done the other way, would it be considered "hate speech"? [note: tone changes dramatically after 75 seconds]

@Admin They're private entities, not the government.
People can say what they want, but there are always consequences.

@Admin No need to reverse the video. There is many, many videos of white people openly admitting their disdain for black people and minorities. A simple internet search and you will find this easily. What is your point?


Neither my racial identity, nor my masculinity, nor my nationality are delicate enough to feel threatened by this move.

skado Level 9 Dec 3, 2020

Are people who don't share your race, gender, or place of birth delicate and therefore need this protection?

People who have been marginalized and discriminated against and murdered for centuries due to a socially constructed prejudice based on a superficial physical appearance they have no control over are in a precarious position that I am not in. The very least I can do is set my egoic identity interests aside while using social media fer cryin out loud. I am heartened by the fact that some corporate heads voluntarily take risks on behalf of those who don't have a choice. Privilege is often invisible to the privileged.


I stay away from the septic tank called Facebook, it's a monolith of populist stupidity.
Plus they sell your personal information to anyone with $$.
I also avoid ALL right wing media for the same reason, but at least they're honest about being lying cheating MF ers.

They are? Those motherfuckers call themselves "fair and balanced"!

@JeffMurray They have to, or they wouldn’t be liars, this is like the first rule in “The Dark Side for Dummies”


My first thought is since they own the network, they get to moderate it as they see fit. I don't have a problem with that. If their rules negatively affect my experience as a member I will cancel my account. If it negatively affects enough people, they will change the rules.

A lot of xstian conservatives are now joining a conservative media platform. We have

I'm more in agreement with you if these large media sites were not de facto monopolies. For comparison, here's's traffic: []

@Admin Myspace was a de facto monopoly. AOL was huge also. Where are they now?

@Admin, @OldMetalHead the problem arises that many people end up believing that the fbuk rules are real law. Therefore if fbuk says thst it is ok to hate & discriminate against all white men that is what many of these people will do.
IMO Zuckerburg, the directors & senior management of fbuk should be charged with inciting social unrest, violence & murder.

@OldMetalHead, @Admin Charging can be done by white citizens of non American countries that have codified the international human rights conventions into their domestic laws.


I don't have a problem with them going after hate speech. Nor do I have a problem with them depioritizing speech against the privileged (whites, men, Americans). They are a private entity and set the rules as they please. If you don't agree you are welcome to not use them. I see social media venues as a "private party", your host says "this is how we all will behave or you will be asked to leave". Agree or go home.

And for all the people who do not understand the Constitution... the "free speech" line is only for "not" being persecuted by the gov for your words. It doesn't cover anything else, so please don't throw that down.

Leelu Level 7 Dec 3, 2020

Trump and most politician's speeches are full of hate. The constitution is not being complied with.


It's their site. They choose the rules, you have to live by them.

If you don't like their rules, stop using FB and tweetcentral

Edited to add:
my ability to respond to replies on this topic has been turned off. I wonder why?

And would you condone them inciting revolution, sharia law, an American killing fields - murder of every educated person over 35?

"Them" is "Us".
There is no Twitter or FB independent of the people using it.

@TheMiddleWay I didn't vote for it.

Sorry; not tracking: Vote for what?

@TheMiddleWay the fbuk & twitr rule changes. It's not democratic.

Ah. Well, you nor I get a vote in corporate affairs unless we are shareholders.
As customers, we vote with our wallet not a ballot.

@TheMiddleWay exactly, If you agree with f/b twitter instagram etc. you join and use it. This is your vote. You don't use it, that is also your vote.

@AmmaRE007 it is an wide source of information to be enjoyed or used to further your aims.


It is SO unfair to ban white supremacist social media posts that incite violence against black and brown people and to simultaneously allow criticism of white supremacy. I mean, can you imagine if newspapers banned advertisements and editorials calling slaves inferior, and offering bounties and lynchings of escaped slaves, but allowed abolitionists to rally a nation for all black people to be free? It is despicable to think about it!!!!


Bobbyzen Level 8 Dec 3, 2020

If this video was done the other way, would it be considered "hate speech"? [note: tone changes dramatically after 75 seconds]

Except that it is true. Isn't American justice run on monetary lines? The bounty system is heavily employed resulting in a profession of bounty hunters? Don't black & coloured people comprise the majority of prison inmates? Therefore it can be said that they are discriminated against & so will posting of the fact be banned as a hate crime?

@Admin Whataboutism is a silly game. Moreover, it cannot be reversed for it would be untrue. If you consider some of the statements, for example that white people are superior at colonizing, then reverse it as you suggest...well it can’t really be reversed, can it? Black people did not colonize America or Africa or the Middle East etc. etc.

@Admin This link is blacked out. When I try to follow it, it says my device is no longer supported. Can you post the link instead of just the video?


Hate speech needs to be banned from social media and forums. I believe in freedom of speech as long as it isn't hate filled.

xenoview Level 7 Dec 3, 2020

There's where it gets thorny. Who gets to decide what's ''hate'' speech? Take a look at twitter....hateful remarks dripping from more posts than not...encouraged by the "fool on the hill."

@LucyLoohoo "Who gets to decide" -- there is no legal restriction for private entities (FB et. al.) to restrict whatever they want.

Facebook explicitly says that anti-White "hate speech" will be allowed.

@Admin Citation please.

But soft brains interpret sound advice as criticism and therefore hateful exposure of them.
Next we will not be allowed to call proven killers murderers & manslaughterers!

@Admin If FB truly says that, why won't you indicate where so we can view it in context?

@Admin Positive discrimination - it happened 30+ years ago to supposedly lift/prevent discrimination against women. In Australia it resulted in female university academics claiming & having it accepted that women could not be perpetrators of violence.
After having a woman try to murder me 30+ years ago by slashing my jugular I was advised by the desk sergeant at the third most corrupt police station in the state to either go home & forget about it or be thrown in a cell overnight & charged next day with domestic violence against a woman. And you are not given a lawyer.


Don't know enough about it, however it is about time that something was done about hate speech. Of course there are more than one way to belittle someone but they will have to learn better English.

Jolanta Level 8 Dec 3, 2020

As for facebook, I have to agree that in terms of priority saying derogatory things towards "White American men" is less harmful than saying derogatory comments towards "non-white foreign women" for the simple reason that white American men have more power, and thus more protection, than their counterparts in the US.

An analogy off the top of my head is a fire department responding to two fires. One fire has a sprinkler system while the other does not. I don't think anyone would think less of the fire department if they prioritized the house without the sprinkler system over the one with the sprinkler system. this does not mean they will not attend to the one with the sprinkler system, but they will attend to the one without first.

Likewise if two comments are made such as "all black foreign women should die" versus "all white American men should die", I don't think less of prioritizing the former population over that latter given that the latter population has more tools to take care of themselves and that historically the threat against the former population is more likely to be realized than the latter

Excellent illustration.

"I don't think anyone would think less of the fire department if they prioritized the house without the sprinkler system over the one with the sprinkler system."
No I would think less of the fire department for NOT sending out TWO fire engines
"Likewise if two comments are made such as "all black foreign women should die" versus "all white American men should die", I don't think less of prioritizing the former population "
Both statements come down to "People must die" both statements are evil and are equally despicable and illegal. Law must apply equally to everyone or else the law itself is corrupt and need to be fixed.
"given that the latter population has more tools to take care of themselves"
Seriously? You contend that there is no such thing as a poor white man, or a well off person of another ethnicity?


I still use Facebook and I use it often. No one deletes any of my posts and when I get a troll I just block them.
Guidelines are going to be very hard for Facebook to actually enforce equally because they're relying on individuals to do the enforcement. I'm sure they have some algorithms to catch keywords but I'm pretty sure a real person decides whether or not it's used inappropriately. I am actually thankful that they are trying to moderate the hate.

Just like government any business without rules and regulations will be inundated with a buttload of misuse.

Lorajay Level 8 Dec 3, 2020

The "Life of Brian" could never be made today as it offends too many fuckwits.

powder Level 8 Dec 3, 2020

Nope. I got silenced for 7 days for using this: 🖕🏻At an anti-masker who literally said “fuck the mask mandates” My emoji got me suspended while their language passed. You can’t convince me Facebook and Twitter aren’t staunch Trump supporters.

RobinGray Level 6 Dec 3, 2020

Yeah, I can't see how anyone could argue that with a straight face. For 5 fucking years Trump has been saying shit that would get anyone else banned.


To paraphrase Churchill:

‘Many forms of Social Media have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that Facebook is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that Facebook is the worst form of Social Media except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.…’


How do I block these stupid polls from showing up in my feed???

FrostyJim Level 7 Dec 4, 2020

Recently l had a warning on Facebook before I could make my post. It was a political post, but the question was "you're a dirty beyatch" not even the word bitch. It said I had violated community standards and offered me to edit before I posted. I removed the nasty line and cleaned up the comments before I posted. My opinions weren't scrutinized, my nasty wording was. I shouldn't talk that way, but it freaked me out that big brother in the form of an algorithm bot was watching. I'm not sure what to think.

I like this site and slug because I've never been reprimanded by admin. I've pushed the envelope a few times, more so I've gotten flamed cursed at, called a commie, a fascist, a racist, an Islamaphobe, a libtard a freeloader on the public dole. None of which are true. I've been told to go f#ck myself, and worse. I try if I'm going to be mean to anybody, to word it properly so as to not be provable. I've never reported anybody. I just block them if I can't take it anymore. Facebook kind of sucks. Twitter doesn't appear to use algorithm, the rely on reporting posts. I like the way you run these sites.

barjoe Level 9 Dec 3, 2020

@Fred_Snerd I only block people who just won't leave it alone. I don't want to argue for days at a time with the same person. If they think I'm wrong, fine. Tell me to go fuck myself and go on with your business. If they are pressing me that life is too short, I might have to block them. Yes slug is Admin's version of Parler.


Seeing how nasty these platforms have grown over the past year or two, this is probably a good thing. I’m not a proponent of censorship, prefer to see society self police, but these are not normal times.

Canndue Level 7 Dec 3, 2020

Ah, the putrid stench of irrational conservative fear in the crisp winter breeze.

@VeronicaAnn And her racist profile is allowed to stand on this website while its administrator complains about other platforms taking responsible actions on racism.


I guess the "Assbook and Shitter fuck up everything they do, including policing hate speech" option falls under "Something else, comment below".

I got thrown in Assbook jail for 24 hours after writing "Fuck Christians" in the comments of a friend's post (kind of lost my temper at something and just banged it out and hit enter) and I know people who got thrown in AJ for saying nasty things about Nazis. Hell all you have to do is mention Hitler, in just about any capacity, and there you go, your account is suspended.


People should be allowed to say whatever they want, however ignorant, dumb, and hateful they may be. This undesirable figure of speech is a risk we run in a free society, and it's not Twitter or Facebook's responsibility to infringe on this liberty of free speech. If I'm hateful or ignorant, unfriend me. Just as I would unfriend them. Outside of flagging dangerously wrong or false information from news or bloggers, nothing more should be censored. The onus is on us to be intelligent and civil to one another. If we can't we can;t, but we should go down in that fight with liberty wrapped in our hands.

KevinMR Level 7 Dec 4, 2020

People can say whatever they want. They have freedom of speech. If you say something on Facebook, does an agent of the government come and arrest you? No? Then you have freedom of speech. Have you ever been to a bar and been such an annoying sod they throw you out? Did you cry about freedom of speech then? Or, did you realize you had violated their standards and they chucked you to the curb. You do not have freedom of repercussions.


Can you cite evidence of the claim to "deprioritize" or is this just speculation?

Krish55 Level 7 Dec 3, 2020

I gave up on "Suckerbook", aka Facebook, years ago since imo it is all about mostly mindless drivel, etc, etc and appeasing the snowflake minorities and Trolls that infest it.
At least with we CAN speak our minds, Trolls may exist there in disguise at times BUT we can insults, ridicule and deride them at our pleasure as part of our RIGHT to Free Speech and Expression.

Triphid Level 8 Dec 3, 2020

Freedom of speech, in the USA, is only guaranteed from the government. Individuals don't have to give that leeway to others. And one thing we know about corporations from FEC v. Citizens United is that corporations are people too, able to enjoy the rights afforded to all people.

PadraicM Level 7 Dec 3, 2020

@Dyl1983 PadraicM is talking about the US Constitution. What are you talking about?

@Dyl1983 Free speech means the government will not punish you for what you say. There is nothing about consequences from other parties. I don't understand why people don't get that.

I misread his post. Oops.

@Dyl1983 I also do that. Too often. But I was actually asking about your take on the subject. Sorry if it came off harsh. This is a weird thread.

@Sticks48 I think that, should you care to read it, The International Bill of Human Rights also grants the Freedom of Speech.

@Triphid "Freedom of speech" has nothing to do with guaranteeing no consequences. If you walk into your bosses office and tell him he is a stupid fuck and his wife is fat and ugly, the state will do absolutely nothing to you because you have broken no law. You will however be looking for another job. Consequences.

@Sticks48 I know that BUT I cannot be accused of being insulting, etc, etc, IF I use the words "In my Opinion" since an opinion IS not an actual statement under the Laws here in Australia.


I'm thinking of how the NFL at the start of every season has "points of emphasis" (penalties the league wants to see enforced more often) for their referees. And as usual the games have strange and crazy calls by the officials.

In a similar vein, I don't see anything changing on Facebook. My political friends (both liberal and conservative alike) will occasionally whine that FB is on the other side and play victim.

Life will go on and I'll still love them.


I have been banned 5 times in the last few months by FB. I commented on racist and anti-Semitic. posts calling them "white trash". FB protects white supremists!!!!???? They were all white and looked trashy.

me too for various reasons some I knew might be bad some I did not think were bad I think im out of jail now and I haven't been back

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