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What do you expect to be achieved by this week's pro-Trump DC rally?

Scheduled on January 6th to protest alleged fraud in the 2020 election, the "Stop the Steal" rally is anticipated to draw thousands of the most avid Trump supporters. Calling for the election results to not be certified, the demands feel unprecedented even when considering the aftermath of the 2000 Bush/Gore and Trump/Clinton ("Not my president" ) election. What do you think is going on and what will come of it?

Admin 9 Jan 4
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I'm anticipating violence, and more hyper-partisan news coverage that has become the norm under this admin. But I do not think it will stop Biden's transition to the WH. Congressional republicans seem to be in favor of posturing themselves for their constituents, but draw the line at actually breaking the democratic structures that could end their careers or the security of the nation as we know it. They're bending things to find the breaking point which they will use to their advantage in the future.

summatyme Level 6 Jan 4, 2021

Nice insight. 😉


I think Trump is desperately attempting to stay in office in an effort to avoid criminal prosecution and civil liabilities that Presidential Immunity protects him from now. I think that there are plenty of racists, idiots and the greedy in the country to rally around a criminal like him because they are either racist enough to want the continuation of white supremacy represented openly in the WH, to stupid to understand the repercussions of having a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexual predator running the country or making money off the misery and slow destruction of Americans so they don't care.

Comes from having a country to immature to understand that with rights come responsibilities and creating a founding document that only requires the respect of the former and not the latter is a childish fantasy of greedy, short sighted men.

redbai Level 8 Jan 4, 2021

I expect it to be yet another super-spreader event, I expect it to foment violence against less pale people, and I expect it to be designed to be nothing but a dog-whistle fest to whip his base into a frenzy, in an attempt to start a civil war.

Notlost Level 6 Jan 4, 2021

Ay let them gather in the millions, so they all could drop dead.


I’m tired to death of this election and this nation.

rainmanjr Level 8 Jan 4, 2021

Me too. sigh

Yeah 😣


Donald Trump's support base needs to be identified for what it is: a bunch of anarchists.

anglophone Level 8 Jan 4, 2021

You left wing people are the anarchists!

@Trajan61 Please excuse me for shitting myself with laughter at your reply.

@anglophone Seeing as your from Australia what could you possibly know about American politics?

@anglophone Trajan61 wouldn't have been able to spell "anarchists" if you hadn't spelled it first.

@Trajan61 Please, explain--how can we be both Communists and Anarchists?

@Trajan61 Seeing as you are in America, it is impossible for you to know anything outside the USA, and that includes knowing the limits of your own ignorance. Oh, and if you want to play the "Game of Insults", it is already too late for you as you have already lost. You can have this jelly baby by way of a consolation prize. 🙂

@Trajan61 Well Trajan, you sound like a 3rd grader. I should correct anglophone. He/she is wrong. Trump supporters are no different than those who supported Hitler or Stalin, for Trump is surely in their club, Going on 350,000 deaths and you support him????Ignorance on a stupendous scale, especially when you consider, which you obviously don't and can't see that he is stealing your money and destroying your water, air and food on an unprecedented scale. I call that attempted murder!!

Given this thread's conversation...this is a little old but could be classified as relevant []

@Healthydoc70 LOL! I was poking fun at @Trajan61 with my admittedly xenophobic and unjustified claim about people living in America. I would add Mao Zedong to the triumvirate of Trump, Hitler and Stalin given the millions that Mao killed with his purges and the way he whipped up the youth of China to achieve that.

Religious Whackjobs.

@Joanne Probably a Trumpanzee.

@Trajan61 There is no voter fraud. Just like trump's birther lies. The media has created something that is not real and the politicians want to investigate the lie they created. BOTH sides have had committees look into voter fraud - it's NOT there! Minor shit happens but on the big scale of major elections there is nothing to swing an election.
The Fairness Doctrine needs to be brought back.

@silverotter11 Why is it the democrats almost always object to showing a valid ID to vote? To me that reflects an intention to commit fraud!

@Trajan61 Why is it that total nutters always make crazy unsubstantiated and unsubstantiable claims?

@Trajan61 The only people I know who object to showing ID where I live are republicans, except if the people voting are not white and then you best have your ID.
FYI, WA State has had all mail in balloting for years. When you register to vote your ID is checked, the auditors office does that. There are no road blocks like limiting the number of ballot boxes. One of the reason the state went to mail in ballots was to save money, make access better for all residents rich, poor, rural or city. Why do some states say you have to have a vehicle registered in the state in order to vote? Yes, Georgia tried to get that in before the run off today. Why did Texas limit the number of drop boxes? Counties in MY state ADDED more boxes.

@Trajan61 Let's see your evidence that "democrats almost always object to showing a valid ID to vote"?

You have no idea how facts are established, do you?

@LovinLarge []

@silverotter11 []

@silverotter11 Absolutely the Fairness Doctrine should be brought back, and let the Supreme Court decide if it's constitutional or not.I've been saying that since the late 1980s. The lack of it is one of the main reasons--if not THE main reason--this ignorance is allowed to grow and fester. It may be a relatively small percentage of people who listen to the megaphone which is AM Radio, but those people then spread the lies and ignorance spewed forth by AM Hate Radio to everyone they know.
Reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine should be the first thing Joe Biden does January 20.

@Trajan61 And your point is? @LovinLarge

@Trajan61 Why do you rely on lunatic fringe conspiracy mongers? @silverotter11

@Healthydoc70 If Trump was anything like Mao, Stalin or Hitler you would be dead! You evidently don’t know your history very well.

@Storm1752 The Fairness Doctrine? I can see the constitutional arguement against it. But a Fairness Network aimed at television? That would be a great idea. Right now all you get are versions of the same propaganda on multiple networks. Maybe the fairer thing would be requiring a warning label that states the generally perceived political bias of the news source, so we could know atleast ONE aspect was definately true of the content. I think the larger the news agency, the more money involved, the more important it would be to make this public declaration. In the declaration would be a reminder to seek out other sources in order to balance perspective. A warning against the ill effects of biased news.

@Trajan61 Your link does not support your claim, Einstein.



@anglophone Got it. I was going to add Mao, but got tired and figured he wouldn't know who it was given his obvious high degree of information level.LOL

@Trajan61 Very weak. You have no idea and coming from you, Mr Flat earther it is hilarious

@Trajan61 "News for Conservatives"? Nope, evidence has to be credible

@LovinLarge So you probably consider CNN and MSNBC along with CBS and ABC to be credible?

@Trajan61 Not always, it depends what their source is for any given article. The only source in your article is The Washington Times which I had already proven is not a credible source. If something is true, there exists unbiased evidence to prove it

@Trajan61 Here we go again. Anyone who is not an american can't know anything. You are so brroad minded

@Trajan61 The only fraud going on is Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression. And the Republicans are the experts at this

@Trajan61 If Trump had the same Power as Stalin or Hitler then you may find that you could be dead by now

@Trajan61 "@Healthydoc70 If Trump was anything like Mao, Stalin or Hitler you would be dead! You evidently don’t know your history very well." Your ignorance appears to be boundless.


I've seen proud boy posts showing they plan to dress in all black and attempt to blend into the antifa folks so they can more discreetly cause destruction to avoid identification. Don't underestimate these folks.

Larimar Level 7 Jan 4, 2021

I keep an eye on some things just to see what we're up against. They actually believe this BS

@Larimar Geez! Those posts are scary. It wouldn't surprise me to see America in a civil war.

@linxminx I know!!! But I've seen even more of these. They're insane!

@Larimar Where are you seeing these posts?

@Larimar Wow, people so stupid they are willing to die for Trump, though I'm sure there's not a human on this planet he would do the same for, including his wife and children. And what a charming screen name the first post had - "VapingTrumpsPiss".

We've had plenty of false flag events in the past, only in those cases it was the cops or the intelligence agencies like the CIA or FBI pretending to be leftists. Maybe this time the authorities and the media might actually see thru it, since the right wingers are being dumb enough to publicly tip their hand ahead of time. But I won't hold my breath on that, since leftists always get smeared and bad-mouthed by the corporate media and the government no matter how innocent they may be of crime or wrong-doing. As American as apple pie....

@Larimar JFC these people are demented and have lost their fucking minds. I fear for this Country with morons like this running around.

@linxminx The worst ones are on Parler. But equally bad is certain facebook groups that I lurk in or see posted by cousins where's she (primarily) is sharing. I'm in a group that lurks in right wing groups and shares also. Know your enemy and then you can fight them. Where we can, we report.

@Redheadedgammy All the more reason to petition your representatives to bring back some form of the Fairness Doctrine.

@Larimar Have you been watching the news? I'm sure you are not surprised seeing as how this was discussed on Parler and Facebook. Like you said, never underestimate these people.

@linxminx I know....utterly disgusting. And princess Ivanka called them patriots, then deleted the tweet, he's still stirring them up, and so forth.

@Larimar Unfortunately, even when Biden is sworn in, I don't think we've heard the last of Trump and his family.

@linxminx No, it's going to take time and hard work to tamp this down if we can. I suggest reinstituting laws to force media back to facts and fine them when they don't. And we need to dig up all the dirt on what has happened in the last 4-12 yrs under Republicans and expose it. And the same goes for Dems. Start holding our representatives to truth.


"What do you think is going on"

"what will come of it?"

More division until people realize they are being strategically used as political pawns.

Trumpers need to wake up and realize their real and main enemies are not liberals and minority groups that are advocated for with identity politics. Those true enemies are the rich and corporations that pull the strings of both major parties in DC. Anything else is distraction and empty calories that might make poor and working class whites feel better, but will do nothing to improve their economic standing, their health, their life expectancy, or their impending doom as redundant workers or labor under the trade agreements that have sold away their jobs and futures.

Thank you Victoria. None of the above. I consider myself an active moderate. I know there are many of us and don't understand why we were left out.

Good video. There seems to be a growing hate between the progressives and Trumpers with both side saying the other side is bad/misguided. Do pawns ever realize they're being played?

@TomMcGiverin These are mostly all religious folks. They have been brought up to follow, to blindly obey and that’s basically it. Anyone they deem more powerful or smarter than them they’ll treat as a “God” or a “Messiah”. And if they tell the flock to jump 5 feet, they’ll jump 10. Breaking away from being conditioned and brainwashed for a decent segment of your life is the same thing as quitting addictive drugs such as cigs, coke, heroin. Unless you have extraordinary willpower and most people just don’t, you can NEVER, NEVER accomplish this.

"I consider myself an active moderate. I know there are many of us and don't understand why we were left out. "

@JackPedigo As I understood it, he was specifically talking about how emotional words used by high conflict politicians tend to foster a four-way voter split: loyalists, riled-up resisters, mild moderates, and disenchanted drop-outs.

I don't think he was suggesting that everyone falls into one of these 4 groups, but I understand how the title may have left that impression.

@Admin Thanks for watching. The growing disdain toward the Other isn't just between the Trump supporters and Progressives. It's systemic.

This division started back with newt gingrich. When the Fairness Doctrine was struck down AM Talk Radio really took off and fox media took to TV.
What has been going on for 5 years is the creation of something that is not real - voter fraud. trump actually laid the ground work with his birther lie about Obama. It worked and fox media was paying close attention.
The politicians know there is no voter fraud but this is working to keep them in power.
And behind it all are big corporations and the wealthy.
The bill that included no longer people being allowed to create shell LLCs to hide money was a HUGE step in trying to control the flow of money into our government via the election cycle.
We now have to see what happens in Georgia.

@VictoriaNotes Thanks Victoria but yes, the title was "which voter type are you?" To me this puts the reader into these 4 categories. Also, I did hear some percentages, 30% and then 50% which added to the idea these are the types. Perhaps these could be the only types within one group or party but that was not stated. Again, language is not an exact science and it's really easy to misinterpret what one reads. I do it all the time.
BTW, I signed on to one word press group and am actively engaged.

@Admin The democrats were sore losers and immediately launched a bogus investigation against Trump and his people after he was elected in 2016. I hope the republicans do the same to that senile crooked sob Biden and his looney left wing VP!!

I wish is was as simple as what is said in the Video. I think it's so much more than that what's happening now. It's Racism, It's Lies, It all started with Birtherism and ended with insurrection. It's how Fascism starts and It's not over yet.

@Trajan61 eeeeh hello. You think you can distract from what your Overlord Trump just did with lies about Biden. I don't think so this time

@dermot235 Fair point, it's complex, but we got to this point because of high conflict personalities. All you mentioned are indicative of HCPs.

"High-conflict people (HCPs) have high-conflict personalities. This means they have an ongoing pattern of all-or-nothing thinking, unmanaged emotions, extreme behavior or threats, and a preoccupation with blaming others. They have a Target of Blame, whom they regularly bully, harass, blame, humiliate, annoy, spread rumors about, and subject to many other adversarial behaviors."


@VictoriaNotes Very interesting Article in your link. Explains so much of what is going on right now


This is nothing more than political flatulence coming from Trump. He faces a growing number of State and Federal prosecutions after January 20 in both criminal and civil court. Let’s see how all this litigation plays out first. Then we’ll all know a lot more truth to put this man into proper historical perspective.

kensmile4u Level 8 Jan 4, 2021

I would love it if he was declared bankrupt and put into the slammer for the rest of his life.

Lol @ political flatulence. It's a succinct way to describe the past four years.


President Lardass is hoping for violence so he can invoke the Insurrection Act and declare martial law. I doubt the military will go along with it. Liberal groups are urging progressives to stay home to prevent such a scenario. The proud boys have already indicated they are going to dress some of their own as members of antifa to run a false flag insurgency and clash with the mama's boys. I don't see any of this working, but it will be a shitshow for sure.

zeuser Level 9 Jan 4, 2021

Making popcorn 🍿?

They could all kill themselves for all I care.


Nothing that lasts longer than a news cycle.

skado Level 9 Jan 4, 2021

I think the jail terms for some of the troublemakers may last significantly longer than a news cycle.

We can only hope.

@skado Hope is an illusion in the minds of the gullible and naive.

It is if it is.


Well, it will definitely be another super-spreader event, for one thing.
It's also be fodder for those who believe 45's lies.
I don't see anything remotely positive coming from this.

KKGator Level 9 Jan 4, 2021

The ONLY positives coming from this will be COVID-19 test results.


It will be a nuisance, make two days TV and print news but it is a sign of what has already started.

Trump will be a thorn on Biden's side for all four years and more.

  1. Trump will build a conservative movement bigger and stronger than the Tea Party and force the conservatives to get radical
  2. Trump will successfully build a media empire that will suck oxygen out of Fox News, you will see him TV shows every day
  3. It is possible that that he will inherit the radio show of Rush Limbaugh after Limbaugh is dead soon
  4. Trump will focus on defeating his sworn enemies Democrats in every race - local, state, federal.
  5. He will contradict every Biden and other Democrats move on foreign policy, immigration, Fed Chairman moves, stock market, legislative bills
  6. Trump will make sure that Democratic president, senators and House fail at everything by giving a better voice to the opposition, he will focus on defeating big name Democrats by funding, campaigning and running rumor media
  7. Trump will be a living nightmare for the Democrats as long as he is alive
  8. He will build a powerful Washington lobby for conservative causes but stay out of legal woes
  9. He will launch political donations, fund raising like no Republican has seen before
  10. He will successfully fight all legal moves by the justice department and New York and force AG and governors and force them to abandon all by sucking all oxygen out of their political capital. He will prop their opponents, critic. At some point, the governors and AGs have to choose between Trump and their own political future.
  11. He will begin to expand his businesses in Conservative states and overseas. He will focus on using favors due from Saudi Arabia, Israel etc.
  12. He will run for one term in 2024 after forcing Biden to fail for 4 years
  13. He will create a political dynasty after encouraging his children to run for Senate from safe red districts that will surpass Bush's

Democrats are very naive not to take Trump seriously and with the current old, weak, meek Congressional leadership... will pay a huge price at the polls going forward.

St-Sinner Level 9 Jan 4, 2021

Wow, that's an impressive list. I concur that the next 4 years will feel more divided than ever... if mutual compromise doesn't happen.

I was going to formulate a reply, but it looks like I don't need to...

@JeffMurray yeah, what he said. 😤

You seem to think Trump is a person of philosophical and moral integrity who meets adversity with dogged determination, long-term planning, and stoic adherence to principle.

@Admin You mean compromise like the democrats did after Trump won in 2016?

Do you need any integrity to be a nuisance and trouble maker? He still managed to get 70 million votes across the land in 2020, didn't he? While we keep underestimating him, Trump keeps beating us in the ground. How's that?

Of course he holds on to his opportunistically achieved positions as long as he can milk them, but when they nosedive, he bails. If he does otherwise this time it will be a complete departure from his entire life’s history.

@Admin what’s a mutual compromise ? Can u get this into measurable example ?
Maybe will spare division if no charges and prosecution of “ your good for the economy “ president ?
Wouldn’t that be sweet and nice and kind , and soo the right thing to do and stop the hate ... to not mention so convinient .
Let’s not worry about him rallying his supporters to spit on democracy’s face . Let’s focus on what can be done to stop “ dividing the country afterwards “. Bcz u know , priorities and shit .
There in not a fucking crime in the books that this guy and his government have not committed against this country , citizens , health , education , taxation , minors , women , gays , responding to a pandemic , blacks , fraud in all levels , but we are ok w rallying AGAIN . The problem is “ what will happen next “, and what can be done to restore devision. .
where is the post condemning this rally on the 6th ?
I ll wait . And won’t hold my breath . Blue is not my color dude .


Think Trump's right fringe supporters will get violent. Trump will try to enact Martial Law with disgraced General Flynn by his side. Hope they both get locked up before a riot takes place!!!!!

I think sedition may be a crime still. Who knows in this country now.

@JeffMurray ha the federal reserve apparently gets away with it every day?


Well apparently DC cops already grabbed the leader of the Proud Boys on multiple charges

redhog Level 7 Jan 4, 2021

Maybe he’ll get a nice large schlong up his fruity fudge tunnel.

Then he’ll be making a lot of “loud noise”.

@SeaRay215ex I'm kinda hoping some locked up gang members shank him.


I want each and every one of these yahoos not to wear a mask and have covid 19 render them sterile if not dead.

Mofo1953 Level 9 Jan 4, 2021

It will give the white nationalists and ‘hangers-on,’ one more (possibly last) chance to spotlight their anger and stupidity before the America people that they believe is not giving them what they deserved! Never mind that they haven’t earned respect, they might just take what they want, without permission or caring about what others want or need!


I just finished listening to Gabriel Sterling, Director of Elections for Georgia go line by line through every conspiracy theory disproving all of them in his press conference today. Then I popped over to The View and heard Meghan McCain say that according to the latest NPR poll, 72% of republicans believe the election was stolen.

We had a fair and just election. Biden won. However, I'm not sure that's enough. Mob mentality may push Biden's victory into a war for the presidency.

What do I think is going on? I think the Republican Party wants to rule America, totally and completely. They don't want a 2-party system. They want to control America, and they are doing what ever they can to make this happen. Trump will not go quietly or easily. If Biden does take office, we're headed into some hard years ahead. The Republicans will refuse to work with him, or with any of the democrats. I wouldn't be surprised if some states declared their independence from the US. It would not surprise me to see the US split into two countries--one liberal, one conservative. We'll have our own version of East and West Germany.

linxminx Level 8 Jan 4, 2021

If that happens, I would be fine with the South, for one region, splitting off from the US. We don't need them, we need much more progressive politics, which might be possible without the deeply red states.

@TomMcGiverin I think it will split along conservative and liberal lines. So, southern and middle states would be one country, the conservative side. The two coasts will be the liberal country. We'll see what happens.

@linxminx I think it's possible. If so, I would have to move to one of the coasts. It would be either PNW or New England, here I come!

"It would not surprise me to see the US split into two countries--one liberal, one conservative. We'll have our own version of East and West Germany." This might be the best solution. And from what I hear Republicans are leaving a lot of these Dem controlled areas. It's definately going to have a negative impact when there is huge amount of people leaving.

" to Gabriel Sterling, Director of Elections for Georgia go line by line through every conspiracy theory disproving all of them in his press conference today. " What did he say about the over 90% adjudication rate of ballots that was previously discussed. Like someone said "It would seem your ballot counter is broken." Or depending on perspective it might be just right. Did they find the missing ballots?

Okay let's try not to use words in a way that is incorrect "conspiracy theory" is not an option on the table until investigations are followef up on. Allegations is a better word.

Declaring independence from the United States is sedition and has been argued repeatedly with the consensus being they are traitors to the Constitution.
What is really needed is the Fairness Doctrine brought back in a form that works with the Constitution. That said:
The right wing via the right wing media created something that does not exist. Voter fraud is not real but they have convinced trump voters and supporters it is real. The scary part is the folks who started the lies about voter fraud know it's a lie. They understand the power of the media and NOW they want to investigate or audit something they created but know is not real.
Biden will be seated but will facts prevail or the lies.

@TomMcGiverin I would probably move to one of the coasts as well if this actually happened, although Omaha has a thriving liberal community.

@Flowerwall "over 90% adjudication rate of ballots." Can you clarify? I don't think this was discussed by Sterling, but I don't believe this was one of the allegations that Trump stated in the phone call either. Correct me if I"m wrong, as I'm not really following you. Honestly, I haven't kept all the allegations straight as they keep changing and morphing.

@silverotter11 "traitors to the Constitution." Yes that would be the states who did not follow their OWN states' constiturions during voting.

"they want to investigate or audit something they created but know is not real." If it's NOT REAL then WHAT is the problem?

@linxminx " we have scanned 113,113 ballots and adjudicated 106,000 so far." Richard Barron, Director of Fulton County elections.


I agree, we need to clean up this political divide and reign in those that propagandize information for their own gain with no regard of how it hurts the system under which said irresponsible media resides. It's like a virus that kills it own host.

JackPedigo Level 9 Jan 4, 2021

Those trumpsters need to grow some brains. 🙄

You libtards are the ones who need to grow some brains!

@Trajan61 The fact is that Biden & Harris won the election fair and square. It's the trumpian repubtards who are trying to steal the election from Biden.

@BestWithoutGods What in the hell are you talking about? There was rampant fraud. Nobody but a raving idiot would vote for that senile SOB Biden and his Looney VP!

The rampant fraud is on the part of the Chump and the followers he has conned. The rampant fraud is on the part of the trumpians. It is possible that Biden has memory problems, but Harris is anything but looney. The looney ones are the Chump in the White House, and his VP Halfpence. After four years of the Chump, Biden and Harris will be a welcome breath of fresh air. 🙂

@Trajan61, I hear lots of claims of fraud. So far there have been four proven cases of fraud. Three were in Pennsylvania. Those involved voters voting multiple times for Trump. One was in Georgia where somebody attempted to ote for a dead person. That vote was also for Trump.

As for all the fraud you have heard about, where is the evidence??? So far five dozen courts have asked for the evidence and haven't been shown any. I've lost count of the number of times that, when asked by the court for evidence of fraud, the Trump legal team says, "we are not alleging fraud, your honor."


Residents of DC near the rally areas should plan to stay with friends for a couple days. I think with that many pissed off Trump supporters, there could be some violence. Will anything of substance other than political posturing happen? Not likely. I expect the vote to be fully certified by the end of session.


Regarding this "big lie" of the alleged theft of the election, Goebbels would be proud of Trump.

kmaz Level 7 Jan 4, 2021

We just need Trump to go away a la Goebbels show of courage!!

@Healthydoc70, or he could just imitate his hero, Adolf. Trump knows where the bunker is.



Nothing, there may be some violence, but it will not stop the congress from approving the votes of the states.

glennlab Level 9 Jan 4, 2021

if indeed thousands show up i expect the collective IQ of DC to jump 6 points

My, you are quite the optimist.😉

I expect it to drop 100 points.


Unfortunately Trajan never learns and continuously walk into a shit storm with his ignorance. He only knows how to calls names, not discern facts or a coherent argument.

t1nick Level 8 Jan 4, 2021

The only thing stolen is their common sense and their patriotism.

t1nick Level 8 Jan 4, 2021
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