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Now what?

Hours after the Democrats appear to win control of the House of Representatives, pro-Trump protesters reach the house floor - now what? Please feel free to comment as this action continues.

Admin 9 Jan 6
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Everyone remember this Trump tweet about the Portland protesters? This is what he should be saying about these rioters at the Capital. But he won't.

linxminx Level 8 Jan 6, 2021

That is because he is a duplicitous bastard.


This is treason and insurrection, every person that crossed the police lines should be arrested, tried and sent to prison. These was a criminal action led by the president of the United States.

Where were the water cannons, the tear gas, the rubber bullets? Why were the same police that tear gassed and shot peaceful protesters at Laffeyette Square so restrained.

This was not a protest, this was a violent effort to overthrow a legitimate election. The last time this happened was 1861. Every person that took part should be tried for sedition, insurrection and treason.

glennlab Level 9 Jan 6, 2021

Those are reserved for the blacks , the immigrants , and the non whites of this country .

@Pralina1 Good point.

@linxminx It's the truth

@Pralina1 yeah, peaceful protesters

If this was an attempt at insurrection (i am not doubting it) what went wrong? why did the rebels do no more than vandalize the building why was there no follow through. Or was this just the start to see what will happen?

@raymetcalfe Their fearless leader was under his chair at the whitehouse, they are lost without a leader to follow. And much like their leader, they wanted a job, but not to actually do the job.


He incited this

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 6, 2021

Him, Cruz, Hawley, Tuckkker Carlson, faux news, Limbaugh, Hannity, the list of people who incited this is long


This is that "peaceful transfer of power" that the Republican Leadership lied about. They said it was perfectly fine to allow their party to spread lies about whether or not Trump won and that they didn't see the harm in allowing him to work through his "feelings" about losing. Well, here's the result of allowing a narcissistic POS work out his feelings.

There should be massive arrests and prosecutions and some kind of examination of how some of the Republican party supported sedition and whether or not any of them holding office should continue to serve.

Oops! My bad. This is America and most of them are white. By the end of the week we'll be deluged with articles about how we should be trying to "understand the Trump voter" and their turmoil at dealing with the loss.

redbai Level 8 Jan 6, 2021

Unless there are mass arrests and criminal punishment for the Trump protesters, as we all know there would have been had it been a left wing protest, the lesson will never be learned that insurrection will not be allowed or tolerated. I'm not holding my breath that Biden or the Dems will have the balls to handle this right.


Trump needs to be removed. NOW.

Organist1 Level 8 Jan 6, 2021

But Repugnicants lack the balls to do that.

@altschmerz They all voted for it before...

@altschmerz Pelosi is calling on VP and cabinet to 25th his bitch ass or she'll revisit impeachment.


My feeling is that everyone who voted for Trump and/or amplified his conspiracy theories is partially responsible for what went on today.

The images of the guy with his feet up on Nancy Pelosi's desk, after breaking in to her office and defiling it, filled me with revulsion. We know his name and where he lives. Will he be prosecuted? I hope so, but sadly fear he won't be.

These are domestic terrorists, fed propaganda and conspiracy theories for the sole purpose of creating havoc, and it worked.

None of my Trump loving friends/relatives posted anything on social media either condoning it, nor rejecting it. Silence. My guess is they just will have their head in the sand until it's over, and will never take any responsibility for supporting and amplifying the messaging that brought these thugs to do Trump's bidding. They don't want to see themselves as pawns by their leader who they revere as Jesus.

Reminds me of a bully who after losing a board game throws the board and all the pieces across the room. This was the equivalent of that, except a mob throwing the game at the wall for Trump's amusement.

Lives lost, the sacred meaning of the building trashed, real patriotic Americans mortified that the rest of the world now fully sees America as a failure, with so many pathetic followers not thinking with their own minds, but so easily duped into doing as they are told by the right wing fringe media.

Used to be we could get some self esteem simply by being Americans, feeling patriotic just by being citizens of the greatest country in the world, but many of us have lost that sense of patriotism, at least for now.

Only with hope for the future with an administration vowing to create unity will we begin to mend. That will be a hard road to go - with so many still duped by conspiracies, including many of my own friends and family.

Julie808 Level 8 Jan 7, 2021


"Reminds me of a bully who after losing a board game throws the board and all the pieces across the room. This was the equivalent of that, except a mob throwing the game at the wall for Trump's amusement."

Exactly that!

I also blame the DNC for Trump being elected in the first place. If they hadn't screwed Bernie four years ago, we wouldn't be here. Now, with Biden/Harris preparing to give us another four years of the policies that produce support for a lying fascist like Trump, we can only look forward to, at best, a four year reprieve until the Repubs win again in four years with a smarter, better-mannered version of Trump who will successfully appeal to the same working class whites that adored Trump, while the Dems will nominate another hack who ignores the grievances of working class whites like Hillary did.

"the greatest country in the world" ?



all I can say is over the last four plus years did anybody really expect anything different than the s*** show that's going on right now in our capital I think I'll move to a third world country at least I'll feel at home.

oldFloyd Level 8 Jan 6, 2021

This is heartbreaking and sadly, expected.

Mvtt Level 7 Jan 6, 2021

Terd Cruz needs to be charged, 45 needs to be removed and charged with insurrection and rioting anarchists need to be jailed.

Leelu Level 7 Jan 6, 2021

Time to begin the chants for Trump, of "Lock Him Up!"


It won't end here. This is likely to happen again on Inauguration Day, and probably even after Trump is gone in various areas of the country. These ppl are lunatics in the service of a lunatic.

Sgt_Spanky Level 8 Jan 6, 2021

This is what happens when you have a madman in power.

@anglophone Yes! and lack of good education, reinforcement of ignorance, and a pandemic.


I think Biden was going to let a lot of things slide in the spirit of conciliation. That can no longer be the case. The likes of Cruz and co can`t continue to toe the Trump line. If Trump is not held accountable for this then America is a busted flush. This is open sedition and a house divided cannot stand.

273kelvin Level 8 Jan 6, 2021

The NYTimes is reporting that some in Congress are calling for immediate impeachment of Trump to get him out of office and out of the WH until Biden can be sworn in. And....Bernie Sanders said, "No, he'll be out in two weeks." So my question is how bad does it have to get before some of these yahoos (I'm speaking of Bernie, and I'm a Democrat) will get their heads out of the sand and realize how dangerous Trump is.

IMO,, Biden will give the Senate GOP a few days to confess to something

@yvilletom But he cannot let Trump go unpunished. Any support that he may have had from political opportunists will wither as most decent Americans are reviled by this.

@linxminx I have heard that Ortez has already called for impeachment. It is a long and unwieldy process but it should be done.

@273kelvin I agree.


Did anyone listen to Trump's statement telling the protesters to go home? The first thing he did was lie and continued the absurd claim that the election was stolen from him. He is scum!

joeymf86 Level 8 Jan 6, 2021

He is dangerous lying scum.

Oh he said “ I love u “.

Trump’s thing seems to be that he doesn’t understand what information the other group is on in context because he fixates on his dumb little platitudinous qualitatives.

He ain’t no thinker.

@DZhukovin That comes of Donald Trump's mental development having been arrested at age 5.


Well the fact that he is stupid is contentious because of his cognitive test results, but it's that he is predominantly physical, and old, that makes him so fucking nasty and stupid. He's not aware that he is a spastic.


Too bad our cops and military have a double standard for protest groups. If this had been any kind of BLM or other left wing protest, they would have been cracking heads and gassing the crowd long before any of the protesters could even think about entering the building. If most of the protesters were black or brown, the cops would have immediately begun firing live bullets and tried to mow them down. I hope the Dems have the balls to condemn and push for censure of all the Repubs that backed Trump in opposing the election results. They own and are as responsible for this as Trump. Americans can now see clearly which part is the home of fascists and which one is truly more patriotic. Something I have known for decades. The Dems may be corrupt, but they at least believe in upholding democratic elections. The Repubs are truly anti-democratic.

Maybe this will finally settle any debate about who is the real threat to our security and safety, right wing militia groups or antifa groups. I know that sane people already know the answer to that, but as far as the average American sheeple, I'm not very optimistic.

Don’t be optimistic. I sure am not. I can only be optimistic about things I can control in my own life.


This was the inevitable outcome of the way Donald Trump whipped up his support base, also known as the right-wing extremists in the USA. His own party failed to control him because they lacked the foresight to see this coming and the desire to reign him in.

The malcontents that Donald trump has stirred up will remain resentful for years if not decades. It will take a very long time do undo the damage that he has done. Joe Biden has an almost impossible task in front of him.


Trump has been the linch pin to all the violence that has happened during his term. He might even enjoying what's happening now.

freedom41 Level 8 Jan 6, 2021

He absolutely is enjoying it. It's the best reality show ever, with him as the star.


Would be Emperor Trump told his subjects to go tear down democracy and they did what they could, a totally crap job really when you consider that America has more experience in staging coup d'etats than anyone.

Remember what happened to Pol Pot.


Pol Pol died a natural death after a long life.

@anglophone Damn, it's like it was yesterday!


Looks like just another democratic elected government in the american continent being overthrown by a US president. It happens a lot.

Pedrohbds Level 7 Jan 7, 2021

America is this you? What happened to your people?!

They have been Donald Trumped.


I don't get why people are so surprised that this is happening when for the last 3 years, at least one smart person has been saying that Trump will not leave the WH.

linxminx Level 8 Jan 6, 2021

@powder The NYTimes is reporting that some in Congress are calling for immediate impeachment and removal of Trump from office so he cannot do further damage over the next two weeks. And.....Bernie Sanders says, "No, he'll be gone in two weeks"!!!! Naive, just plain head in the sand. Wake up Bernie!!!



Trump is making a statement to the Republican lawmakers of both houses, to the voters and all fund raisers.

"Leave my side or oppose me and I will set the country on fire."

He wants to be a force to be reckoned with and some lawmakers are afraid that Trump could help or else destroy their political future with the fund raising might, the power of expert lawyering and aggressive campaigning with very staunch and motivated - die hard supporters.

Here is what to consider and what Trump may bring on to Biden and to Republicans and Democrats alike ahead:

  1. He has $300 millions raised from supporters already,
  2. He has 70 million followers,
  3. He is a firebrand campaigner,
  4. He knows his follower's pulse,
  5. He would not hesitate to stoke confederate and succession passions mixed with religion
  6. He will spread unrest that I don't think Biden's AG or FBI would have the balls to handle
  7. He will focus on defeating Democrats and his opposing Republicans in every local, state and federal elections and force them to follow him, else he will destroy them
  8. His fear is real, his vengeance is real, his money might is real and his lawyering threat and expertise are real.

It has been nightmarish 4 years. When is it enough? It is not the time to laugh and dismiss him. It is time to destroy him for the good of the nation and what it is built for.

St-Sinner Level 9 Jan 6, 2021

Using due process to destroy him?


Yes of course because we want our actions unchallenged in the courts. A due process maybe make his life a living hell and make him financial bankrupt and mentally unstable with thousands of investigations one after another. I don't want him to die but suffer because else Republicans will build highways, bridges and airports after him.

He's going down the same road that Hitler went in 1935. The most frightening aspect of this is his 70 million followers. Perhaps I should say 70 million believers.


Hitler-like end will be too kind. He should die with the same sword he swipes at others. Lawyering - death by lawsuits. Wouldn't that be a sweet poetic justice?

"70 million followers" are you sure about that? 70 million voters, yes but followers... now? This is perhaps the biggest lie that Trump has slide past everyone. Of course, he does have a big vocal base but at best it is only 35% of the electorate. The rest is made up of straight up and down republicans. Evidence from the elections actually shows that he had LESS support than the GOP as a whole. Now with the assault on the capital, I can see that most honest to goodness patriotic Americans (and yes some of them are Republican voters) would be reviled by this mob.
Everyone assumes that Trump won the election for the GOP in 2016. I maintain the GOP won the election for Trump and given the awful candidacy of Hillary that Cruz or pretty much anyone could have beaten her by a bigger margin.


Tear gas PEACEFUL protesters so he can wave a bible. (Perhaps he might open it once in awhile. Oh right. He doesn't read.)Trash the Capitol Building, vandals, barbarians, visigoths & the police gently remove them. Because law enforcement were outnumbered. Or because the mob was Caucasoid? An assault on our Constitution. The internet spewing & they believe it all. Putin was right. Evil genius. Cretin Americans. 70,000,000 idiots. We are doomed. Atifa hasn't attacked the Capitol as I recall. Geeeezzzz. What is wrong with them?

Mooolah Level 8 Jan 6, 2021

To the fascists who stormed Congress: Mussolini would have been proud of you.

PBuck0145 Level 7 Jan 6, 2021

Compare the police response to BLM protests and now the criminal unlawful all white mob storming the US Capital Building


Apple 🍎
Orange 🍊💩


I'd like to know what you think Administration. Aren't these your people? This IS sedition.

Mooolah Level 8 Jan 6, 2021

Been there all day. Among some thoughts being tossed around by the more far right of the members:

  • the protestors that stormed the gate are actually ANTIFA posing as Trump supporters. Proof? Apparently one guy had a hammer and sickle tattoo on their hand.

  • Trump bears no responsibility in today's actions. In fact, it's the MSM and democrats that are to blame. On this they do have a point: the democrat acceptance some of the more violent protests laid the groundwork for people thinking "well if they can do it, why shouldn't I?" I wouldn't say that makes them responsible per se but it does mean they don't have the moral high ground to fully condemn the actions of people doing violence in the name of something they believe in, regardless of how absurd their belief is.

  • Several cries of "they are mostly peaceful". Which is true: OUTSIDE the captiol it was mostly peaceful. But inside the capitol, not so much.

  • I asked several members if they condoned the looting and rioting and destruction of property here as they did last year with BLM protests. They said no because those lasted for months and this was only a day. OOOooookay.

  • the more moderate members were sad that it had to come to this but didn't go so far as to disavow it. They genuinely feel that the election was stolen and having exhausted all resources to be heard (60+ cases isn't being heard, hand recounts isn't being heard, audits isn't being heard) they feel that it had to come to this.

In short, as much as there is almost universal condemnation for the actions today on Agnostic, there is almost universal justification for the actions today on Slug.

I will never know who I am unless I also know who I am not.

@TheMiddleWay "OOOooookay" Oh, let's clear it up. I asked you in a previous post to give an interpretation of mathematical paper. You never responded. I thought science minded people actually CARED about math and science. And your "OOOooookay" response above, let's clarify what that means. It means that you would rather see bedlam unleashed on the streets of our cities all over this country leave people utterly shaken, sometimes, losing EVERYTHING they have, everything they have worked for, or being viciously attacked, or murdered, then you would to see this? My response to you, elitist, is, " "OOOooookay"


It means that you would rather see bedlam unleashed on the streets of our cities all over this country leave people utterly shaken, sometimes, losing EVERYTHING they have, everything they have worked for, or being viciously attacked, or murdered, then you would to see this?

Quite the opposite.: I don't want to see one day or one month of looting.

It means that one day of rioting and looting vs. one month of rioting and looting still means people are rioting and looting and thus are both actions condemnable. It was the opinion of many on Slug that because these protestors only looted for a day, they can be forgiven. I disagree. I think they are condemnable.

Do you disagree? Do you think that the months long riot and looting is unjustifiable but the one day of riot and looting is justified?

@TheMiddleWay What I have a problem with, and I said this early on, these elected Dem officials sat passively by while rioters did this all over the country. Remeber CHAS? How did the government protect then? Were you a Democrat speaking out against these so-called leaders at the time or did you remain silent? The silence and complicity is what fills me with the highest levels of contempt. How can we have progress when we attain them by such means? Life has only been made worse in Dem areas as of late, which comes across as a truly mad hypocrisy of the stated intent.


Were you a Democrat speaking out against these so-called leaders at the time or did you remain silent?

I was actively calling out against the looting and riots while supporting the non-violent protests.
As well as the indifference that politician of all colors had to those events.
This means I got flak from both sides, as is often the case when you are in the middle.

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